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Nikko Nikko Presentation Transcript

  • Mediana,Nikko C.
  • Taguig PEOPLE’S Market
  • Coast Guard Base Taguig
  • Landmarks in Central Bicutan,TaguigCity,District 2 - Hall of Justice
  • Libingan Ng Mga Bayani
  • Landmarks inTuktukan,TaguigCity,District 1. – Simboryo
  • Taguig City Hospital
  • Landmark in Napindan,TaguigCity,District 1. - Parola
  • Blue Mosque, Cental Bicutan
  • Bonifacio HeightsFort Bonifacio, Taguig City
  • Definition of Terms Student is a learner, orsomeone who attends an educational institution. Teacher (schoolteacher) is a person who provides education for pupils (children) and students (adults)
  • Student teaching is a college-supervised instructional experience; usually the culminating course in auniversity/college undergradu ate education or graduate school program leading to teacher education and certification.
  • Legal FoundationsCHED Memorandum Order no. 30 (CMO 30) Article V. Sec. 13 states that “fields study courses are intended to provide students with practicallearning experiences in which they observe, verify, reflect on, in actual school settings. The experiences will begin with field observation and gradually intensify until students undertake practice teaching”
  • Code of Ethics for Professional Teachers Article IV Sec. 2States that “Every teacher shall uphold the highest possible standards of qualityeducation, shall make the best preparations for the career of teaching, and shall at his best at all times in the practice of his profession.”
  • Student teachers areoften placed into an awkward and These tips can aid stressful situation, student teachers not really sure of their authority and as they beginsometimes not even their first teachingplaced with veteran assignments teachers who are much help.
  • 1. Do your background research about your designated school. 1. Area or Location 2. History 3. Mission, Vision and Philosophy 4. Faculty and; 5. Facilities
  • Always come to the lesson prepared. Schedule a timetable for marking and preparing work.2. Be organized and be prepared.
  • As a teacher, you are a professional and you are supposed to dress accordingly. There is nothing wrong with over dressing during your student teaching assignments.3. Dress appropriately
  • 4. Be on TIME!Punctuality is very important inthe real world. If you are late,you will definitely NOT start out on the right foot with your cooperating teacher.
  • 5. Follow the school rules follow your own classro om rules. Rules must be always observed and be exercised.
  • Remember that the coordinating teacher has pressures placedupon them just as you have your own pressures to deal with. 6. Be FLEXIBLE
  • 7. Be professional with Do not interrupt fellow teachers other teachers classes without an absolutely good reason. When you are speaking with yourcoordinating teacheror other teachers on campus, treat them with respect.
  • Ask what his or her8. Be guided by teaching philosophy or PRINCIPLES, expectations are, alongPHILOSOPHIES, with learning about the and expected teachingMETHODOLOGIE program for the duration S in Teaching of your time working with and Learning. him or her. Be sure to find out whether you have free reign or restrictions on teaching methods, topics, and other relevant issues.
  • It is very important to have an idea of the different approaches used in a classroom.9. Always write your daily observational report.
  • 10. BeYOURSELF!!!! First and foremost, try and enjoy every minute that youare teaching. Its important to be attentive to detail but not expect to be perfect in whatyou think a teacher should be. Acknowledge that youre still a student yourself
  • Teaching, is not just a job. It is a humanservice, and it must be thought of as amission. -Dr. Ralph Tyler