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Ruby On Google App Engine 2nd Athens Ruby Me
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Ruby On Google App Engine 2nd Athens Ruby Me


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My presentation for the 2nd Athens Ruby Meetup about deploying Ruby apps on Google App Engine

My presentation for the 2nd Athens Ruby Meetup about deploying Ruby apps on Google App Engine

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Placeholder for a Two-Line Title International Theme Ruby on Google App Engine Panagiotis Papadopoulos - 2nd Athens Ruby Meetup
  • 2. From Ruby to JRuby We know Ruby MRI but Ruby runs on JVM too
      • Like Ruby but runs on top of JVM
      • JRuby is mature
        • Ruby Thread are java threads
        • GC is the bullet proof Java GC
        • Java Unicode
        • Compiled code
        • GC and threading work seamlessly
        • Huge variety of libaries
        • deploy RoR with a single .war
      • But ...
        • gems need native extensions
        • great performance needs JVM knowledge
  • 3. Google App Engine What is App Engine
      • exciting
      • running on Google infrastructure
      • limited & has unique methodologies
      • Java & Python only
      • scaling to infinity
      • having an integrated enviroments
      • almost free
    What is  What is not
      • Shared Hosting
      • VPS
      • a server to port my projects
      • run commodity software (ex. phpBB)
      • RDBMS
      • a technology for noobs
  • 4. Why do we need JRuby Because it can execute on App Engine JVM
      • Learn the GAE limitations and tool set
        • no relational database although GQL make it easier
        • 1000 files upload limit
        • not writable filesystem
        • no custom TCP, UDP connection
        • etc 
        • free up to 6.5 cpu hours
        • index everything (or most)
      • So what is good?
        • no worries about scaling
        • XMPP, Cron, Task Queue, Versions
        • integrated environment
        • free for most projects
        • really cool
  • 5. Where is Ruby and where is Rails? Not so straightforward
      • a lot but tricky
      • ORM through DataMapper
      • memcache, actionmailer need patching
      • console
    What works What does not work
      • native extensions
      • activerecord
  • 6. How do we start? You are luckier now but wait for Rails 3 
      • Appengine-Jruby for the rescue
        • streamlines the process
        • fetched jruby-rack, jruby, appengine-java-skd
        • local server
        • console
        • deploy in a breeze
      • Is that easy?
        • not at all
        • you need to package gems into jars (warble)
        • jruby rack runs below rails/sinatra/merb
        • Java exceptions
        • restart server when testing :(
      • Awesome admin environment, take a look
  • 7. Integration, control, versioning, stats, tickets all in a blink. PanosJee “ ”
  • 8. More reading Don 't miss
        • lots of stuff I came across about jruby/gae
        • don 't start without it
        • major contributor
        • if you are serious about GAE and want a real app
        • ideal platform for Ruby on GAE
        • the awesome demo
  • 9. Thank you!   Ruby Greece is maturing! ::