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  • This presentation is for us, freedom to talk in a safe environment about any brand and its wrong marketing strategies.I will try to get away from the business/firm idea and think of a brand as an entity in general.
  • As such we can treat pretty much anything.. likea nation and a country as a brand. Apple, BMW and Nike are brands that need marketing to grow and succeed. The same applies to ourselves as professionals, to schools and to countries.As such I will talk about the brand GREECE and its wrong marketing
  • The brand Greece and the wrong marketing strategies this brand followed over the pats years
  • Ancient Greeks without even knowing the concept of marketing they invented and satisfied all kinds of different needs Conversation with Omar- Difference between Advertising and Marketing. Advertising is taking a ready made product or service –IDEA and promoting it.Marketing is the whole process of creating or identifying needs and then satisfying them using advertising.Greeks without even knowing it they were doing marketing since the ancient years.
  • Ancient Greeks they where thinking that they were simply inventing things.. Marketing though was working for them and the world was learning about them.That is the reason that Greece’s economy is so dependable to tourism.We still use all those so efficiency and effectiveness is out of the question
  • We can say that those are the fundamentals for a brand to build a good name, to become well known and to attract the interest.Brand Greece = TourismApple – technologyFedEx – speed, consistencyUS – OpportunitiesGreece – Vacations – tourism constitute about 26% of the GDP.Over the last years the strategy Greece follows to market itself cannot be considered successfulFor those who are not familiar with Europe, Greece competes in the Mediterranean Sea market having as competitors countries like Italy, Spain, France and although its not a Mediterranean country, on the sea is TurkeyGreece as a brand does well in this competition, it has increased brand awareness and so far it had a high perceived value.The brand though is losing its credibility and reputation because it misuses the process of branding.
  • This was enough to guarantee some success and economic stability for some years.That’s is where strategy comes in place.
  • Help me with thatAlthough this is true Greece does not market itself like this. It has a passive attitude towards the power of Marketing. Greece uses branding as a mean to inform people that that this country is a touristic place, that they have the option to go there, no incentive, no motivation, no innovationGreece does not mention Mediterranean, does not in general give an idea to its target audience to believe in.. Allows its competition to take advantage of that opportunity and use it.
  • That is the logo we put in all our the photos shown all over the world. No line. No idea. No motivationBTW Greece has changed its logo 14 times since 1990. For a brand this is unacceptable. Apple, coca cola
  • The CEO of any company that was in charge in that time would have been fired. The market has doubled, our share has halfed.
  • How the
  • If you want to market a play in the theaters you focus on how well the relationships are between the “stars” backstage.Everybody wants to work for Google and Apple because the corporate environment is “marketed” as being amazing.No matter what happens in the US and its political system, they always market the country as “the land of opportunity”, everybody want to come here.The whole country let the political system affect its internal relationship leading to conflicting marketing messages. Come to the Greece –the center of Mediterranean civilization VS the riot city
  • Has a poor performance in the digital world.Allows the internal conflicts and problems in general affect the image the brand promotes to the rest of the world.And has an inconsistent, with no meaning logo.Wrong marketing strategy may not be the only reason that leads to the decrease of the people visiting Greece, the political system, the economy, everything play its role.What can be take for granted though is that the brand Greece would not have been in such a difficult position right now if its marketing campaign was taken into serious consideration.
  • Branding greece comp str .ppt

    1. 1. What is a brand?
    2. 2. A brandis nothing more thanthe set of impressionsthat livesin people’s heads
    3. 3. GreeceGreece
    4. 4. Marketing is theprocess of identifying needs andmeeting them in the most efficient andeffective way.
    5. 5. Western CIVILAZATIONOlympicsDemocracy MapsAlarm ClocksThermometerMedicinePhilosophyPizzaGeometryFetaMoneyTrial by JuryTheaterLocationAt the southeast end of EuropeSurrounded by several countries and seasMore than 2,000 islands; 227 inhabited
    6. 6. History + LocationBrand AwarenessPerceived Value=
    7. 7. Brandingis the process of managing impressionsStrong brands create strong and consistentimpressions.
    8. 8. The Coca Cola of cigarettes?The Marlboro of sports shoes?The Nike of coffee shops?The Starbucks of computers?The Apple of the Mediterranean?
    9. 9. CompetitorsFrom 2000 to 2010Greece29%Turkey53%Croatia18%0%51 millions touristsGreece50%Turkey38%Croatia12%0%25 millions tourists
    10. 10. What the Brandthinks and feelsWhat thecustomers thinkand feel
    11. 11. Success for a brand is directly related to MarketingMarketing is directly related to Perceived ValueImage / ReputationGreeeceA Mediterranean diamondExotic destinationHistoric beautyTheatersGoogleAppleUSA“Greeks justdon’t trust Greeks”By Michael LewisVanity Fair magazinefinancial writerVSRiot cityExpensiveLazinessInconsistentmessages resultingin negativereputation
    12. 12. EuropeanCommissionOfficialReports for2011
    13. 13. Google as a brand barometer
    14. 14. Word Search Results• “Acropolis” – 17,600,000• “Ancient Greece” – 15,700,000• “Mykonos” – 3,350,000• “Greece riots” – 6,770,000• “Greece corruption” – 18,200,000• “Greece crisis” – 109,000,000That is Greece’s image!That is what Greece does when it goes to Digital MarketingStrategy
    15. 15. thankyou