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Paparazzi offers a complete SEO package as well as services for specific SEO needs. We also offer management of online paid media placement campaigns. Our content optimization package can increase company online visibility through our optimization process and sharing of your existing sales collateral, news pieces, videos and more.

Check out our SEO/SEM packages to see how Paparazzi can help you achieve online brand visibility. Don't see what you're looking for? WE can customize a plan specific to your needs.

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Paparazzi SEO Packages

  1. 1. Search Engine Optimization Turn on the Search Spotlight Increase Sales Through Increased Online Visibility Internet search results can take your company from D-list to A-list celebrity status. Search engines often provide the first point of contact with your potential clients. An Omniture case study reports that an astounding 88% of people use search engines to research a product or brand before they purchase. Research through search engines has become so prolific that “Google” was officially added to Webster’s Dictionary as a verb in 2009. Trusting Paparazzi as your internet marketing company can give you the peace of mind that you are putting your website in the hands of industry experts. o We offer a variety of SEO marketing packages, customizeable to fit your campaign goals. o Understanding the over 200 factors search engines take into account when ranking your website, we make sure your site is search compliant and optimized. o Paparazzi is dedicated to staying on top of the new trends and constantly evolving search engine "best practices" to offer you the best opportunities to get ranked at the top of search engines, like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. o Our social media expertise provides your company with further means of ranking high in searches and creating a two-way interaction with your current and potential customers where they’re searching online. Paparazzi offers SEO packages as well as custom packages to fit your specific needs and goals. Check out our packages, or contact us for your FREE consultation and quote. o Full Optimization Package o Marketplace Research & Evaluation o Website Optimization Recommendations o Link Building o Pay-Per-Click Adword Campaigns o Collateral Optimization
  2. 2. Full Optimization Package If you’ve got a spankin’ new website site, one that hasn’t been optimized or one that has evolved substantially from your initial SEO engagement, chances are you’re not getting a lot of web traffic. This is where we come in. We evaluate your site, not only from your company’s standpoint, but also from an industry, target audience and competitor standpoint and continue through our research-based optimization process. Our process is broken up into three steps to achieve your social climb. This Course of Action (COA) is a multi-tiered process, providing the knowledge base for comprehensive completion when carried through to the final step. 91% of all purchases made online started with Search Engine Research COA STEP 1: MARKETPLACE RESEARCH & EVALUATION The first step gives us the knowledge base to effectively pinpoint your company within your industry and target audience. It sets parameters for the entire SEO campaign, implementing necessary tools for effective execution in steps two and three. a. Campaign & Goal Evaluation b. Keyword Research & Recommendation c. Keyword Ranking & Evaluation d. Installation of Web Analytics e. Paparazzi SEO Campaign & Activity Report COA STEP 2: WEBSITE OPTIMIZATION RECOMMENDATIONS In this step, we take a deeper look into your website coding and provide a road map for implementing code that defines a “search friendly” website. Additionally, we analyze the site usability, providing best-practice recommendations to launch your website ahead of your competitors from a customer experience viewpoint. The reporting will provide a progress summary and detailed activity report along with analytics reports. a. Website Audit & Recommendations for Search Engine “Friendliness” b. Usability and User Experience Recommendations c. Paparazzi SEO Campaign & Activity Report
  3. 3. Full Optimization Package COA STEP 3: RELATIONSHIP & LINK BUILDING The final step in the social climb up the search engines is one of the most important. Submissions to key directories and building a strong in- and out-bound link structure will drastically increase your website’s searchability. Using Paparazzi existing networks for social bookmarking and utilizing existing online relationships will help position your com- pany even higher in your search ranking. If you’re looking at a stand-alone link building package, ask about our detailed link building process report. a. Search Engine Submission b. Link Building c. Content Creation Recommendations d. Optimized Social Bookmarking e. Website Launch Press Release f. Paparazzi SEO Campaign & Activity Report Two of the major factors in search engine rankings are Optimized Links & Optimized Content To get the most out of your optimization package and to maintain the momentum created through SEO, we highly recommend social media marketing. It not only provides an avenue for you to gain valuable brand/product insights from your customers, it also opens up doors to reach an untapped audience. Check out the social media marketing services offered by Paparazzi Online Media and how they could be relevant to your company’s goals. “I don’t know how anyone expects to compete successfully in SEO without social media.” –Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Marketing
  4. 4. Pay-Per-Click Adword Campaign In certain instances, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns can be a very helpful tool in increas- ing online visibility and branding, generating sales, online product or service launches, etc. PPC campaigns are typically known as, but not limited to, Google Adwords, Facebook and LinkedIn ads. Paparazzi Online Media offers targeted and cost effective PPC solutions that will increase your website ROI and increase your search engine rankings. Our PPC services include the set-up and ongoing optimization of each campaign, steps include: a. Website & Audience Evaluation b. Keyword Research c. PPC Advertisement Creation d. Campaign Optimization e. Landing Page Analysis f. PPC Campaign Reporting Invistics, a software company to increase business manufacturing operations, uses Google AdWords to generate 80% of qualified leads and collect industry intelligence LOCAL BUSINESS ADS CONTEXTUAL ADS MOBILE ADS AD TEXT
  5. 5. Content Optimization As content relevance becomes more and more important to the way search engines rank web pages, it is vital to optimize all of the content your company publishes. We can help you optimize any number of company items including: o Press releases o Letters to the editor o Company profiles o Annual reports o Blogging/forum discussions o Online media kits o White papers or case studies o Webinars/online product demos o Company eNewsletters Some of the major benefits your company will see of optimized content: o Increased exposure of your site on search engines o Attraction of more customers searching for your products or services o Increased press coverage by reaching more journalists, reporters and bloggers o Improved online relationships and brand awareness o Higher search engine rankings CONTENT OPTIMIZED SHARED CONTENT TRADITIONAL
  6. 6. Pricing If you have the need and the budget for an SEO overhaul, we recommend purchasing the Full Website Optimization Package. It addresses every aspect of the SEO process and provides cost savings. We also offer pricing per individual step to accommodate companies who need to take a slower approach based on budget or just need optimization consultation in a specific area. We recommend quarterly maintenance for our SEO clients in order to stay on top of the momentum built in the initial optimization process. Also check out our social media packages to ensure that your online marketing comes full circle. FULL SEO PACKAGE $8,500 Quarterly Maintenance & Optimization $2,500 Note: All full-service packages come with a FREE Social Media Tool Guide & Best Practices PAY-PER-CLICK CAMPAIGN (monthly) 15% of adword spend Note: Cost is for agency services. Media cost will vary based on client budget and adword bidding cost. CONTENT OPTIMIZATION $250/collateral piece A LA CARTE MENU MARKETPLACE RESEARCH & EVALUATION $4,500 OPTIMIZATION RECOMMENDATIONS $1,500 RELATIONSHIP & LINK BUILDING (3 months) $4,000 SEO TRAINING & CONSULTATION (includes SEO Tool Guide & Best Practices) On Site* ½ Day $400 1 Full Day $800 Off Site ½ Day $350 1 Full Day $750 SEO Tool Guide & Best Practices $250 Competitor Evaluation Up to 3 Competitors $250 Up to 5 Competitors $300 6-10 Competitors $350 Keyword Research Up to 10 Keywords $250 Up to 20 Keywords $300 50-75 Keywords $350 *Related travel expenses will be billed to client for on-site training. Contact us for your pre-made or custom social media package. Erica Leake: l 214.794.3159