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Affliate success-blueprint
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Affliate success-blueprint


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Learn how to make unlimited incomes from the internet through this expert. For a list of more exciting titles and our daily bargain deals, visit us at

Learn how to make unlimited incomes from the internet through this expert. For a list of more exciting titles and our daily bargain deals, visit us at

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  • 1. Affiliate Success BLUEPRINT By Aurelius Tjin -1- By Aurelius Tjin
  • 2. About Aurelius Tjin Aurelius Tjin is a ‘takes action only’ orientated marketer who produces unstoppable results. He has helped new marketers start, grow & profit with their online business since 2003 with his simple, step-by-step strategies and has created over an astounding 10 successful products in less than a year. He will go the extra mile & over deliver in everything he does. This is why he’s well respected and well known for gettingmarketers to take action.One of the most successful projects completed was the Underground Giveaway whichgenerated over a staggering $24,257 and attracted more than 10,257 subscribers in lessthan 60 days.When he’s not working, Aurelius enjoys playing his guitar, going to the gym & spendingtime with his friends and family.Aurelius writes & publishes his ‘Unstoppable Marketing’ video newsletter twice a monthwhere he’s purely dedicated to sharing his latest insider tips, tricks & techniques to thosewho need a sure-fire guidance to success online.Other products & services from Aurelius: • Underground Givaway • PLR Secrets Exposed • Unstoppable Internet • Turbo eCovers Marketing • List Boosters • • Underground Video • Web Copy Words That Tutorials Make You Rich • Private Label Videos • The Happy Deal • CopyAndPaste GraphicsMore products at: -2- By Aurelius Tjin
  • 3. “FREE Subscription To My ‘Unstoppable Internet Marketing’ Newsletter Valued at $147 /year” Are you a “newbie” struggling or wanting to get your online business up and running? Haven’t even made your first dollar?You’ve been marketing online for some time, bought tons of products & services but can’t seem to profit in the end?Well you need the Unstoppable Internet Marketing Newsletter where I share powerful tips, tricks & strategies that’ll drive unstoppable profits for your Internet business. Join for FREE Now: Limited time bonus gift when you join today: Instant download to my latest report “Unstoppable Profits – 8 Day Course” -3- By Aurelius Tjin
  • 4. ____________________________________________ Legal Notice:While all attempts have been made to verifyinformation provided in this publication,neitherthe Author nor the Publisher assumes anyresponsibility for errors, omissions, or contraryinterpretation of the subject matter herein.This publication is not intended for use as asource of legal or accounting advice. The Publisherwants to stress that the information containedherein may be subject to varying state and/or locallaws or regulations. All users are advised toretain competent counsel to determine what stateand/or local laws or regulations may apply to theusers particular business.The Purchaser or Reader of this publication assumesresponsibility for the use of these materials andinformation. Adherence to all applicable laws andregulations, federal, state, and local, governingprofessional licensing, business practices,advertising, and all other aspects of doingbusiness in the United States or any otherjurisdiction is the sole responsibility of thePurchaser or Reader.The Author and Publisher assume no responsibilityor liability whatsoever on the behalf of anyPurchaser or Reader of these materials.Any perceived slights of specific people ororganizations are unintentional.____________________________________________ -4- By Aurelius Tjin
  • 5. IMPORTANT: This guide is written for thosethat already have the basics skills ofsetting up a simple website. It is writtenfor those that have the basic knowledge toregister a domain name and upload a websiteto the internet.However, if you do not know anything aboutsetting up your own website or evenregistering a domain name don’t worry! Thisguide will still help you a great deal, andteach you the basics of setting up you veryown highly profitable affiliate business.So let’s get started!So, what’s your ideal Plan for affiliatesuccess?Well, to tell you the absolute truth thereis no single answer for this question simplybecause everyone is different...Your tastes, skills, interests, and overallgoals will affect how you decide to organizeyour network of sites. The important lessonto take away from this course is how to growa network of web sites, how to make themviral, and how to promote them for searchengine rankings.This guide is not about telling you how touse your time, efforts and money. You canwork at your own pace, and take it one step -5- By Aurelius Tjin
