Rihanna Video Analysis


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Rihanna Video Analysis

  1. 1. Music Video Analysis<br />What’s My Name?<br />Rihanna ft. Drake<br />By Katie Papps<br />
  2. 2. Genre (R&B/Hip-Hop)<br />The genre conventions we would expect for this genre include:<br /><ul><li>Rihanna’s sexy dancing
  3. 3. The ‘bling’
  4. 4. Bright colours (shown through costume)
  5. 5. Aspirational lives</li></li></ul><li>Lyrics<br />Ooh na na, what’s my nameOoh na na, what’s my nameOoh na na, what’s my nameOoh na na, what’s my nameOoh na na, what’s my nameWhats my name, whats my name[Drake]I heard you good with them soft lipsYeah you know word of mouthThe square root of 69 is 8 somethingCuz I’ve been tryna work it out, oooowGood weed, white wineI come alive in the night timeOkay, away we goOnly thing we have on is the radioOoooh, let it play, say you gotta leaveBut I know you wanna stayYou just waiting on the track to finish girlThe things we could do in twenty minutes girlSay my name, say my nameWear it out, its getting hot, crack a window, air it outI can get you through a mighty long daySoon as I go the text you gon right is gon say…<br />[Rihanna]<br />Ooh na na, what’s my nameOoh na na, what’s my nameOoh na na, what’s my nameWhats my name, whats my name<br />[Rihanna]Baby you got me, aint nowhere that I’d beThen with your arms around meBack and forth you rock meSo I surrender, to every word you whisperEvery door you enter, I will let you in[Chorus]<br />You’re so amazing, you took the time to figure me outThats why you take me, way past the point of turning me onYou bout to break me, I swear you got me losing my mindOoh na na, what’s my nameOoh na na, what’s my nameOoh na na, what’s my nameOoh na na, what’s my nameOoh na na, what’s my nameWhats my name, whats my name<br />[Chorus]<br />[Rihanna]Not everybody knows how to work my bodyKnows how to make me want itBoy you stay up on itYou got that something that keeps me so off balanceBaby you’re a challenge, lets explore your talent[Chorusx2]Hey boy I really wanna see if you can go downtown with a girl like meHey boy, I really wanna be with youCause you just my typeOoh na na na naI need a boy to really take it overLooking for a girl to put you overOooooh, oooooh<br />Ooh na na, what’s my nameOoh na na, what’s my nameOoh na na, what’s my nameWhats my name, whats my name<br />“things we could do in 20minutes…”<br />The lyrics have the theme of love but also with a sexual undertone.<br />“let’s explore your talents…”<br />The video is illustrative of the lyrics as both contain the theme of love throughout.<br />“you take me, way past the point of turning me on…”<br />
  6. 6. Unique Selling Point<br />The song is a collaboration with hip-hop star Drake.<br />Bringing in existing/new fans.<br />It is the 2nd song to be released from Rihanna’s 5th album Loud.<br />2ndsong, after Only Girl, to show her red hair (caused many women to get red hair (idol))<br />
  7. 7. Style of Video<br />Narrative <br />Narrative is used so the audience wants to know what happens next in the video. It can also create a story that the audience can relate or aspire to.<br />Rihanna and Drake meet in the supermarket.<br />They’re living in an apartment together happily.<br />
  8. 8. Target Audience<br />Female: Teenage/Young Adults<br />Theme of love (through narrative) <br />Drake is good looking (‘female gaze’)<br />Way Drake acts towards Rihanna: women in their ideal man.<br />Ring.<br />Secondary Audience: Males<br />Rihanna’s provocative dancing & skimpy outfits (‘male gaze’)<br />Close ups: sexual female body parts (mouth etc…)<br />
  9. 9. Camera Angles<br />Over the Shoulder<br />Shows intimacy between Rihanna & Drake.<br />Establishing Shot<br />Establish setting. Downtown New York. Background/origin of genre (hip-hop)<br />Tattoos/bling linked to hiphop genre<br />Extreme Close Up<br />Close up of sexual body part (mouth/lips) to attract the male ‘gaze’.<br />Two Shot <br />Shows the relationship between Rihanna &Drake<br />Medium Shot<br />Links Rihanna in with her surroundings. <br />Creates an aspirational scene for the audience.<br />
  10. 10. Mode of Address<br />Indirect Mode (Drake):sings as he looks at/to Rihanna. Not singing directly to the audience reinforces the idea that the video is a narrative & that this is the start of their ‘relationship’.<br />Direct Mode (Rihanna): Gives the audience the impression she is singing to them & makes them feel involved. Dancing whilst looking at the camera attracts the ‘male gaze’ as Rihanna is dancing and singing to them.<br />
  11. 11. Representations<br />Woman doing housework (now she’s in a relationship)<br />Patriarchal <br />Masculine cut jacket.<br />Other clothing is revealing Attracts ‘male gaze’. Rihanna is alone/independent.<br />…Change…<br />Rihanna is centre of attention. Men watching her (dancing for them.) attracts audience’ ‘male gaze’<br />
  12. 12. Mise en Scene<br />Big ring, bling.<br />Tattoo.<br />Lighting<br />Setting<br />Lighting: soft, calm atmosphere. Out of focus. Walking out of the light (giving an angelic persona)<br />Apartment: Not what we’d usually expect for R&B videos (usually expect clubscene) However, it’s set in the city which is typical for R&B but, ‘the dream lifestyle’ doesn’t feature as much as in other R&B videos (against conventions) <br />Costume<br />Casual hoodie: creates laid back look for his character. Also sings in this manner.<br />
  13. 13. Media Language<br />Pale blue & white: Shown through costume (including nails) & props (chairs & curtains made out of light, floatymaterials)have a calming effect. This represent the soft, loving nature of Drake and Rihanna’s relationship. <br />Rihanna: pure, innocent persona in apartment scenes with Drake (this contradicts the lyrics in these scenes as they are very sexual) The effect this has on the audience is it gives the idea that no matter how perfect something may look on the outside, it can be the complete opposite inside & that modern women can have more than one role.<br />Red: Rihanna’s vivid hair colour & lighting in dance scene near the end of the video. In the apartment scenes with Drake, red represents passion & love (ties in with sexual lyrics)<br />Dance scene: red shows a danger & menacing side to Rihanna. She seems more powerful whereas in apartment scenes, Rihanna is looking up to Drake like he controls her. Smoke in the dance scene represents nothing is crystal clear when it comes to a relationship & there is something hidden, Rihanna is not giving everything away yet.<br />
  14. 14. Uses & Gratification Theory<br />Entertainment: Gives ordinary people an insight into what we may think is ‘the perfect life’ of music stars. It gives the audience a chance to escape into a calmer world.<br />Social Interation: Drake’s sexual lyrics were controversial & sparked mixed reactions with audiences. Some thought the sexual references were inappropriate for Rihanna’s usual younger audience.<br />Aspirational: Rihanna & Drake have the ‘perfect’ relationship. This makes them role models to the audience & makes the audience want to have a relationship like theirs, when in reality, no relationship is perfect.<br />