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Paparazzi has social media marketing packages to enhance company buzz and online brand visibility. This two-way marketing communication medium gives advertisers insight in the the consumer mind and reaches them when and where they are searching.

Through customer, industry and competitor research, Paparazzi positions companies in the social media networks and online communities that make the most sense in getting their brand message heard amongst their target.

We have pre-made social media packages and can also create custom packages to fit your business goals. Couple our social media services with SEO, and you have a winning online marketing strategy.

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Paparazzi Social Media Marketing

  1. 1. Social Media a Marketing Made Personal r Social media marketing meets customers where they’re searching online k Social media marketing evens the playing field between companies with large and small marketing budgets, allowing smaller and newer businesses the abil- e ity to make a “Goliath-like” impact on their online audience. Paparazzi Online Media identifies social media networks that are most utilized in your industry t as well as blogs and forums unique to each client’s product/service line. Build- ing networks and interacting through these communities gives us the opportu- nity to give your brand visibility where your audience is searching. i Think social media marketing is a bunch of smoke and fire? n Think again. - Red Cross was able to raise over $5 million dollars through a g text messaging campaign - Obama raised $55 million dollars in one month - Dell claims to have made over $3 million dollars from Twitter alone And this was all during one of the biggest recessions since The Great Depression! You might have an under-utilized employee at your office who can “manage your social media”, but does she really grasp the full potential of this market- ing medium? With Paparazzi, you can rest assured that you’re in the hands of social media experts, equipped with the tools and knowledge base to launch your company to another level through social media marketing. The Paparazzi Difference - Research-based, prioritized list of social networks to most effectively reach your target - Track, monitor and optimize campaigns in real time - Work as a seamless extension of your team, positioning your brand in the light you wish to be seen - Detailed reporting for complete campaign transparency - Package and custom pricing packages available -
  2. 2. Online Brand Management If you’re not managing your online brand, someone else is. With so many people involved in decision making and with differing opinions, often times the brand image gets distorted by convoluted messages and looks. While it’s important to establish graphics standards that are strictly enforced, it’s also important to create ground rules on website and social media activity. 63% of consumers and small business owners turn to the internet first to find out information about local companies. Paparazzi can help you simplify your brand image, creating consistent branding across the board. A buzz report gives us the basis from which to work. We then set out to re-vamp your image, communicating who you truly are to your customers, no matter their information source. Our brand management package gives you celebrity treatment. Our brand management package includes three full months of Paparazzi support. We’ll conduct essential research, build your networks, and start interacting on the networks on your behalf, creating a cohesive online brand image. a. Online Market Evaluation & Keyword Research b. Competitor Evaluation c. Social Media Setup and/or Optimization d. Sales Collateral Optimization & Social Sharing e. Weekly Social Interaction Shared Across Identified Networks f. Campaign Report With Key Performance Indicators (KPI) g. Ongoing Social Media Strategy Recommendations
  3. 3. Product/Service Launch When launching a new product or service, you want to make a big splash. And Paparazzi is here to help. It’s been in development for months, even years, and you know the prod- uct like the back of your hand. And we know the means in which to get your target audi- ence equally as excited about your product launch. Whether you want to promote your product to other businesses or consumers, Paparazzi has the knowledge and tools to reach your sales goals through targeted online buzz. By giving away 100 Ford Fiestas to influential bloggers, 37% of Generation Y were aware of the Ford Fiesta before its launch in the United States. Paparazzi will help create online hype about your product or service beginning six weeks prior to your launch. The next six weeks will be spent ensuring that hype continues and that sales are boosted through online marketing tactics. a. Online Market Evaluation & Keyword Research b. Competitor Evaluation c. Product/Service Optimized Listings d. Weekly Social Interaction Shared Across Identified Networks e. Email Blast To Client List f. Social Sharing to POM Contacts g. Campaign Report With Key Performance Indicators (KPI) h. Ongoing Social Media Strategy Recommendations Ford generated over 6,000 reservations for the Ford Fiesta prior to launch through the use of social media and online marketing.