  • 6. at a time...and as long as you actuallystart getting work done you will be able tosee results!Your ideal plan, is the first steps youshould be taking to stop working for someoneelse and start growing your own business.Your “BLUE PRINT” so to speak, should beFOCUSING every action you take to make yourinternet presence more valuable to YOU – notsomeone else.What This Guide is NOT:The “Affiliate Marketing Success Road Map”is not a way for you to cheat your visitors,the search engines, or do anythingconsidered unethical. It really is astraight solution to starting a viralexplosion of long term internet profits.It is not a get rich scheme, or anythingelse. The ultimate goal should be to haveyour own network of sites that grows everymonth, or every time you take action.I bet you are wondering why this informationisn’t in other “info-products”The main reason this information isn’treadily available is that the “experts”don’t think you will put the effort out.They believe that you aren’t willing to put -6- By Aurelius Tjin
  • 7. any effort into growing something foryourself.Not only that but if you are willing tospend 97 dollars on a digital download, andnot be any competition – why would they tellyou how to start your own network?I know how hard I am willing to work forsuccess for my family and my children’sfuture.Growing a network of sites takes effort andwork. It doesn’t take as much as you think,and you really can work at your own pace.Did you know that most “affiliate marketers”almost never make more than one sale?That’s crazy. I know that if you puteffort into building your own network of websites, that in time your income will grow.If you just put in an hour a week, you willbe so much better off than you are rightnow. -7- By Aurelius Tjin
  • 8. Affiliate - Blueprint“To succeed at internet marketing you need agrowing network of websites. These siteswill feed each other traffic, pre-sellaffiliate programs, generate adsenserevenue, and grow your opt-in e-mail lists.”There are several ways for you to do this,but they all require a basic skill set. I’massuming you know the basics of hosting,getting a website, and creating one. If youhave no idea how to do any of this, it isn’tthat hard.I will be showing you some tools later onthat let you create websites and actually“SEE” what you are doing as you do it. Sodon’t worry, if you are not quite sure howto put up your own website, get a hostingaccount and all that other “scary” stuffyou: it is really quite easy, and you willlearn about it in this guide... -8- By Aurelius Tjin
  • 9. Here really is all you need to do to getstarted:1. Get a domain name2. Get a reseller account3. Make your first site4. Make your second site5. Link them together6. Promote them7. Make another site8. Link them together9. Promote them10. REPEAT!Blueprint – First StepsGet a reseller or Bulk Hosting accountThe first step in your Blue Print should begetting your first website. Make this one alearning experience, but you should also setthings up so you have room to grow NOW. Whywould you pay 20 bucks to host a websitewhen you can host 50 websites for just a fewdollars more?There are many hosting companies that offerbulk hosting or reseller accounts.Hostgator, Towerhost, and many others. Manyof them such as Towerhost have trainingvideos to help you get started. -9- By Aurelius Tjin
  • 10. will need to register a domain nameprior to ordering your reseller account.Again if this is new to you, don’t worry. Ifyou simply go to youwill be walked through the few easy steps ofgetting your very own domain name.Once you have your first web site hosted,you will want to start laying out your site.Website LayoutOnce you have your hosting and domain namesituated, it’s time to start thinking abouthow your first site is going to look. Thereare quite a number of options in regards tohow to find your “look”. • Join a template membership site - This is not a good idea unless you are comfortable editing PHOTOSHOP files. AplusTemplates is affordable and they do have a nice selection. The membership is about worthless if you can’t edit the templates or pay someone to do it for you. • Get Xarawebstyle4 – Awesome idea with very low learning curve. I use this on a regular basis still. I also suggest getting Xarax when you buy webstyle4. - 10 - By Aurelius Tjin
