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MOCK final

  1. 1. 1. The police did not CORROBORATE Dedan’s arrest. a. Justify b. confirm c. decide d. allude2. Here at Ricks we are told not to PLAGIARIZE. a. Spy b. copy dishonestly c. forget d. cheat3. The opposition wanted the Sudanese elections ANNULED. a. Violated b. ignored c. recorded d. cancelled4. My father wanted an ASTUTE lawyer to take up the case. a. Clever b. professional c. honest d. rich5. The problem isn’t here alone; it is UBIQUITOUS. a. Frightening b. deadly c. present everywhere d. harming everyoneSECTION B - For each sentence below choose from the options the letter of the correct answerwhich is most nearly opposite to the word in block letter.9. Ms. Gibson SELDOM goes to the market, but Ms. Mensah…does. a. Quickly b. quietly c. often d. always10. Lehleah made COPIOUS notes from Mr. Ponga’s lectures. a. scanty b. lengthy c. untidy d. inaccurate GRADE 12/MOCK EXAM/MAY 2010 ENGLISH LANGUAGE: Objective & Essay 1 ½ Hours
  2. 2. NAME: ______________________________ CLASS: ______IDENTIFICATION NUMBER ___________________________HONOR CODE: I, _____________________________, promise that throughout this exam Iwill not cheat, spy, ask for assistance, or share my answers with anyone. Any act contrary shouldlead to my immediate expulsion. Signed: ____________________INSTRUCTIONS You have TWO parts to this exam: Parts ONE and TWO. Part One consists ofobjective tests while Part Two is essay. Record your answers for Part One on the objective answer-sheet provided. For Part Two, use the ruled sheet. You can use more than one ruled sheet as needed.Write clearly and neatly; credit will be given for good spellings and good construction.PART ONE: OBJECTIVE [40 MARKS]There are 50 questions in Part One divided into FOUR sections. From the options given, A to D, (ineach section) choose the option that is most suitable and shade your answer on your answer sheet.SECTION A - For each sentence below choose from the options the letter of the correct answerwhich is nearest in meaning to the word in block letter.6. Ricks Institute campus is SIMILAR to other schools outside Monrovia. a. Beautiful b. same c. different d. equal7. Hawa claimed to be IMPARTIAL, but her judgment was …. A. sound b. fair c. harmonious d. bias8. Some of the juniors failed because they were INDOLENT; they need to be more …… a. Graceful b. obedient c. tolerant d. diligent
  3. 3. 16. A drop in local taxes … very likely. a. seem b. seems c. is seemed d. is seeming17. The teacher and the engineer … arrived for the trip. a. has b. have c. will d. could18. Neither of the books … me. a. interests b. interest c. is interest d. interesting19. The school’s athletics … well supported. a. are b. is c. could d. can27. Of the two books, I love “The gods are not to blame” …. A. most b. more than c. more d. much28. Ms. George is more … in Bazolian songs. a. interesting b. interest c. of interest d. interested29. The rain … stopped before the lesson began. a. has b. had c. having d. will30. Neither the students … the teacher was present for the program. A. and b. nor c. or d. than11. No one would have let the cat our of the bag besides Terinna. The underlined expression meansthat Terinna a. Freed the cat b. exposed the cat c. Revealed the secret d. escaped with the cat12. The Special Assistant advised all students to keep their heads above water. The Special Assistantmeant to tell the students to a. Avoid being drowned b. Provide more space to breathe c. Avoid getting into trouble d. Be optimistic13. Mohammed warned Eric not to breathe a word of their action. This means Mohammed told Eric to a. Hold onto his breath b. reveal the secret c.Keep the secret d. remember every word14. The supervisor along with his field workers … seen driving towards the site.
  4. 4. a. Were b. was c. has d. will15. Daryl accepted his defeat. …? a. Will he b. won’t he c. didn’t he d. doesn’t he20. The matron told the girls … when they come from School. A. how to do b. where to do c.what to do d. which to do21. You … more careful to have avoided having this accident. A. must be b. would be c.should be d. should have been22. The new employee complained that the weather was much cold for his … a. Liking b. like c. likes d. liked23. Varflay never borrows pens from other students…? a. Doesn’t he b. Does he c. Can he d. Can’t he24. The Rev. and Principal … for the US every year. a. live b. leave c. leaves d. lives25. She … the plums in groups of four. a. lay b. lain c. lied d. laid26. All the students … their hands when the teacher ask- ed the question. a. Raise b. raises c. raised d. roseSECTION C – For each of the questions given, choose the option that best completes oranswers the question.
