What to do while waiting


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What to do while waiting

  1. 1. April 2009 Dear Student, While you are waiting to enter the Nursing Program, we have a few suggestions which may make your Nursing Program experience more successful. Although none of the options are required, only recommended, we feel they are important considerations. Students who are receiving financial aid, and have ever had to Appeal for a Continuation of Funding, regardless of major, should consult with an advisor about the implications of taking the [recommended] courses outlined in this letter Courses: MA 1100: Medical Terminology: “On-line and face-to-face options exist. Course may use videos, supplemental lecture and covers over 350 medical word roots, suffixes, and prefixes. Emphasis placed on pronunciation, spelling, and proper usage of medical terminology. Abbreviations are also introduced.” This course is HIGHLY recommended to all students, especially those for whom English is not their first language. BIOL 2030: Genetics: Although this course is for biology majors, it is an excellent opportunity to explore the world of genetics that greatly influences nursing and medical practice. See course prerequisites. Completion of Program Co-Requisite Requirements: These courses may be completed before entry into the Nursing Program and must be completed before exiting the nursing program. ENGL 1010, PSY 1100, HLTH 1020 For ELL (English language learner) students please contact Nancy Fillat, 957-4737, she may assist you in selecting courses which may benefit your educational goals in the Nursing Program. Consider all courses which complete an AS degree for those wanting to continue their education towards a BSN (Bachelors of Science in Nursing), such as MATH 1040: Statistics or the higher General Education courses. Please contact Deron Hutchinson, the Nursing Academic Advisor, at 957-6065 for any questions. Also see the link to the University of Utah’s College of Nursing RN-BSN program on our SLCC Nursing web page. This on-line program is a direct articulation with the SLCC ADN program and is highly recommended for our graduates. Computers: More and more of our nursing courses are being offered on-line. Some of them are not delivered in a face to face format. Getting your own computer and a fast connection to the internet are good ideas, but not yet required. Though it would be a little less convenient, one could still successfully take our internet courses at the library or at the home of a friend. If you do not know how to use a computer, now would be an excellent time to learn. Letter to students 09 Page 1
  2. 2. NSG 2900: Pathophysiology may be taken before entry into the Nursing Program. However, completing this course too far in advanced of program admission is ill-advised. This course should be completed no more than three semesters prior to starting the Nursing Program. In order to be considered for NSG 2900, you must complete the five pre-requisite courses, and their labs. If you have transfer credits, please ensure that they have transferred over correctly before requesting a seat in NSG 2900. We do not maintain a wait list for NSG 2900; you must submit a request every semester. For information on NSG 2900 please contact Lesa Bird at (801) 957-4932 or via e-mail at lesa.bird@slcc.edu. Please see www.slcc.edu/nursing Health Care Experience: For those lacking health care experience, seriously consider completing a CNA (certified nursing assistant) program to introduce you to the culture of health care and the nursing environment. Feedback from exiting students validates the importance of obtaining a CNA in terms of program success and in terms of understanding what nurses actually do. Many nursing programs require this certificate. Too many students underestimate the rigor of nursing, fail to comprehend the complexity of caring and wind up leaving the program. This is a situation we hope to avoid. You may complete this certification through SLCC or through various independent programs. Other health care options include: Medical Administrative Assistant Program: 957-4407 DIAL 1010, Dialysis Technician: 957-4429 Surgical Technology Program: 957-4407 CNA skills.center@slcc.edu 957-3354 Refresher Courses: Math 1025: Math Review in Pharmacology is ready and available for students. Shane Tang is the instructor. Contact him if you have questions. Shane.Tang@slcc.edu. Plans to offer this course on-line are underway. This course will assist students who have completed Math 1020 in advance of entry into the Nursing Program and may offer benefits from a review of this content. Check the SLCC Nursing Web page for updates. MEDS Publishing’s Total Curriculum Support (TCS) Program (www.medspub.com) MEDS Publishing (www.medspub.com) is the premier provider of online educational programs focused on coaching, mentoring, and skill building for nursing students. MEDS offers a package of two programs specifically designed for pre-nursing and beginning nursing students. This Pre-Nursing Prep Package includes: Skill Building Series and NurseLogic for Beginning Nursing Students. Skill Building: Steps to Success Series gives students the foundation for success with virtual one-on-one tutorials that cover test-taking strategies. Letter to students 09 Page 2
  3. 3. NurseLogic for Beginning Nursing Students Series increases students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills in order to ensure academic success throughout the nursing curriculum, on the NCLEX, and beyond. Students may purchase both these programs at a special price by clicking on the following link: http://online.medspub.com/saltlake You may also call MEDS Publishing directly at: 800-200-9191. Study Skills Workshops: Seven courses designed to assist any student in improving study skills: Learning and Memory, Time management, Textbook Reading/Notes, Classroom Note Taking, Study Skills, Stress Management, Test Taking Strategies. Offered every semester, classes are free –contact Dianne 957-6050 or dianne.vardiman@slcc.edu Tutors: Interested in helping other students? Become an Anatomy and Physiology tutor! The biology department is looking for students to do one-to-one tutoring. Reimbursement is available. Contact Jennifer Fasy at jennifer.fasey@slcc.edu for information and applications or go to www.slcc.edu/focusedtutoring . Part-time program: This has been a very successful program and will be continued in the future due to administrative support. Some aspects of the program will be changed, course sequencing and course time allotment, but it will maintain an alternate format structure i.e. time for clinical (evening and weekends) and class time (late afternoon or evening) whenever possible. Information on the part-time program will be available on the nursing web page. Pilot On-line Program: In spring 2008, 20 students were selected off the acceptance list to begin this new program. Funded from Utah legislative Nursing Initiative monies, this program will increase student access to the nursing program and offer an alternative learning format. All didactic content will be offered on-line while maintaining traditional laboratory and clinical experiences. Testing will take place at the Jordan Campus in a block scheduled manner. Watch the nursing web site for information about future cohorts. SNA-Student Nurse Alliance: This student club offers all admitted and prospective nursing students an opportunity to meet with other nursing students to network, participate in community events and to learn about the profession. It is a great way to begin your nursing journey. Contact Andrea Crittenden andrea.crittenden@slcc.edu for information about the organization. International Study: Vietnam: Every year at spring break a group of faculty and students go on a medical venture to Vietnam. This is an opportunity, open to all students, to experience a cultural exchange and receive clinical credit in pediatrics or community health (for some). Watch the nursing web page for announcements—work on this trip begins in the fall semester. Plans to bring students to China are underway. A summer 2010 date is being considered. Letter to students 09 Page 3
  4. 4. Letter to students 09 Page 4