  • 11. XaraX is about the easiest to use vector based graphic system out there - • Get Dreamweaver or Frontpage – Frontpage has a low learning curve, but Dreamweaver gives you a lot more room to grow. If you have any students in the household you can get the full Dreamweaver MX suite for about $199.There are dozens of books and on-linetutorials to help you learn it as well.Michael Worthington creates great videos onDreamweaver as well. • Don’t want to spend the cash? Try NVU: it’s free! • Get XsitePro – you will still need a template and one of the editors above, but this product can churn out so many OPTIMIZED pages that it’s worth the investment • Or if you just don’t have the time, energy, or skills to learn all that right now and want to get started, you might want to consider joining a program like Niche Site Special.. Niche Site Special gives you completed products and ENTIRE websites every single month. Since you have purchased this product , I have gotten Special Permission to get you a really nice discount on membership. - 11 - By Aurelius Tjin
  • 12. Click on that link above, then come back here to get the discount if you like what you see. Discounted NSS membership.• You can also hire someone to make your website – although this will get VERY expensive as you add more and more sites. A ten page targeted keyword niche site is about 300 to 1000 dollars. Services like Stmadeveloper offer affordable niche sites, but they can’t always meet demand – so you should probably have a back up.• If you make sure your host has “FANTASTICO”, you can install with one click several content management scripts, blogs, and other scripts to help with making a website. One of the extra benefits of fantastico is that you can keep your forums, blog scripts, and contact forms updated to the latest version and NOT use a programmer.• Last and not least you can code the sites yourself. It’s not that hard to learn HTML. There are literally thousands of on-line tutorials. Using a wysiwyg editor may be the easiest option for new learners. If you are willing to get started, but don’t want to put the funds out for expensive software, tools, or editors – go back up to the link to NVU and download it. You will need to learn - 12 - By Aurelius Tjin
  • 13. a little, but NVU is a great alternative to hand coding.The Absolute Simplest And Easiest Way To Get Started!There are many ways you can get started, youcan set up your own website, create a virale-book...and those are all pretty easy, butstill not the absolute easiest!I would say that the easiest way to getstarted is Blogging. Running a blog thatyou can install via fantastico is a newwebmasters dream. One click installation,and then all you have to do is add content.Wordpress is a great choice for a newBlogger, but even if you can’t afford to gethosting or domain names yet, you can stillget started Blogging.Do a search for free Blogs, but chances areyou will end up wanting to use –they are free and the Blogs are quite nice.The best part about using Blogs is that theyactually “ping” services to tell them thatyou have added new content. Many of thoseplaces then syndicate your content and thatbrings you back links and plenty of publicawareness.Blogging isn’t for everyone. I know Istruggle with it, because I don’t reallylike talking about what I am doing – I would - 13 - By Aurelius Tjin
  • 14. just rather DO IT. But a Blog is a greatway to both accomplish something and DOsomething all at once. Give it a shot –remember you can start a Blog up for free.You will want to add revenue streams intoyour blog by customizing. What to base yourweb sites on?Many experts on the subject of Niche Siteswill tell you that you have to pick highpaying keywords only. There are so manysearches on so many topics every day thatyou really can get traffic and interest injust about any “sub” category you want.What I am saying is - don’t make your sitesabout fishing – make them about Walleyefishing instead. A great free way to pickyour topics a little easier is: Just enter in amajor keyword and it will spit out someother suggestions and help you find yourcompetition.Your first site should be about somethingyou enjoy. Writing for the Keywords isn’tany fun, so pick a topic you know somethingabout and just do it.How exacly do you pick a topic?There are many places to pick a topic foryour site. My favorite I think is the LycosTop 50. - 14 - By Aurelius Tjin
  • 15. It’s not the most popular search engine, butthe Top 50 list is a great way to find whatpeople are searching for. They also keeparchives. Here is the URL: you’re just starting out your not goingto be able to compete with the top 50 thatare listed, but with a little imagination,you can come up with sub topics based onwhat Lycos tells you. If you keep lookinglong enough, you might even find somepatterns and be able to figure out some ofthe future top searches –Use a keyword service. There are literallyhundreds of software programs that help youpick keywords. I like SeoLite by Brad Callen– however, it has a very hefty price tag.There are other services offering keywordson particular niches for as low as $15 permonth. I suggest shopping around until youfind one you are happy with.If you are really looking to see what ispopular – go find some of the most visitedblogs on the net. What are they writingabout and getting people to leave comments?If people are taking the time to comment onsomeone else’s blog – it’s a good thing.Just write about what you are interested in.Passion will win out every day of the week.If you turn out ‘real’ content that serves a - 15 - By Aurelius Tjin
