Love Boutique Franchise Concept


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Love Boutique Franchise Concept

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Love Boutique Franchise Concept

  1. 1.  “Love Boutique” is represented by Basic’s Sense, an active company in the fashion field since 1984 with retail shops, emphasizing on accessories such as bags, shoes, clothes, jewels, hats, scarves and many more. In 1999 Basic’s Sense enters wholesale business offering complete product lines. Today, we have:  200 active customers  20 suppliers from all over the world,  15 sales points
  2. 2.  We have created a diversified portfolio of brands. We carefully select companies from all around the world in order to find those that will be included in “Love Boutique” shops so as to best cover the needs of our customers and market. For a company to be considered by Basic’s Sense, quality and innovativeness are the essential prerequisites. Female accessories like bags, shoes, belts, wallets, clothes, scarves, hats, gloves, shawls, umbrellas, jewels -everything for the woman today- are carefully picked and offered to the Greek public.
  3. 3.  Our brands reflect our philosophy:  We are obsessed with diversity, quality and uniqueness of the products we represent  Products with unique character, especially concerning the design, that dare to experiment with new materials, colors and the ideas that fashion suggests.
  4. 4.  Every line has its own marketing philosophy and therefore “Love Boutique” shops highlight it and approach the prospective customers accordingly. The products are presented on the appropriate furniture following each brands’ unique concept. For customers, the name “Love Boutique” has become a synonym for a stylish, unique, diverse and contemporary product
  5. 5. Feminine lines, subversive combinations with pieces of excellent quality and accessible prices for the modern, demanding, active woman, who still remains a little girl! After all, what would our life look like without spicy details?
  6. 6. Our collections, always in fashion andfresh, inspire todays women to createand reinvent their personal style.Be familiar with the marvelous BritishPaul’s Boutique collection! Spicy bagsand always in fashion clothes.Eccentric cocktail and modernclutches Olga Berg.In the world of accessories, the fantasyfocus is, obviously, Lollipops! Bags, smallleather items, shoes, belts, hats,jewellery, key-rings, I-pod covers, thebrand suggests a perfect girlie range.
  7. 7. Woolen scarves and silk foulards for allday long occasions by the Germancompany Codello.Glamorous and extrovert designs ofZandra Rhodes and Red or Deadhandbags will highlight yourpersonality.Dress up in girly dresses and matchthem with vintage Siren cardigans .
  8. 8. Paris based brand with fashionaccessories, shoes, bags , jewels, belts
  9. 9. London based brand with in fashionwomen bags, garments, accessories
  10. 10. German company designing andmanufacturing, scarves , etoles,pashminas
  11. 11. Australian brand with eveningbags, clutches
  12. 12. UK brand with bags from designerZandra Rhodes
  13. 13. UK brand with embellished cardigans
  14. 14.  Location: central Size: 50 sq.m. Storage Room: 10 sq.m. Colors: black, fuchsia, turquoise, golden Materials: wood, velvet, plexiglas, inox, textile“Love Boutique” stores combine minimal, baroc, industrial, rock and romantic elements in order to underline each brand’s characteristics.
  15. 15. Decoration Baroc…
  16. 16. Merchandising rock…
  17. 17. ShopConcept Luxury…
  18. 18. ShopConceptlavishness…
  19. 19. ShopConceptminimal…
  20. 20. Term of Cooperation: 9 yearsAverage Store Size: 50 sq. m.Est. Decoration Cost: € / per sqmProjected Products: € / perseasonEst. Total Investment: €
  21. 21.  Using sophisticated procedures and high-end technology, enables our qualified support team to be “Your Partner” lending you a hand whenever needed. Store Evaluation: provided Architectural Design: provided Initial Training: provided Personnel Training: provided ERP: … Manuals: provided Area Exclusiveness: provided
  22. 22. A business relationshipdirectly with the mothercompany. Our new partnerhas the right to operate one“Love Boutique” store insidethe territory.The majority of franchiseesstart out by owning one“Love Boutique” store.
  23. 23. In general, the following direct franchise key terms apply: Term of franchise agreement is normally 9 years (with an option of renewal). The term may vary from country to country depending mainly on the real estate lease terms and conditions as well as on other factors of the local market. Territory: Normally a city, but this varies depending on the size as well as on other factors that may characterize the city. Exclusivity: exclusivity is guaranteed from the beginning.
  24. 24. The pilot shop is normallypositioned inside a shopping mallin the capital city or on a centralshopping or pedestrian road,which means that our partner hasto secure a strategic location-placement in shopping malls, onhigh-end streets and in closeproximity to other internationalfashion brands.The size of a typical “LoveBoutique” store should be approx.50 sq.m. with a storage area ofabout 10sq.m
  25. 25. Experience in a similar businessfield is preferable.Our new partner has to convinceus with a structured and wellthought-out plan to penetrate thenew market, setting up his store.We do not need to stress that wedo value personal qualities,managerial capabilities in additionto a reasonable liquidity, which isneeded to finance the “LoveBoutique” Franchise project.
  26. 26. 1. Get to know the “Love Boutique” concept, philosophy, products.2. If you believe, you are the right franchisee for “Love Boutique” come and visit us at our head offices and discuss with all of our key managers.3. Find the right location for the “Love Boutique” pilot shop in your market.4. If we like the shop you propose we visit your territory and approve the proposed location.5. The franchise agreement is signed.6. We issue the detailed architectural plans for usage by you7. Construction of the first pilot store begins.8. Grand opening of “Love Boutique” store9. “Love Boutique” store starts to operate!
  27. 27. Contact Details: easyfranchise Themida Drivala, 108 Kountouriotou Str, PiraeusTel: 0030 210 4225424, Fax: 0030 210 4128382 E-Mail: