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Panda security corporate_presentation_2012_en

  1. 1. Panda Security, a global company Innovation is our driver The cloud-based model benefits Our partners, hand in hand in growth Our products and solutions Appendix
  2. 2. Panda Security is a global companythat protects over 10 million users in 195 countriesWe develop innovative cloud securitysolutions to protect and managebusinesses and home user’s computersystems against all types of threats
  3. 3. WE ARE GLOBAL: WE PROTECT OVER10 MILLION USERS IN 195 COUNTRIESWhat we do22 years innovating since our birth in 1990We develop security and managementsolutions for business and domestic usersWe provide protection against all typesof malwareLocationsHead offices in SpainSubsidiaries in US, Germany, UK, Brazil, Benelux,France, Austria, Sweden and ChinaLocal offices in over 56 countries460 direct employees and 700 in total worldwide
  4. 4. A FEW NOTABLE CUSTOMERSWe protect all kinds of customers Government Industry Services
  5. 5. Panda Security, a global company Innovation is our driver The cloud-based model benefits Our partners, hand in hand in growth Our products and solutions Appendix
  6. 6. AFTER 22 YEARS OF INNOVATION, WE AREFIRST IN SECURITY FROM THE CLOUDHistory of InnovationThe leading provider of cloud-based security solutions 1998 2004 2007 2009 2012 1st daily 1st behavioral 1st product 1st thin-client 1st Security signature file analysis scanning from antivirus from company with a the cloud the cloud complete Cloud-based offering
  8. 8. Panda Security, a global company Innovation is our driver The cloud-based model benefits Our partners, hand in hand in growth Our products and solutions Appendix
  9. 9. CLOUD COMPUTING – FOCUS ON YOUR BUSINESS Before Now - Panda Cloud-Based Model on Premise Cloud-based model Eliminates need for costlyInfrastructure Local In the cloud server infrastructure, network configuration,TCO High Low databases, maintenance Panda Cloud and VPNsComplexity High Very simple Allows for seamless management remotelyManagement Local – from Server Remote - from from anywhere in the based console anywhere, anytime worldAvailability Limited Always availableIntelligence In the PC In the cloudResource High Very lightconsumptionUpdates Large, slow Always updated Remote User Remote User Corporate Office Remote OfficeCloud computing benefitsNo need for infrastructurePay only for what you needHardware scales to satisfy your requirementsRemote management from anywhere
  10. 10. PANDA CLOUD PROTECTION -FORGET ABOUT SECURITY Panda cloud security benefits Easy: the console is a web browser, so you can manage the security of any pc, remotely and from anywhere in the world Light: Malware detection and analysis is handled in the cloud, freeing up resources on your network Secure: A new threat is automatically analyzed and blocked within 6 minutes from reception at our cloud servers (PandaLabs) One of the main advantages of SaaS solutions like Panda Cloud Protection over traditional protection is that they eliminate dedicated servers costs, simplifying maintenance and updates. TEA CEGOS (SPAIN)
  11. 11. Panda Security, a global company Innovation is our driver The cloud-based model benefits Our partners, hand in hand in growth Our products and solutions Appendix
  12. 12. AT PANDA, WE HAVE THE FORMULA TO INCREASEYOUR BUSINESS PROFITS Panda has become the easier vendor to grow business with More simplicity More margin More control Simple customer Increase your margins Increased business lifecycle management by purchasing control discounted packs More control over your Simple security management Eliminate security- customers’ security related costs Generate additional revenue by selling value-added services
  13. 13. PANDA HAS DEVELOPED THE TOOLS TO GROW THECHANNEL BUSINESSPANDA CLOUD PARTNER CENTER PANDA PARTNER PROGRAMSimplify your business A flexible framework to grow your businessPanda Cloud Partner Center: Panda Partner Program benefits:A centralized Cloud tool to manage your Access to exclusive special promotionscustomer’s entire life cycle eCampus: On line Training & CertificationMore simplicity Marketing: Collaterals and CampaignsMore margin Panda Security ForumMore control 24 x 7 technical support
  14. 14. Panda Security, a global company Innovation is our driver The cloud-based model benefits Our partners, hand in hand in growth Our products and solutions Appendix
  15. 15. PANDA SECURITYSOLUTONS Corporate Consumer Panda Cloud AV – Free & ProCloud Retail Range and PAV for MacOn premise
  16. 16. PANDA CLOUD PARTNER CENTER - SIMPLIFY YOUR BUSINESS The partner reduces business complexities by centrally managing security, licenses and the customer life cycle from a single web based console while eliminating vendor dependenciesWhat How BenefitsWeb based partner Web based console More Simplicity: manageConsole that allows Entire customer’s life customer’s licenses andcentralized management cycle management: trial securityof customers, licenses – purchase – renew More Margin: reduceand security costs and sell services Single sign-on to customer’s solutions More Control: your business and your customer security