  • 16. purpose the engines will eat you up andother sites will link to you. That mightmean you have to leave the “internetmarketing” field, but the rewards aretremendous.Go to and “browse top sellers”.This is a great way to find out whateveryone is buying. In case you haven’tfigured it out yet – go to where the publicinterest is.Use “nichebot” - lets you enter in keywords and it willreturn the top results. Use it to findniches that have less competition. - 16 - By Aurelius Tjin
  • 17. How to Find Good Content And Fill Up Your WebsiteForums are filled with people who know moreabout any given topic than you do. Whileyou can’t plagiarize what they are saying,you sure can learn a lot. If you don’tunderstand something there will be people tohelp you.When I come up with a new niche idea, orconcept for a content site, one of the firstthings I do is go to few hours reading through sitepoint can beworth several thousand dollars in ideas.There are also other great forums, but whenit comes to internet marketing there is nonebetter than the “Warrior Forum” are places like Niche Site Specialthat sells entire website packs, places likeNicheology that sells the “guts” of an idea,or freelancers who have article packs.Also, if you are looking to get a whole lotof content all at once, go to - 17 - By Aurelius Tjin
  • 18. And check out Dima Sorokine’s package, thereis a lot of great content in it and it iswell worth every penny of the price hecharges.Another place to get exactly what you wantwritten is in forums. Just ask for writersto give you bids on content about XYZ. Youcan also go to places like Scriptlance andget 100’s of writers, programmers, andeditors bidding on your project.Just beware – you get what you pay for. Many“low” bids will just be stolen work. Makesure you use Copyscape on anything youbuy…before you pay.I realize though that I am not an expert oneverything. There are thousands of peoplethat know more than I do about a zillionthings. When it’s time to write some newcontent on something I am not very familiarwith, I start reading blogs, forums, andarticles on the topic.I take notes so I can refresh myself on thetopics. When I am done learning about thetopic I sit down and start writing. I endup with an original piece of work, and mynotes let me reference any sources that Ishould.Search Engine Optimization is a must – eachstep of the way - 18 - By Aurelius Tjin
  • 19. As you create your sites you need to keepseveral things in mind. The most importantpart is making your sites search enginefriendly right off the bat.Here are some tips and resources to help youaccomplish that properly.1.) Pick keywords using a free service or apaid service like seolite, wordtracker, orothers. I usually get by using Mcdar andNichebot.2.) Make sure your pages all have Meta-tagsand Titles. Learn a little about meta-tagsat places like http://www.seo4dummies.com3.) Make sure you link to your other sitesusing anchor text.4.) Learn to read your web stats- . Chances areyour site already has awstats in the controlpanel and that will be all you need toreally see who is visiting your site andwhat keywords are bringing them there.5.) Link all your pages back to your homepage using Anchor Text Links.6.) Make sure you understand the basicprinciples of Search Engine Optimization.Sites like , seo4dummys.comand others can help you.7.) BUILD LINKS – using anchor text terms. - 19 - By Aurelius Tjin
  • 20. Make Your Sites Easy To Edit And Link To Other Sites You OwnNOTE: Some of the parts in this section ofthe guide are a little technical, but onceagain don’t worry if you don’t understand.This guide is more about fundamentals thantech stuff anyways.For advanced users on a Linux/Unix serveryou should be using includes wherever youcan. When you have 50 websites and you wantto make changes it’s a nightmare to edit afew thousand pages by hand.There are several ways to do includes – bothwith PHP and with Server Side Includes – doa Search to find the one that is right foryou.You should be linking your sites together ona regular basis. This will make your sitesviral – people will click from site to siteso they don’t have to go back and searchfrom scratch. Make As Many Sites As You Like With Out Spending More Money - 20 - By Aurelius Tjin
