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ICZM initiatives and their networking along the coasts of France. Yves Henocques.

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  1. 1. ICZM national networking – DATAR+50 2013: ICZM+21 21 years after Rio, Agenda 21 Yves Henocque IFREMER
  2. 2. Global / Local Parallel stories totally interconnected
  3. 3. 1970 - 1980 The coast: Land use planning and wetlands/coastal landscape conservation against urbanisation sprawling France: Wetlands and Coastal Conservatory (1975) United States: Coastal Management Act (1972) 1980 – 1990: before Rio Juridictional structuring of maritime space (UNCLOS: 1982) Sustainable development: Brundtland Report (1987) France: Coastal Act (1986) 1990 – 2002 Rio 1992: Agenda 21, Chapter 17 (7 major programmes) EU 1999: ICZM Demonstration programme (2002-2006) Johannesburg 2002: private sector coming in
  4. 4. Agenda 21, Section 17.5 Coastal states engage themselves into the sustainable development of maritime areas under their own jurisdiction
  5. 5. 2006: European Integrated Maritime Policy 2008: MSFD (Marine Strategy Framework Directive) Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) as a tool 2013: Directive under preparation ICZM / MSP DG Mare / DG Environnement
  6. 6. 2010: COP10 – Convention on Biodiversity Ecosystem-based approach Reconciling biodiversity conservation with local development
  7. 7. 2008 - 2009 National debate: environment / sea 2010 Environment Act (Chapter VI devoted to the sea) Defining the instruments for Ocean and Coast Integrated Management National Advisory body / regional committees / regional strategic plans Mediterranean protocol on ICZM (2010)
  8. 8. A journey across a complex system FROM WATERSHEDS TO MARITIME AREAS Watershed Land-use / Water use Integrated Water Ressources Management Coastal zone Seas and oceans Inputs / Impacts / Coastal use Integrated Coastal Management Mitigation / Regulation Regional Seas Management Ocean Governance Legal & Institutional framework / Stakeholders participation / Implementation / Monitoring UP UP STRE SC AL AMIN IN G G Local implementation G IN AM RE N G ST ALI WN SC DO WN DO ICM Strategy Global governance Maritime Spatial Planning Regional seas Ecosystem-based management Maritime strategy Nested governance approach Ocean Policy Satoyama – Community-based management – Satoumi - Co-management Integrated coastal management
  9. 9. Integrated management A question of nested (multi-scale) governance
  10. 10. GOVERNANCE Composed of four activities across a range of scales A vision and shared priorities Policies coherence / objectives Steering capacity Accountability Practice of collective evaluation high level of institutional capacity where governments keep a central but non exclusive role
  11. 11. The governance forces STATE Local governments MARKET CIVIL SOCIETY Space and ressource use Private goods / Public goods / Common goods Type of governance sets the frame within which management happens
  12. 12. Scientific and local knowledge A process of mutual acculturation Social Engineering input
  13. 13. Which process for « place-based science » ? A question about changes in behaviour towards knowledge Accepting acculturation to walk along together Context Any knowledge is relative to the intervention context And the way it is produced determine the way along which problems are built up and managed Place-based science (sustainability science…) Combine scientific knowledge and local knowledge, social practices and collective imagination in relation with the coast and the ocean Efficient governance local / global Mutual confidence Forum, partnerships, institutionnal arrangements, leadership Create the meeting arenas in a sustainable way
  14. 14. Integrated ocean and coastal management A non linear process where enabling conditions of success must always be put into question Adaptive management Prospective / concertation instruments / meeting places
  15. 15. System thinking Create the enabling conditions To lead to changes in behaviour Ownership / Learning / Mutual acculturation And get to the expected results
  16. 16. Integrated management is not a given it builds up on what was already there and articulate the project places
  17. 17. French Mediterranean, Var Department – Put into synergy local initiatives and their steering bodies
  18. 18. Ocean and coast departmental plan An instrument for better coherence between Land use planning and maritime areas planning Combining development and biodiversity conservation including risks prevention measures
  19. 19. Then… Integrated coastal zone management or Integrated coastal and ocean management ? THANK YOU !