Service Offerings The Neutrino Donut Llc Global Technology Commercialization


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Services offerings by The Neutrino Donut, LLC

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Service Offerings The Neutrino Donut Llc Global Technology Commercialization

  1. 1. the neutrino donut, llc austin, tx and the worldService OfferingsThe Neutrino Donut, LLC is presenting the following outline of our service offerings. Welook forward to working with your organization and trust this document will be the basisof further discussions and the development of technology commercialization and marketdevelopment efforts with your organization.We provide technology commercialization services to organizations seeking expertise fromthe marketplace. At The Neutrino Donut, we believe the evaluation of technology is thebeginning of the business development process. We fill this process through trainingprograms, evaluation processes, and business development expertise.The ProblemWe provide a process for the evaluation of technologies and determine the best directionfor the technologies, including establishment of direction for the technologies and thedecision of where to go next. It’s the definition of ‘Next’. Many players in this space enterthe discussion with a pre-conceived solution – venture capital organizations, licensingorganizations, economic development groups – and will reject technologies which do not fittheir model. We seek to find the model which best suits the technology. We will leverageour contacts in the commercial space to find the right partners for your organization.The ProcessWe work with organizations to evaluate the technologies, determine steps for furtheraction, and implement development opportunities. Our goal is to find the best opportunityfor your organization while allowing you to remain in control of your intellectual property.We establish relationships for your organization to access in the future to ensure thegrowth and development of your organization.Products & ServicesProgram Design and ImplementationThe Neutrino Donut will provide onsite Program Management to discuss technologycommercialization to innovators designated by your organization. We can design theprograms of the programs for delivery, coordinating funding proposals, resource planningtechnology review, training, business development, and overall project management,including reports to key stakeholders. We can provide the process and manage, with localpartners, in the review of innovators and their technologies and assist in the evaluation ofthe technologies and work with the plan for next steps for the innovations which are readyfor globalization.1|Page
  2. 2. the neutrino donut, llc austin, tx and the worldEntrepreneur TrainingFor selected entrepreneurs, The Neutrino Donut will provide training programs on theentrepreneurship process. In these sessions, we will provide training sessions on sales andmarketing, establishing a business, and financial management. We will follow up thistraining with webinars or individual meetings with the innovators.Technology Commercialization TrainingFor selected entrepreneurs, The Neutrino Donut will provide training programs on thetechnology commercialization process. In these sessions, we will provide training sessionson the evaluation of technology, review of market options, and develop a business plan foradvancing the technology in the marketplace. We will follow up this training with webinarsor a series of meetings with the innovators.Technology ReportsWe are including a summary of our report offerings with this document. These items arelisted in a sequence of increasing complexity. While The Neutrino Donut may not beneeded to implement all of these steps on behalf of our clients, we believe all technologiesmust go through an evaluation process in order to successfully enter the marketplace.Technology Assessment ReportThe technology assessment report is a way of finding the challenges in an innovation. Weare evaluating the technology from the perspective of finding a show stopper or issuewhich would preclude further resources being expended on an idea. The initial evaluationof a pool of technologies is to eliminate the ideas which will not go to market. Our goal isto focus resources on the technologies we believe will be the most successful in theprogram. We will provide a summary of potential markets and the challenges yourorganization will face in entering these markets.DeliverableThe deliverable is a two page report where we assess the technology and its marketacceptance.Technology Commercialization ReportThe second phase, technology commercialization report, is where we evaluate thetechnology in terms of defining the path to the marketplace and evaluate the viability of theplan. In this report, we research the technology, the markets, identify key players,interview experts and decision makers, and develop the process for entering themarketplace. As part of the report, we evaluate these steps and determine if thecommercialization strategy is viable. We will provide modifications to the report to matchthe requirements of our clients.2|Page
  3. 3. the neutrino donut, llc austin, tx and the worldDeliverableThe deliverable is an extensive report where we detail the technology; including industryexpert interviews and their contact information.Business DevelopmentThe business development process is the way of moving the technology to what we call‘Next’, that is the next level of commercialization – licensing, sales/distribution, capital,grants, further research, or other market options. Based on the commercialization report,we will follow up with our interview subject and related market subject target areas tocreate an opportunity in the marketplace. Our goal is to leverage and maintainrelationships on behalf of our clients and move the technology into the evaluation /licensing / sales stage with outside organizations. The fee for this service will be acombination of retainer and success fee for completion of the engagement. We will reviewthe requirements of the project and determine fees for each technology.Specific Milestones  Product Evaluation/Demonstration  Non-Binding Engagement Letter  Agreement between your organization and a partner for further collaborationSuccess Fee on Agreement  A success fee on the signing of an agreement. The terms of the agreement and the definition of success will be negotiated between the parties for each technology.Business Plan DevelopmentWe can assist your organization in the development of a business plan. This document willbe presented to outside organization, noting product status, planning, financialrequirements, and budget summaries.3|Page