  • 21. Once you have your first site complete youare actually already 80 percent completed onyour next site. Did you realize that younow own the rights to the words you havewritten?You don’t want to use duplicate content ifyou can avoid it – so rewrite what you havewritten for the first site. For just about20 percent more work you have two completedsites.You should link all these sites together formaximum effect.Again, I like to write in “themes” more thanI go for just keywords. I’m trying to buildan avalanche of traffic and repeat visitors– not just a quick click on adsense. If Iprovide some valuable information on my websites I find that the Bookmark ratio isgreat and I get repeat visitors and more“free” links back to my sites. Pumping Your Websites Full Of Traffic - 21 - By Aurelius Tjin
  • 22. As may have already known, there are moreways than one to get people to visit yourwebsites. Here are the easiest and mostbasic ways to do this...On-line Classifieds:It’s been widely reported that On-lineClassifieds are a complete waste of time –and they are if you are trying to use themto promote a web site. However, using themfor free link backs to your site isn’t a badidea.This isn’t worth a whole lot of your time –so don’t concentrate on it. A few links inclassifieds are a good idea though as theyare free back links to your site. Some paidservices like USfreeads allow you to makewhole pages to promote your site/ad.This is a great way to get a back link withsome highly targeted surrounding text. Thebenefit will be up to you though as thereare other places to do the same thing forfree.Smart E-zine Advertising :If you place an e-zine ad and NEVER get asale did you waste all your money? Not ifthe e-zine you published your ad withactually has an on-line archive. - 22 - By Aurelius Tjin
  • 23. Anytime your Live URL is active somewhere itis usually a good thing. Search for e-zinewith affordable rates and advertise in themwith your ‘anchor text’ terms.If you don’t know what anchor text is…. Gohere: you have never advertised in an E-zinebefore and are a little hesitant may Isuggest going to– Merle has done a great job of setting asite up where you can actually BID onadvertising space.Directory listings:Directory Listings are a very important partof the Search Engine Optimization game – andif you do it right you can even generatetraffic this way. Here is a list of a tonof free directories – this is the bestresource I have found period. are changing formats right now to alsoinclude paid listings, but it does notappear that they will be getting rid oftheir free directory listings. - 23 - By Aurelius Tjin
  • 24. Paid directory inclusions may be a good ideaif you can find a “niche” directory that isgetting targeted traffic to your sitestopic. This will be the only way you cancount on getting some traffic in return forthe directory listings, if any traffic isgenerated from the “free” listings it willbe just through luck for the most part. Themain reason you are submitting to thedirectories is for a nice high PR backlink.Link exchanges: how to do them right – andmake sure you aren’t ripped off.Link exchanges are a fast way to brand yourwebsite. You cant do it automated though,you need to write to other webmasters andask them to exchange links with you.It will take time and I think its almost awaste of time. Sure some people will arguewith me, but I know how hard it is.Instead why dont you go to where webmastersare searching for link exchanges already?There are 100s of webmaster forums,marketing forums and more where otherwebmasters are working on theirbranding......and they want to exchangelinks with you! - 24 - By Aurelius Tjin
  • 25. Right now I have 4 posts on various forumslooking for link partners. I put them upthis morning and tonight I have 11 linkexchanges complete. I can already see theincrease in traffic and Google has already"found" one of my websites that it hadntcrawled yet. By this time tomorrow I willhave a 4 new websites on their way to aprofitable future and a higher search engineranking. It didnt take much time, and theresults are phenomenal.I disagree with trading links just for aPage Rank boost – if I am taking space up onmy website I expect some traffic in return.So make sure you ask your linking partnersif they are getting any trafficIf you are not getting much traffic yet it’shard to be pushy on this topic. You are justgoing to have to gamble on their sitegrowing as yours does.Believe it or not exchanging links is riskybusiness and there are many ways for you toget cheated EVEN WHEN YOU SEE YOUR LINK ONTHEIR SITE!Stuff to watch out for:1.) Robots.txt fileDid you know that in the root directory ofevery website there is a robot.txt file thattells the search engine spiders where to goor not go? They can tell them to not follow - 25 - By Aurelius Tjin
