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San Fermin Events in Pamplona, Spain
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San Fermin Events in Pamplona, Spain

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Feeling overwhelmed reading about all the events San Fermin includes? Join us on this webinar for a clear and concise explanation about the various events at San Fermin, when they are, and what to …

Feeling overwhelmed reading about all the events San Fermin includes? Join us on this webinar for a clear and concise explanation about the various events at San Fermin, when they are, and what to expect,

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  • 1. 1
  • 2. The Running of the Bulls Travel Network™ 2
  • 3. RunningoftheBulls.travel Team Mark Hellmann Regouby Founder, your presenter today From Dallas lives in Hong Kong Maitane Onrubia Country Director – Spain & Director of Concierge Services From Pamplona, Spain lives in Texas, USA Elisa Gavidia Moreno Country Specialist - Spain and Peru From Lima, Peru, lives in Lima, Peru Noelle Kimble McEntee Social Media Guru From New York, USA , lives in Lima, Peru 3
  • 4. What is San Fermin? San Fermin is a weeklong festival that occurs every July 6-14. The most famous event at San Fermin is the Running of the Bulls (El Encierro) but also includes many other events as well. 4
  • 5. What is the purpose of San Fermin? San Fermin started in the Middle Ages when two events were combined: 1.  A Commercial Secular Fair that cattle merchants attended. This then lead to bullfighting. 2. Religious ceremonies and festivities honoring Saint Fermin that originally occurred in October and was then changed to July to be at the same time as the fair. 5
  • 6. What are the main events of San Fermin? •  Txupinazo (Opening Ceremonies) •  El Encierro (Running of the Bulls) •  Gingantes & Cabezudos (Giants) •  Procesión (Procession Parade) •  Pobre de Mi (Closing Ceremonies) 6
  • 7. Txupinazo  (Opening Ceremonies) •  July 6th •  Starts at noon but people start arriving at 10:00AM •  Free •  Plaza Consistorial in front of the Ayuntamiento (City Hall) 7
  • 8. Txupinazo The Txupinazo (Opening Ceremonies) officially marks the beginningof the San Fermin Festival with the launch of a rocket at noon. 8
  • 9. Txupinazo VIP Private Terrace We offer a VIP Txupinazo Private Terrace with aerial views of the Opening Ceremonies. To learn more about the private terrace and reserve your space email us. 9
  • 10. 10
  • 11. El Encierro (Running of the Bulls) •  July 7th - 14th •  8:00AM •  Route begins at the Corrals on Santo Domingo at and ends at the Bullring •  You can either: 1. Run with the bulls 2. Watch from a balcony 3. Watch from the barricade 4. Watch the end of El Encierro at the Plaza de Toros (Bullring) 11
  • 12. 12
  • 13. Procesión (Procession Parade) •  July 7th •  Starts at 10:00AM •  Free •  City officials collect the priest from the cathedral and together go to San Lorenzo to gather the figure of San Fermin and carry it through the streets 13
  • 14. Gigantes & Cabezudos •  July 6th – 14th •  Starts at 9:30AM (Confirmtimes and route on officialschedule) •  Streets of Pamplona •  Free •  Large giant puppets dancethrough the streets ofPamplona. This tradition datesback to the 11th century 14
  • 15. Top Row (Left to Right): Reina Americana, Rey Americano, Reina Africana, ReyAfricano, Reina Asiática, Rey Asiático, Reina Europea, and Rey Europeo. Second Row: Patata, Barbas, Coletas, Caravinagre, Napoleón, Berrugas,Concejal, Japonés, Alcade, Abuela, and Japonesa. 15
  • 16. Pobre de Mi (Closing Ceremonies) •  July 14th •  Starts at midnight •  Plaza de Consistorial infront of the Ayuntamiento(City Hall) 16
  • 17. Closing Ceremonies(Pobre de Mi) VIP Penthouse Terrace We offer a VIP Penthouse Terracefor the Closing Ceremonies. If youare interested in joining us on the terrace directly across fromAyuntamiento email us today or view our packages here. 17
  • 18. What other events occur during San Fermin? •  Guided Walking Tour & Welcome Tapas •  Bullfights •  Las Peñas •  Toro de Fuego (Bull of Fire) •  Encierrillo •  Fireworks •  Rectial de Jota •  Apartado •  Rural Sport •  Baile de Apartgata •  Recortadores Contest •  Farewell to the Gigantes & Cabezudos 18