  4. 4. Online Crisis Management Everyone has an online reputation. Unfortunately, a customer with negative feedback is 10 times more likely to post a review than a customer with a positive company experi- ence, often negating the positive brand image you’ve built up. Attacking negative online buzz in the right way can turn a negative situation into a business opportunity. Good or bad, consumers rely on their peers for product/brand information. In fact, 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations, compared to only 14% who trust traditional advertisements. Taking a proactive approach to managing your company’s online reputation allows you to be in the driver’s seat, keeping a positive brand image at the forefront of online informa- tion sources. Paparazzi can make Courtney Love look like Mother Theresa. BEFORE AFTER Paparazzi’s initial buzz report will help us gain an understanding of the sentiment of the issue at hand. Paparazzi guarantees a sentiment change after just one short month of online crisis management services. a. Research & Evaluation of Scale of Issue b. Action Strategy c. Strategy Implementation d. Campaign Report (Includes Crisis Buzz and Placement) Case Studies: Using Social Media for Crisis Management Remember the disastrous Domino’s video incident by two young employees in 2009? By addressing the issue head-on, and in a timely manner, Domino's was able to curtail the initial negative sentiment created from over 1 million hits on the YouTube video. On the other hand, Motrin’s messaging to moms through their Mom-Alogue blog left them with angered moms who used social media to rapidly share their outrage. Although Motrin issued an apology and emails to the most outraged bloggers, they failed in their attempt to reverse the negative sentiment created by their lack of timeliness and failure to use social media to reach their angered audience.
  5. 5. Company Blog Development For some companies, it makes sense to have a blog in addition to your company’s website. The advantages of a blog include: - opportunity to quickly and easily add new content - increase your online exposure through additional web pages - ability to gain real-time feedback from your site visitors Blogs are used for personal and business use alike. There are currently over 200,000,000 blogs indexed. Of these, 34% of bloggers post content about products and brands. In order to keep a consistent branded look and feel, Paparazzi will use your existing web- site graphics and content to create the basis of your new blog. Using various online mar- keting tools and tactics, we’ll make sure that your blog isn’t just floating out in the blogo- sphere with no readers. Our blog package includes six months of service in order to pro- vide sufficient time to develop, optimize and market your new blog. Here’s how we’ll hook you up: a. Market Research & Audience Evaluation b. Keyword Research c. Competitive Evaluation d. Optimize & Socially Share Existing Company Videos/Images for Blog e. Blog Design & Setup (includes RSS feed) f. Submit Blog to Top Directories g. Announcement Email Blast For Blog Launch h. Weekly Blog Post & Social Sharing i. Monthly Email Blast on Blog Content to Subscribers j. Monthly Campaign Report With Key Performance Indicators (KPI) k. Ongoing Content & Traffic Driving Recommendations
  6. 6. Pricing The packages listed are complete head-to-toe makeover packages. We work with your team to establish goals and measurement metrics and take the reigns from there. We will make sure that your brand is being represented in the way you want it to be by working as an extension of your team and providing status updates and monthly reports. You can be as involved as you would like in the process. Maybe you don’t need celebrity treatment and just need parts and pieces of certain ser- vice packages. In that case, let us provide you with a FREE consultation and provide a bid that is customized to your needs. Or check out our a la carte menu options for some additional one-off service options. Our service packages are based on our minimum recommended duration of support. We can provide ongoing support on a monthly basis or conduct a team training so that your team can take over once we have done the initial work. ONLINE BRAND MANAGEMENT (3 months) $3,750 Additional Monthly Maintenance & Optimization $1,000 PRODUCT/SERVICE LAUNCH (3 months) $3,500 Additional Monthly Maintenance & Optimization $750 ONLINE CRISIS MANAGEMENT (1 month) $1,500 COMPANY BLOG DEVELOPMENT (6 months) $6,500 Additional Monthly Maintenance & Optimization $1,000 Note: All full-service packages come with a FREE Social Media Tool Guide & Best Practices A LA CARTE MENU Social Media Training & Consultation (Includes Social Media Tool Guide & Best Practices) On Site* ½ Day $400 1 Full Day $800 Off Site ½ Day $350 1 Full Day $750 Social Media Tool Guide & Best Practices $250 Market Evaluation $250 Competitor Evaluation Up to 3 Competitors $250 Up to 5 Competitors $300 6-10 Competitors $350 Keyword Research Up to 10 Keywords $250 Up to 20 Keywords $300 50-75 Keywords $350 *Related travel expenses will be billed to client for on-site training. Contact us for your pre-made or custom social media package. Erica Leake: l 214.794.3159