  17. 17. PANDA CLOUD SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT THE NEW WAY TO MANAGE, MONITOR & SUPPORT IT SYSTEMS Control your network easily and proactively, reducing costs and increasing eficiency. ¡Take control and stay ahead of problems!What How BenefitsThe first RMM platform Web Console Less costs: Reduce ITdelivered in Saas format, maintenance costs Inventory, Monitoring,easy to use for partners Management, Support & More control: Stay aheadand companies. Reports of problems before theyBecause More Control occurrmeans More Security More value: Demonstrate the eficiency of your work
  18. 18. PANDA CLOUD OFFICE PROTECTION & PANDA CLOUD OFFICE PROTECTION ADVANCED FORGET SECURITY Remote Office Headquarters Road warriors What How Benefits Cloud solution for PCs, Cloud based delivery Proactive real-time, laptops, file servers model robust protection and Exchange Real-time connection to Minimum costs servers*, that allows the Collective Maximum business companies to simply Intelligence security control forget about the antivirus Minimum resources consumption Easy to use, easy to manage*Only for PCOP Advanced
  19. 19. PANDA CLOUD E-MAIL PROTECTION - FORGET E-MAIL OVERHEAD “Panda Cloud Email Protection has provided our client with a crucial solution for spam management, freeing the from routine tasks such as mail filtering and removal. After just 7 days using it they rated it 10 out of 10” Ordismatic (Spain)What How BenefitsCloud email security No anti-spam, antivirus Maximum antimalwaresolution that eliminates servers needed. and anti-spam protectionunproductive traffic at Redirect your mail andthe network perimeter use a web browser to Minimum bandwidth usage manage your mail No upfront investment protection Web-based management anywhere, anytime
  20. 20. PANDA CORPORATE SOLUTIONS – MAXIMUM ENDPOINT PROTECTION We are fully satisfied with the products central administration,What daily updates, simple managementOn premise security solutions for and effective supportendpoints (PCs, file servers, Exchange PMR EADS Defense & Security – Franceservers, etc)HowLayered protection model for all thecorporate network levels of our clientsConnected to Collective Intelligencein real timeBenefitsTotal protection against all typesof threatsComplete modular controlDetailed reportsCentralized installation and configuration
  21. 21. PANDA GATEDEFENDER APPLIANCES eSeries – YOUR FIRST LINE OF DEFENSEWhatPanda GateDefender Performa eSeriesPanda GateDefender Integra eSeriesReal time perimeter protection for youre-mail and web trafficHowCollective IntelligenceBest of breed technologiesUnique implementation of hybrid cloudBenefitsRobust real-time proactive protectionSet it and forget itOptimize bandwidth and resourcesIncrease user productivityIncrease web & e-mail traffic control
  22. 22. PANDA CLOUD ANTIVIRUS – EASY, LIGHT, SECUREWhatThe Industry’s First Free Cloud-BasedAntivirus Thin-Client Protectionwww.cloudantivirus.comHowCommunity-based protection systemautomatically classifies new malware inunder six minutesBenefitsSo light you will forget about itSecure: Advanced protection againstnew and unknown virusesEasy: it will take the decisions for you
  23. 23. RETAIL 2013 – PROTECT YOUR ONLINE WORLDWhatEverything you need to protect your PC,your data and your family against allkinds of threatsHowEasy: Install & ForgetLight: Collective IntelligenceSecure: Maximum ProtectionComplete: Technical Support 24h/365d Panda Panda Panda Antivirus Internet Global Pro Security Protection 2013 2013 2013Benefits Antimalware, Collective Intelligence, Wifi protection Safe browser, firewall, USB Vaccine, home network manager, virtual keyboard, multimedia modeMaximum Protection Anti-Spam, Parental Control, Identity Protect, Backup online, Remote Access Optimization, File Encryption, Password managerMinimum Impact Technical Support, Panda SafeCD, Minute updates
  24. 24. PANDA SECURITY SOLUTIONS AWARDS Corporate Consumer Panda Cloud Antivirus Panda Cloud Office Protection Advanced *** On-Demand 5 stars Comparative PC Mag (RU), May 2011 AV-Comparatives, Mar 2012 Cloud Panda Cloud Panda Cloud Office Protection Antivirus Pro Endpoint Security Readers’ VB100 Choice Winner Virus Bulletin, Sep 2012 Windows Security, May 2012 Panda Security for Business Panda Internet Security Best Security Suite 2012premise PC World (MX), Dec 2011 Best Buy PC Advisor, Oct 2011 On Panda Virtual GateDefender Performa Panda Internet Security 2012 5 stars Certified SC Magazine, Mar 2012 AV-Test, Jul 2012
  25. 25. Panda Security, a global company Innovation is our driver The cloud-based model benefits Our partners, hand in hand in growth Our products and solutions Appendix
  26. 26. THE PROBLEM - CYBERCRIME TODAYGrowing malware evolution
  27. 27. THE SOLUTION COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCECollective Intelligence is Panda’s answer to the growing problemInformationgathering TruPrevent Other AV Honeypots Users Online Companies ServicesAutomaticinformationProcessing Automatic File Classification SystemFile knowledgebaseFile information Online Sig File Accessdelivery
  29. 29. THANK
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