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Panduit Signature Core Fiber Optic Cabling System
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Panduit Signature Core Fiber Optic Cabling System



This deck introduces the Panduit Signature Core Fiber Optic Cabling System, a complete end-to-end solution for high speed applications that enables users to implement 40G in virtually any data center ...

This deck introduces the Panduit Signature Core Fiber Optic Cabling System, a complete end-to-end solution for high speed applications that enables users to implement 40G in virtually any data center using multimode optics.



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Panduit Signature Core Fiber Optic Cabling System Panduit Signature Core Fiber Optic Cabling System Presentation Transcript

  • Signature Core™Fiber Optic Cabling System 1/29/2013
  • Agenda• Issues facing data center professionals• Distortion and its impact on system performance• How Signature Core™ Fiber Optics Cabling System corrects distortion• The impact of deploying Signature Core™ System in the data center• Wrap up
  • Challenges Facing Data Center Professionals• Increasing demands on the data center – Implementing state-of-the-art architectures• Future proofing – Making sure what is being installed today will work tomorrow• Peace of mind – Rising expectations about performance and reliability• Reducing capital & operating expenditures – More and more pressure to reduce costs
  • Distortion and Impact on Network Performance• Distortion – Stream of ―1s‖ and ―0s‖• Pulses spread out as it moves through the ―media‖• Receiver has a hard time distinguishing between the ―1s‖ and ―0s‖ causing errors
  • Distortion in Multimode Fiber• What is a fiber mode? – Laser light enters the fiber and splits into separate rays called modes – Each mode travels in the fiber along a unique optical path – Single mode fiber is just that — Allows only one mode or ray• Mode distortion – Different modes  Paths with different lengths  Different travel times
  • Mode Distortion at Work Input Output Optical Transmitter Multimode Fiber• Laser optimized multimode fiber corrects for this distortion – Speeds up the modes traveling the longer paths – Keeps the individual modes (pulses) aligned• Predominate multimode fiber sold today
  • 10 Gig & Above — What Is Limiting Performance?• Performance – Reach • 150m for 40G/100G Ethernet • 100m for 32G FC? – New data center architectures – Future proofing• Above about 8Gig another type of distortion comes into play• Chromatic dispersion – Same effect as a prism
  • Chromatic Dispersion at Work• Lasers used in optical modules have a ―spread‖ of wavelengths Input Output Modes are skewed Laser Multimode Fiber DifferentWavelengths• Same impact as modal dispersion• Laser phenomenon uncovered by Panduit Labs
  • Signature Core™ System Corrects Chromatic Dispersion Input Output Modes are aligned! Laser DifferentWavelengths• Signature Core™ is the next generation in multimode optical fiber! – Corrects for modal AND chromatic distortion
  • How Signature Core™ System Helps Solve DC Issues• Highest system performance possible — exceeding all other distance claims• Flexibility – DC layout may depend on the length of the fiber optic links – Signature Core™ expands layout options• Implement state-of-the-art DC architectures – Top-of-rack • True top-of-rack fabric extenders using low cost optical modules • Modules only reach 100M without Signature Core™ limiting this architecture • Signature Core™ makes this implementation practical – Ability to add more connectivity• Reduces capital expenditures – Able to use multimode fiber and optical modules rather than single mode – Savings thousands of dollars per link• Future proof – Extra headroom allows migration to 40G/100G Ethernet and 16G/32G Fibre Channel
  • How Signature Core™ System Helps Signature Core Reduce packet error System’s lower Bit Latency rate – Lowers number of packet resends Error Rate (BER) lowers packet error rate Signature Core’s System’s superior Deploy a high- performance and high Availability reliability networking infrastructure quality connectivity provides the needed reliability Signature Core™ Tied to System allows the bandwidth, payload Throughput size and packet error use of larger packets and reduced Packet rate Error Rate (PER)
  • Signature Core™ System Product Line A complete line of multimode fiber optic products QuickNet™ MTP QuickNet™ SFQ Interconnect Cable MTP Cassettes Assemblies QuickNet™ Trunk QuickNet™ Hydra Cable Assemblies Cable Assemblies
  • Wrap Up• Distortion in multimode fiber – Modal: Fixed by laser optimized fiber – Chromatic: THE limiting impairment at 8 Gig and above• Signature Core™ System multimode fiber corrects for chromatic distortion• Signature Core™ System provides – Cost savings ½ the cost of single mode fiber – Flexibility Implement state-of-the-art architectures – Future proof 40/100G Ethernet & 16/32 G FC• Signature Core™ System improves – Throughput – Availability – Latency• Full fiber optic product line
  • building a smarter, unified foundation www.panduit.com