  • 26. your link. After a new link exchange wait afew days (and on a regular basis if yoursuspicious), check it out. Most of the timeyou can view it by going to can also change your user agent for yourbrowser to be "Googlebot", and if you dontsee your link on their site, neither do thesearch engines. This is a littlecomplicated to do – so you should really doa search and get some expert advice beforeyou try it.2.) Making your hyperlink not able to befollowed by the search engines. This ispretty easy and all you have to do is viewthe page source. Look for this type of code:<a href=""rel=nofollow">Your site name</a>Of course, and your site namewould be your link. The "nofollow" parttells the search engines NOT to follow yourlink to your site. You wont get a PRcredit for that link.3.) Javascript usually isnt spidered bygoogle. So if your link is inside javacodeyou are probably wasting your time.4.) Inline Frames. Inline frames are otherwebsites "nested" inside a website. You canusually tell they are there because they - 26 - By Aurelius Tjin
  • 27. have a scroll bar, but they dont always.View the page source and look for tell talesigns of a inline frame.5.) The most common way of cheating ofcourse, is to take YOUR link off their pagea few weeks later. An organized plan ofkeeping track of who is linking to you is inorder before you even start. I collect theperson I am exchanging links with name,email, hyperlink url, and text. I alsocollect the exact page they say they arelisting me on.........Do Press releasesA well written press release is a great wayto both boost page rank and get someimmediate traffic – don’t expect a floodthough. I’m not going to teach you to be awriter here, but every good press releasehas the basic laws of Journalism...who,what, when, where, why and how.A press release is not an ad and shouldn’tbe written as such. Read a newspaperarticle and your press release should be thesame format.A great suggestion on when to release yourpress release is once you know ALL the bugsare worked out of your website. - 27 - By Aurelius Tjin
  • 28. Using forums to really get the trafficflowingI spend 30 minutes a day in forums. Why?It makes me money and I get to do what Ienjoy – helping people.See most forums allow you to post yoursignature below your name (look for theplace where you edit your profile in themenu). This should be active anchor textlinks for the maximum benefit. Almost everysingle “helpful” post I do get at least 3 or4 click throughs to my sites. That’s on theday I do it. Over the “life” of the post Iusually get hit by the search engines if theforum is SEO friendly, and several moreclicks. I did a test with one of my sites afew months ago. I only linked to it inforums and had it set up so the SearchEngines wouldn’t index it.After 30 days I had 1900 unique visitors.Remember I only spend about 30 minutes inforums a day. I spend that timeparticipating instead of promoting though.The best part about Forum Traffic that youget because you helped someone is that theyalready have built a relationship with you.Don’t be one of those confrontational jerks.If your genuinely helpful and do forumposting on a regular basis, it really can beyour only method of promotion. - 28 - By Aurelius Tjin
  • 29. If you are not experienced at this you mightnot be aware of some of the more popularforums or forums that are search enginefriendly. Here is a short list to get youstarted: ☺http://www.namepros.com – should you be a “Blogger”?One word – YES! Blogs are a great way toreally drive the Search Engines where youwant them to go plus they generate a ton oftraffic if you write well.If you can’t write well, well that is whatreprint rights on articles are for.If you have fantastico in your webhostingcontrol panel you can set up wordpress inabout 5 seconds.Did you know that if you have a blog othersites want to know (and link back to you)the moment you make a new post? It’s called - 29 - By Aurelius Tjin
  • 30. pinging and while I could fill another 30pages on this, I don’t have too. Just dothis.1.)Install wordpress.2.)Set it up the way you like it via theadmin panel.3.)Under “options” click the “writing” link.4.)Scroll down until you see “UpdateServices”. There is probably a single linkin a box below that just add all this:http://rpc.pingomatic.com - 30 - By Aurelius Tjin
  • 31. single url there will be ‘notified’after you make a post on your blog. I usemy blogs (yes, I have more than one), topromote my products, tell others what I amdoing, goof off, and of course for theobvious Search Engine benefits. - 31 - By Aurelius Tjin