  • 19. Guided Walking Tour & Welcome Tapas July 5th is a great day to arrive in Pamplona because there is no official events and therefore less traffic. We offer a package deal of an Encierro Guided Walking Tour and Welcome Tapas on July 5th. We combined history and tapas to make sure your first impression of Pamplona is perfect. •  July 5th •  6:00PM-10:00PM •  Click here to learn more 19
  • 20. Bullfights •   July  6th  –  14th         •   Plaza  de  Toros  (Bullring)   •   Purchase  Eckets  today  on  our  site   •   Starts  at  6:30PM   •   July  5th  Novillada     •   July  6th  has  a  special  fight  called        Arrive  at  5:45PM   Corrida  de  Rejones   20
  • 21. Las Peñas •  July 7th – 14th •  Starts at 8:00PM (See official schedule for details) •  Plaza de Toros (Bullring) •  Free •  Follow around one of the fifteen various bands after the bullfights through the streets of Pamplona 21
  • 22. Fuego de Toro (Bull of Fire) •  July 6th – 14th •  Evening (See official schedule for times) •  Starts at the Plaza de Santiago (Behind the city hall) •  Free •  A cardboard bull with fireworks runs through the streets of Pamplona 22
  • 23. •  July 6th-13th •  Every night at 11:00PM Encierrillo •  Night passage of the bulls from the Corrales de Gas to the Corrales de Santo Domingo. Silent event •  Attendance is by invitation only to stand inside the wall. •  You can see the encierrillo from Restaurante Portal Descalzos. If you are interested in eating there during the encirerrillo our concierge services will be happy arrange this 23
  • 24. Fireworks •  July 6th – 14th •  Every night •  Citadel Park •  Free 24
  • 25. Terrace Spot We  offer  a  VIP  terrace  to  watch  the  fireworks  located  right  in  Citadel  Park.  On  there  terrace  we  will  provide  wine  and  Spanish  ham.  Though  the  fireworks  begin  at  11:00PM  the  terrace  opens  at  10:00PM.  Learn  more  here.   25
  • 26. Recital of Jotas •  July 7th- 14th (See official schedule for dates) •  Morning (See official schedule for times) •  Paseo Sarasate •  Free •  Singing and dancing traditional songs 26
  • 27. Apartado •  July 7th – 14th •  1:00PM •  Apartado of the Plaza de Toros (Bullring) •  Tickets are limited if you are interested in attending you can email us to buy tickets. •  When the bulls are assigned to a Matador for the afternoon bullfight 27
  • 28. Rural Sports •  July 7th-14th (See official schedule to confirm days) •  Noon (See official schedule to confirm times) •  Plaza Fueros de Navarra •  Free •  Various people partake in different sports such as stone lifting, tree trunk chopping, and soka-tira 28
  • 29. Baile de la Alpargata (Dance of the Espardille) •  July 7th-14th •  9:00AM •  At New Casino Principal located at the Plaza del Castillo 44 •  A social fiesta for renowned people of Pamplona featuring spectacular views of Plaza del Castillo and music •  By invitation only 29
  • 30. VIP Breakfast + Baile de la Alpargata + Pamplona Tour Our deal that includes a VIP Breakfast + Baile de la Alpargata + Pamplona Tour is a great option for those looking to enjoy the Balie de la Alpargata. Breakfast will be at the New Casino, which is a private club with access reserved only for members or by invitation. We have the blue saloon exclusively for our guests with a full breakfast buffet. After breakfast and the dance we will go on a guided walking tour through the historic city centre with a professional guide. •   July  7th  –  14th     •   8:20AM-­‐  Noon         •   Click  here  to  learn  more   30
  • 31. Recortadores Contest •  July 7th -14th (Some mornings) •  10:45AM •  Plaza de Toros (Bullring) •  Tickets available at the Plaza de Toros box office the morning of •  Recortadores are people that jump over and around bulls 31
  • 32. Farewell to the Gigantes & Cabezudos •  July 14th •  2:00PM •  The last viewing of these spectacular dancing giants •  ‪The dantzaris dance to say good-bye to the giants‬ •  Free •  Plaza Consistorial (City Hall Square) 32
  • 33. For more tips aboutPamplona and otherrecommendations ofwhat to see and whereto eat download ourtravel guide here. 33
  • 34. Running of the Bulls •  We here at Running of the Bulls Travel Network work with to provide you with the best in Pamplona. Thank for joining us today. 39