  5. 5. SECTION D – Read the passage below carefully and choose the correct missing word foreach number gap. Record your answer as in the previous sections.Industrialization, which is simply a name for industrial -31- is fast growing in those developing countrieswhich are trying to -32- their wealth and -33-. Industrialization involves not only such things as theprovision of -34- stations producing electricity for -35-, and the construction of irrigation works, but alsodevelopments which improve production in any -36- by means of large -37- investments. Very often theonly source of -38- for such developments is the government itself, for individual investment -39- aresmall, and foreign money is not easy to obtain. Besides, the -40- charges on large foreign loans arecrippling. A BC D31. areas investment development efficiency32. increase hoard husbandbetter33. produce productivity goods work34. energy force power motor35 works factories factorization employment36. part case field manner37. capital capitation insurance gilt-edged38. income cash finance supply
  6. 6. 39. balances funds capabilities interests40. premium interest payment conditionalLocal farmers who are able to -41- enough food for the market face the problems of storage, 42- andmarketing of their goods. Lack of -43- linking the food producing area to the -44- public leads to large-45- of produce spoiling on the farms. The problem is further -46- by the improperly maintained vehicles,which frequently break down on their journey, resulting in the damage of the -47- items. High prices ofthe -48- and the arrangement of many middlemen who exploit the farmers adversely affect the realincome of the farmers. Government should therefore -49- the cost of food production so as to minimizethe farmers’ -50-. A BC D41. ensure farm produce engender42. transportation movingmobilizing conveying43. approach passages channelsroads44. hungry consuming depress starring45. quantity sum suppliesprovisions46. duplicated complicated implicated delegated47. perishable edible eatable vegetable48. merchandise commodities wares grains49. discount write-off subsidizesupport50. storages debts wastes lossesPART TWO – ESSAY [60 MARKS]Part Two contains FOUR sections: A, B, C, and D. You are to answer ONE question from Section A,one from Section B, and ALL questions from Sections C and D. Write your name on all sheets you willuse for this test. Use blue or black ink.SECTION A - ESSAY WRITINGAnswer ONE question from this section. Your work should not be less than 200 words.
  7. 7. 1. During the campaign for student leadership election your party made promises they’ve not kept after winning the election. As the school year comes to a close your party is being criticized for making failed promises. As Secretary General of your party you have invited RIX FM to a press conference to defend your party and to state why you negated on your promises. Write an essay as you would present your case to RIX FM. 2. You have been selected to take part in a discussion program organized by DR. OLU MENJAY INTELLECTUAL FORUM. The topic to be discussed is: “The Low Performance of Students in Schools: What should the Parents, Teachers, School Administrators, and the Government of Liberia do about it?” Write a composition to present your point of view.SECTION B – LETTER WRITINGAnswer ONE question from this section. Your work should not be less than 150 words. 3. Write a letter to the Mayor of the City of Monrovia for a vacation job advertised through the Office of the Special Assistant of your school. Include a brief biographical sketch, and what you hope to do with reward or rewards you’ll get from the job. 4. This advertisement appeared on RIX FM news on Monday, May 10, 2010: The Liberia Baptist Convention is accepting applications from qualified high school students for the position of Second Secretary at its Head Office in Gbarnga. Write and include ONE reference in your letter.SECTION C - COMPREHENSION 4. Read the passage below carefully and answer the questions that follow.A lion, no longer able from the weakness of old age to hunt for his prey, laid himself up in his den, and,breathing with great difficulty and speaking with a low voice, gave out that he was very ill indeed .The report soon spread among the beats, and there was great lamentation for the sick lion. One after theother came to see him, but, catching them thus alone, and in his own den, the lion made a prey ofthem, and grew fat upon his diet. The Fox, suspecting the truth of the matter, came at length to make hisvisit of inquiry, and standing at some distance asked his Majesty how he did. “Ah, my dearest friend,”said the Lion, “is it you? Why do you stand so far from me? Come, sweet friend, and pour a word ofconsolation in my ear; for I now have only a short time to live.” “Bless you,” said the Fox. “But excuseme if I cannot stay, for to tell you the truth, I feel quite uneasy at the marks of the footsteps that I seehere, all pointing towards your den, and none returning outwards.” 1. According to the passage, why did the animals come to see Lion? 2. What truth did the Fox suspect? 3. From your understanding of the passage, what can you say about the character of the Lion and the Fox? 4. Give the meaning of the following words and expressions as used in the passage: 1. Gave out that he was very ill indeed; 2. Visit of inquiry; 3. Made a prey of them; 4. Consolation; 5. Inquiry.
  8. 8. SECTION D – SUMMARY 6. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions which follow. Give brief, precise answers.Something is seriously wrong with this generation; they hate to come to school but they want to pass.Most of them believe that the time taken to go to school or stay in school, study hard and acquireknowledge the right way is a complete waste of time. So, what most of them do is to register in a school,stay out most of the time or boycott classes every day, then appear for test and chase after the teachers togive them grades they did not earn. When they do not succeed in getting the passing grades, and as suchfail in the school, they leave the school and go to another school to take a higher class, using fakecredentials.This situation is very pathetic because those students will be the same people complaining tomorrow thatthere are no jobs in the country. When they are given the opportunity, they have little or nothing to offerin the positions, and in some cases, eliminate qualified persons in order to occupy their positions.One thing that is certain is that they will not always get away with this, for we are entering an era whenonly the qualified and competent will have place in society. A hint to the wise is sufficient.1. What does the passage say is wrong with this generation?2. State two things that this generation could result to according to the writer.3. What does the phrase get away with mean as used in the passage?4. Give one-word synonym for each of the words as used in the passage. i. Boycott ii. Credentials iii. Pathetic iv. eliminate 1