  • 32. Google SiteMap (Beta)Google has released the ability for everyday webmasters like us to actually TELL themabout our sites. All you have to do isupload to Google a “XML COMPLIANT” sitemap.They have a certain format they want it in.If your feeling like your froggy, go do asearch for a google site map generator. Ihad a heck of a time using all of the ones Icould find out there...I finally found one that worked on my serverand was a breeze to set up. say that this script won’t work on allservers, so if it doesn’t work on yours,just ask for a refund and they will give youone if they can’t get it to work for you.It’s part of NicheSiteSpecial – but if youdon’t want to join you can just order thesite map generator.Our testing using this tool is leading us tobelieve that it should be an integral partof your promotions. Just one of the siteswe have used it on has over 500 pages listedin Google in just under 3 weeks. - 32 - By Aurelius Tjin
  • 33. Using articles to generate trafficIf you can’t write an article you shouldhave a couple written for you by a decentwriter. These articles are a gold mine oftraffic, Page Rank, and of courseestablishing yourself as an expert in yourfield. I have written hundreds of articlesunder various pen names to point to amultitude of my sites, and my client’ssites.It’s getting harder to use the articledirectories to generate traffic though,because unlike a few months ago – all thesedirectories are getting stripped by bots andscrapers for the content. You have theright to have your resource box intact whenit’s published. Do searches for yourarticles title and if you find they aren’tlinking back to you correctly contact themand ask them politely.If they don’t fix their obvious “oversight”,you do have the right to contact their host,to inform them that they are publishing yourcopy written work with out your permission.The host can be held liable if they don’tforce the site to comply. I’m not a lawyer,but you can also send a cease and desistorder, and several other things to forcethem to comply.My favorite places to submit articles are: - 33 - By Aurelius Tjin
  • 34. http://www.Ezinearticles.comhttp://www.Goarticles.comhttp://www.Articlecity.comThere are literally hundreds of places tosubmit your articles. Make sure you post inas many places as you have time for, orpurchase one of the “submitters” to do itautomatically. I recommend doing yourhomework on these though as many out thereare outdated.The fact is you don’t need to spendthousands getting secret software to getindexed. You just need to write greatarticles.Your article should have: • A great title – this is no different than using something catchy in an ad. • A Great TOPIC – if no one is interested in what you are writing about why should you expect anyone to publish it? • A resource box to “close” the sale. • And above all you have to promote it. Submit it to several directories. Link to it in your forum signatures, link to - 34 - By Aurelius Tjin
  • 35. it from your websites. If you do this – it will get published.Don’t forget to proofread your article – badgrammar can kill its effectiveness.Paid link purchases – getting your moneysworthThere is nothing wrong with buying links.If you were to purchase Search EngineOptimization from a company this is whatthey will be doing – why are you going topay someone else to do it for you. Go to and other similarsites to purchase links.The good news about purchased links is youare not only buying Search Engine rankings,but in many cases you are also buyingimmediate traffic. If you have set yournetwork of sites up to send traffic toitself, that’s even better.Great places to get FREE keyword rich linksWhile directories, classifieds, e-zine adsand other places all give you a way to getlinks back to your site – how many placeslet you fill in the content and keywords forthe pages your links appear on?Not many. - 35 - By Aurelius Tjin
  • 36. I have found several sites made byStmadeveloper that allow free advertising.The first is– it’s ad free and you can make your ownkeyword rich page that includes keywords,page title, and more.Another one is theyhave a link in the members area to create a“product” review. It is acceptable to makeanother search engine friendly page for yourwebsite there. Here is an example of whatone looks like: if you did this for every affiliateprogram you were involved in?I’m telling you my secret places I havefound for myself to get Search EngineTraffic from – I hope you take advantage ofmy own resources and use them for yourbenefit. Sticking It All Together And Getting Everything To WorkHere is exactly what I do to earn incomeevery day from affiliate programs and - 36 - By Aurelius Tjin
