Accelerating Design in Manufacturing Environments


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Panasas parallel storage brings HPC storage features to Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) applications in manufacturing environments. The combination of scalable application software and commodity compute
clusters that leverage Panasas® ActiveStor® scale-out NAS technology has resulted in
significant productivity advantages for CAE workflows. The benefits range from compelling cost/performance improvements
to time-saving, high-fidelity simulation.

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Accelerating Design in Manufacturing Environments

  1. 1. CAE simulations for design optimization,and Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI). Thesetools are used to design everything fromaircraft and automobiles to beer bottlesand potato chip containers. Fast access toshared data sets allows simulation experts,product analysts, design engineers andverification and certification teams to oper-ate at peak efficiency as they pursue theirstate-of-the-art designs.Panasas ActiveStor Scale-outNAS SolutionPanasas ActiveStor is a complete solutioncombining advanced, blade-based hard-ware architecture with a fully integratedparallel file system designed for high per-formance technical computing workloads.Just as compute clusters distribute CAEworkflows evenly across many computenodes, ActiveStor evenly distributes shareddata sets across a large number of storagedevices and allows even thousands of con-current compute nodes to access all storagedevices directly and in parallel, eliminatingthe bottlenecks associated with legacyarchitectures.Panasas has strong alliances with manyCAE industry leaders including Altair,ANSYS, CD-adapco, ESI, LSTC, Metacomp,MSC Software, and SIMULIA. In severalcases, Panasas engineers have workedclosely with ISVs to improve the parallelismof their CAE tools, enabling them to reachnew levels of performance. For example,ANSYS®Fluent 12 includes a parallel I/Omode that recognizes and takes full advan-tage of Panasas storage. Leveraging parallelI/O results in an over three times speed-upin write performance, as proven by theTruck-111m application benchmark.Accelerating Designin M a nufac t uring En v ir onmen t sPanasas parallel storage brings HPC storagefeatures to Computer Aided Engineering(CAE) applications in manufacturing envi-ronments. The combination of scalable ap-plication software and commodity computeclusters that leverage Panasas®ActiveStor®scale-out NAS technology has resulted insignificant productivity advantages for CAEworkflows. The benefits range from com-pelling cost/performance improvementsto time-saving, high-fidelity simulation.Overcoming I/O Bottlenecksin CAE WorkflowsProduct design teams are increasingly run-ning their CAE workloads on cost-effectivecommodity HPC clusters instead of worksta-tions, allowing their models and simulationsto become much more realistic. From a datastorage perspective, this means the need forshared storage capable of high throughputwithout the stifling I/O bottlenecks associ-ated with legacy Network Attached Storage(NAS) architectures.VERTICALBRIEF:MANUFACTURINGC F D | F E A | E D A S i m u l a t i o n | O p t i ca l C o r r ec t i o n | T h e r m a l Mec h a n i cs1.888.PANASAS | www.panasas.comNAS systems offer important advantagessuch as shared storage and simplified IT ad-ministration, yet the significant performancescalability limitations associated with legacyNAS systems can seriously dampen the ef-fectiveness of leveraging cluster computingfor CAE simulations. When workflows getbogged down because of a serializationof I/O, fewer simulations can be completedon schedule and/or simulation resolutionsmust be decreased to compensate. What’sneeded instead is a scale-out, parallel stor-age system that frees these constraints andallows storage I/O to scale in tandem withthe size of the compute cluster.Panasas ActiveStor scale-out NAS systemsdeliver the highest performance along withlinear scalability, reducing time-to-designby optimizing the performance of CAE ap-plications used for Finite Element Analysis(FEA), high-fidelity transient ComputationalFluid Dynamics (CFD), Large Eddy Simula-tion (LES), aeroacoustics, dynamic responseanalysis, parameterized non-deterministicJob profile—Solver vs.Write (Data File)Panasas partnered with ANSYS tobenchmark three I/O models typi-cally seen in compute clusters–NFS,Serial I/O (I/O is performed by headnode), and Parallel I/O (all computenodes participate in I/O). NFS andSerial I/O-based solutions are highlyinefficient for HPC clusters due toarchitecture bottlenecks (NFS serverand head node, respectively). Paral-lel I/O dramatically reduces the timespent in write phase by eliminatingthese I/O bottlenecks.
  2. 2. © 2013 Panasas, Inc. All rights reserved. Panasas, the Panasas logo, ActiveStor, PanFS and DirectFlow are trademarks or registered trademarks of Panasas, Inc., in the U.S.and/or other countries. All other trademarks, registered trademarks, trade names, company names and service marks are the respective properties of their holders.Contactpanasasformoreinformation:1.888.PANASAS|Info@panasas.com042220131104Extreme Performancewith SSD/SATA TierLightning-fast response time and paral-lel access for massive throughput. High-speed SSDs for fast access to metadataand small files and high capacity SATAfor large file performance.ScalabilitySystem scales to 8PB and 150GB/s,or 1.4M IOPS of aggregate perfor-mance, accessed by as many as 12,000clients. Performance scales near-linearlywith capacity.Easy ManagementSingle point of management via GUIor CLI. Capacity expansion withoutdowntime. System set up in underten minutes.Unsurpassed Data ProtectionObject RAID delivers high reliabilityand the fastest RAID rebuilds available.Compelling TCOOutstanding price/performance, invest-ment protection, utilization rates andsimplified management.SOLUTION HIGHLIGHTSPanasas Parallel File SystemThe integrated PanFS®parallel file systemdelivers performance by spreading I/Oacross all of the available resources, andwhen new storage is added, PanFS auto-matically distributes the workload over thenew, larger pool. In this way ActiveStor isable to easily grow both performance andcapacity linearly as requirements dictate.Data ProtectionAsset protection is at the heart of PanFS,safeguarding files with object RAID wherefiles are stored as objects, distributedacross all of the hardware elements. PanFSuses multiple techniques to avoid the per-formance degradation and risk to contentin the event of a component failure.Panasas ActiveStor is a file-based, high performance,scale-out NAS solution that optimally supports CAEworkflows. ActiveStor 14 intelligently combines highperformance Solid State Drives (SSDs) and cost-effective hard disk storage to deliver a solution thatis fully optimized for the mixed workloads so oftenfound in manufacturing design environments. It pro-vides high streaming throughput for large files andhigh performance for small files, critical to a smoothand efficient workflow. ActiveStor is equally strongin ease of use and management, with initial installsand online scaling of capacity and performancetaking under 10 minutes.PANASAS ACTIVESTORTHE WORLD’S FASTEST HPC STORAGE SYSTEM