Hong Kong Country Background


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Hong Kong has a population of 7,055,071 whose ethnic groups are comprised of 95% Chinese, less than 2% each Filipino and Indonesian, and 2% various mixed. Chinese (Cantonese) is the official language, 6.4% of the populous speaks other Chinese dialects, and 3.2% speak English.


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Hong Kong Country Background

  1. 1. Are You Secure In America By Aurelia Masterson, www.panamalaw.org Introduction - This information is widely available on the Internet. Many of you may not be aware of it. Since the USA is in the midst of a financial meltdown you should perhaps familiarize yourself with some of these things. If civil unrest sets in like riots, protests demonstrations, states trying to enforce some of their states rights not just talking about it you may see some or all of these measure enacted. Doom and Gloom would be the descriptive words. The constitution appears to be irrelevant to the government. Executive Orders Allowing the Government to Take Control Over Everything. EXECUTIVE ORDER 10990 - This authorizes the federal government to control completely any and all means of transport of products or people, all waterways and roads. Looks like this one is in place already. Been to airport or seaport lately. EXECUTIVE ORDER 10995 - This authorizes the federal government take over the communications media companies. Hard to say this has not been done with the large media companies anyway. EXECUTIVE ORDER 10997 – This grants the power for the federal government to control entirely all energy including utility companies, water companies, oil production or refining etc. EXECUTIVE ORDER 10998 – This authorizes the federal government to confiscate all modes of transportation, including railroad cars, boats, planes, motorcycles, cars, and trucks. They also get control over all roads, ports, rivers, lakes etc. EXECUTIVE ORDER 10999 – This is an especially scary one. It lets the federal government control all food resources and food production facilities. Think this one over. Does this include paying people to not grow food? Do you like Genetically Modified Food as much as the government does? The guys who said Viox is safe get to control your food. Great.
  2. 2. EXECUTIVE ORDER 11000 - This authorizes the federal government to put civilians constituents into labor forces under government supervision and control. Imagine this one. EXECUTIVE ORDER 11001 - This authorizes the federal government to control all health, education and welfare functions. Looks like past tense here. EXECUTIVE ORDER 11002 – This authorizes the Postmaster General to create a national registry for all people. Now that would be efficient. EXECUTIVE ORDER 11003 – This authorizes the federal government to completely control any and all airports, landing strips and airplanes private or commercial. We think the control over airports is historical, been to one lately? EXECUTIVE ORDER 11004 – This particularly potentially nasty order allows the Housing and Finance Authority to relocate entire communities, which could be whole cities, towns or villages. Where and how is of course a good question? They could also be able to build new housing with public funds (what funds), designate areas to be abandoned (scary – if an area or region becomes rebellious they could declare it abandoned and make it illegal for anyone to be there), and provide new housing locations for residents. Innocently this could be used in time of war if a city was bombed out. Sadly it has other uses. If they moved you it would not be into a white picket fence home with a yard. Think tents or military barracks. How long would one be there? Would there be work assignments? Would you get paid? Would there be good food and medical? Would you be able to leave the facility? EXECUTIVE ORDER 11005 – This allows the government to take control over railroads, which may include muni railroads and subways, inland waterways, which could be rivers and lakes, and public storage facilities, which could be storage lockers, safe deposit boxes, and warehouses. EXECUTIVE ORDER 11051 – This empowers the Office of Emergency Planning and gives authority to put all Executive Orders into play in times of tense international relations or when there is an economic crisis. Sounds like today? EXECUTIVE ORDER 1131 – This order authorizes the Department of Justice to enforce the various Executive Orders on a private and governmental level. It grants them control over all aliens and prisons of all sorts on any level.
  3. 3. EXECUTIVE ORDER 11049 - This is a consolidative order facilitating the implementation of 21 executive orders issued over 15 years EXECUTIVE ORDER 11921 - This allows the Federal Emergency Preparedness Agency to control any and all aspects of the USA economy including cash, salaries, savings, credit cards, credit, money supply, wages, financial institutions like banks, stock brokers, and even energy resources and production capabilities etc. If the President calls for a state of emergency Congress cannot even do anything at all for six months. This is a suspension of congress if you haven’t picked up on this yet. The Federal Emergency Management Agency is an extremely dangerous agency. The National Security Act of 1947 – This act makes it possible for the government to relocate according to their needs any and all private industries or governmental agencies according to their needs or perceived needs. The Defense Production Act of 1950 – This act gives the President sweeping powers over the entire economy. The Act of August 29, 1916- This act authorizes the Secretary of the Army, in war time, to take possession of any transportation system for purposes of providing transportation for military troops, materials, or any other purpose related to the emergency. International Emergency Economic Powers Act – This act enables the President of the USA to take any property of any foreign country or foreign national. These powers were eventually transferred to FEMA super agency effective in 1979. FEMA does operate under the President. Summary – Anyone ever study European History say from the late 1930’s to the mid 1940’s focusing on Warsaw Poland for instance. How about the Japanese internment camps in California during WW11. This much power in the hands of a very few people can be truly scary. The good news is if you do not approve of politics you are still free to vote with your feet and leave the country. This is a right that may or may not be available for ever. This could just be innocent orders designed to allow the government to stay in power, maintain order and provide for the people in the event of a war attack or a disaster.
  4. 4. We can reference what happened in New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina and we all know how well that went. Will your friendly military and law enforcement officers not wanting to be in your shoes go along with these directives or not if there was no good reason for them to be enacted? What about Blackwater or their equivalent? Again go back to Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Here you are the judge and jury and have to decide yourself how to interpret these orders and what implications if any they hold for you.