  • 37. Adsense. I’m not holding anything back theonly thing you really need to learn is howto register a domain name, host it, andbuild it. If you already have those skillsyou can put my plan into action today.I’ve hit parts of the plan above andbasically given you an outline of all thethings I use to set the plan into action.But here is exactly what I do with everysite I make.The first thing I do is pick a topic.Let’s say for example the topic is SearchEngine Optimization. I know I will neverrank well for Search Engine Optimization thecompetition is just to fierce.instead of trying to rank well fro SEO, I amgoing for “seo branding” which does getsearches but there is a lot lesscompetition.I’m narrowing down the terms I need to rankwell for – but more importantly I will crosspromote several of my other sites. Buildingup page rank and pass through traffic as Igo.When traffic comes to it, they will eitherclose the window, click an adsense ad, orfollow through to one of my other sites. - 37 - By Aurelius Tjin
  • 38. I could have gone further and added anewsletter, or other promotional material.I like to keep my sites light and loadingfast though.Once I have the site up, it’s time to startbuilding links up – I go through and doeverything I listed above for each site as Imake it. It only takes a couple hours andthe return over the next couple of months isworth it.I then start another site – either on asimilar topic or totally off the wall, andkeep going. I work at this for about anhour a day 5 days a week. I now have over100 websites out there. There is no reasonyou can’t do this. How To Save Some TimeIf your crunched for time – who isn’t?There are some great ways to both reduce theamount of time needed to get your networkoff the ground and save you money. - 38 - By Aurelius Tjin
  • 39. • Buy content outright: You can find writers in almost any forum.• Buy completed websites – check out sitepoint and for websites for sale.• Have someone make you a website – I suggest going with a reputable company for this. OR make sure you use copyscape on whatever you purchase. I’ve redone many content sites that my clients paid someone else to make and they later found themselves having stolen content.• Join a service like that gives you all the sites, products, and materials you need to start your own website network.• Join a membership site like nicheology that just gives you the framework of a product or website. Or, buy the package from http://www.privte-label-resell-• Join other sites that give content as part of their membership site.• Buy content packs from the Warrior Forum Special Offers section.• Rewrite your own previous content to cut down on time. - 39 - By Aurelius Tjin
  • 40. • Or if your just looking for speed and money saving – just republish others articles and include the resource box.That should be enough to get you starteddown the road to becoming your own webmasterof a powerful network. Getting started isthe most important part – so go do thatright now.If you feel overwhelmed and know you needhelp, I really suggest you join one of theniche site membership sites that are outthere. just make sure they will give youvideo tutorials, content, materials, andfull web site content to get you started. Final WordsWhat I have just given you is the basicplan, a road map to affiliate success thatcan be duplicated over and over again untilyou have dozens of websites all linked withone another providing you with a nicemonthly income...all from the comfort ofyour own home ☺Now, I’m sure you can set aside a few hoursa day to follow this road map to affiliate - 40 - By Aurelius Tjin
  • 41. success and get started on your very firstwebsite in the very near future.But before you do anything, I must say this:While the information I have given you caneasily be used to make dozens of websitesthey generate thousands of dollars a monthof income...your first website will be thehardest one to make simply because you havevery little experience.But once you make your first website, yournext one will be much easier and before youknow it you’ll be pumping them out as if youhave some sort of website factory!So just because making your first website isnot the easiest thing in the world, don’tget gets much easier!Good Luck! - 41 - By Aurelius Tjin
  • 42. Recommended ResourcesRecommendedUnstoppableInternetMarketing – Get the newsletterthat teaches ANYONE how to start, grow & profitwith their online business one step at a – Aurelius Tjin’s blog where heshares his useful tips & tricks for your onlinebusiness.CopyAndPaste Graphics – Need graphics for yourwebsite for less than $10? Here it is…Web HostingHostGator – I’ve been with these guys for almost 2years and they haven’t gone wrong. Great prices,lots of webspace, lots of bandwidth, 24/7 support,99.9% uptime, what more could you ask for.Recommended Payment – start accepting credit cardpayments from customers from several parts of theworld!PayPal – the most used and recognized merchant inthe Internet marketplace.Clickbank – Great all-in-one solution to setup yourproducts, prices and also includes a built-inaffiliate program so you can get other people topromote your products in Clickbank. - 42 - By Aurelius Tjin