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    Program Program Presentation Transcript

    • Program Degrees Entrance Degree Host Department Courses & Research Funding: exernal Other info Requirements Requirements & student Boston MS, PhD Intro to C, Intro to MS requires 32 Bioinformatics Research areas include: No funding for They have a University Probability and/or credits and an computational, MS students. Center for http://bioinfo.bu. Statistics, Intro to industrial physical/biochem, Advanced edu/ Algorithms, internship (2-3 molecular/cell bio, other Genomic Knowledge of years). PhD Technology PERL, Cell requires 64 credits research: (CAGT) Biology, Physical and a http://bioinfo.bu.edu/resea Chemistry, and collaborative rch/index.shtml Biochemistry research project (4-5 years). Carnegie Mellon BS, MS, Apply to Biology, Computational Participating No research list, but this Program funded http://www.cmu. PhD Computer biology and departments: is the faculty page: by the Merck edu/mcs/Merck/ Science, chemistry computer http://www.cmu.edu/mcs/ company Chemistry, or program. No science, biology, Merck/MerckFaculty.html Biomedical curriculum details chemistry, Merck graduate Engineering provided. biomedical fellowships are (follow their engineering. available entrance Students apply requirements) to one of these departments. Students can also apply for a degree in computational biology from the biology department: http://www.bio.c mu.edu/Program s/Masters/
    • Program Degrees Entrance Degree Host Department Courses & Research Funding: exernal Other info Requirements Requirements & student George Mason MS – 18 BA or BS in a twelve credit Biology http://www.scs- School of months relevant field and hours of department pw.gmu.edu/academics/bi Computational PhD – 4-5 undergraduate fundamental offers MS and oinformatics/descriptions. Studies years courses in the biosciences PhD in html http://www.scs- following areas: requirements Bioinformatics. pw.gmu.edu/aca molecular biology, provide a common PhD http://www.scs- demics/bioinfor cell biology, bond between the administered pw.gmu.edu/research/ matics/ biochemistry, Bioinformatics through Center genetics, Ph.D. and the for differential Bioscience Ph.D. Bioinformatics equations; sixteen credit and experience with a hours of core Computational high-level bioinformatic Biology, programming requirements w/participation language (C/C++, provide the from biology, Java, etc.) and a scientific biomedical course in data background for engineering, structures; and a the discipline computing, course in a minimum of chemistry & probability and twenty hours of biochemistry, statistics. electives or mathematics, independent and physics research allow the departments student to specialize into an area of bioinformatics a minimum of twenty-four credit hours of dissertation research.
    • Program Degrees Entrance Degree Host Department Courses & Research Funding: exernal Other info Requirements Requirements & student Iowa State PhD and A four-year PhD: 72 credit Participating Focus of program is Awarded a $3 Bioinformatics MS options university degree hours; core departments computational molecular million training & Computational is required. courses; other include animal biology; bioinformatics grant from NSF Biology Successful coursework; science, botany, focus/research area http://www.bcb.i applicants research rotations; chemical http://www.bcb.iastate.ed astate.edu/ typically have an bioethics training; engineering, u/courses/BCBcourses.ht undergraduate thesis. computer ml degree in science, molecular biology, MS: 30 credit electrical & computer science, hours; same computer mathematics, requirements as engineering, statistics, physics for PhD but with math, physics & or a closely related fewer credit hours astronomy, plant discipline. Strong and no pathology, computational, dissertation. statistics, mathematical or veterinary statistical training microbiology, is desirable. zoology & genetics Arizona State Master’s One-year 30 credit hours, an Computational http://math.la.asu.edu/~sl developed with a New degree as http://math.la.asu degree only sequences in internship, and a biosciences oan/document/interim.ht grant from the of fall 2002 .edu/~sloan/inde offered general chemistry “professional” program with a ml Alfred p. sloan x.html and biology, one option for 6 focus in foundation semester of additional credit bioinformatics organic chemistry, hours and genomics one semester each available of calculus and differential equations, a course in data structures and analysis of algorithms, and a course with a substantial programming component.
    • Program Degrees Entrance Degree Host Department Courses & Research Funding: exernal Other info Requirements Requirements & student Harvard and Doctoral Introductory 3 courses out of a Administered http://big.chip.org/curricul Funded through MIT option only; background in Quantitative through the um.html grant from Bioinformatics most Foundations Core Harvard/MIT Human Genome and Integrated students informatics/co (Probability division of Research Genomics complete mputer science theory, Computer Health Sciences Institute http://big.chip.or coursework and biology Science, and g/ in 3 years Biostatistics, Technology’s Bioinformatics, medical Genomics) engineering and An intensive medical physics month-long course program on experimental methods of molecular biology and genomics. The MEMP Life Sciences Core Molecular and Cellular Medicine Track A course on ethics in biomedical research A seminar series held every other week.
    • Program Degrees Entrance Degree Host Department Courses & Research Funding: exernal Other info Requirements Requirements & student Indiana MS in Introductory 36 credit hours Colleagues from http://www.informatics.in Funded by Eli University Bioinformat background in plus thesis dept. of diana.edu/courses/descript Lilly and School of ics offered, informatics/compu required for MS; computer and ions.asp company Informatics also BS and ter science and PhD minor information http://www.infor PhD minor biology requires 12 science, dept of http://www.informatics.in matics.indiana.ed credits. biochemistry diana.edu/research/ u/ and molecular biology, and dept of biology, on several IU campuses Informatics and biosciences faculty share teaching duties Medical College Offers Apply through Either 24 credit Departments http://www.brc.mcw.edu/ of Wisconsin masters Marquette hours, plus a 6- included: ap/courses/ bioinformatics degree only graduate school to credit thesis, or 36 Mathematics, graduate program of choice credit hours. Statistics and program Computer http://www.brc. Science; mcw.edu/ap/ Electrical and Computer Engineering; Biology; and Biomedical Engineering at Marquette University with the bioinformatic and biomedical research conducted at the Medical College of Wisconsin
    • Program Degrees Entrance Degree Host Department Courses & Research Funding: exernal Other info Requirements Requirements & student NC State Offers PhD Requirements: PhD requires a Program in http://bioinformatics.ncsu. Offers thesis, Housed in the statistical and MS in basic statistics and minimum of 72 genomic science edu/statgen/degr_courses. travel, and block Bioinformatics genetics & bioinformati genetics, credit hours (15 html grants to phd Research bioinformatics cs knowledge of hours in Genomic students Center (BRC) http://bioinforma multivariate Science and 57 in tics.ncsu.edu/ calculus and linear Bioinformatics). algebra, MS requires a knowledge of a minimum of 33 programming credit hours (15 language hours in Genomic Science and 18 in Bioinformatics). Northern Illinois Bioinformat BIOS 300, Cell Specialization: 30 No actual degree http://www.bios.niu.edu/b University ics Biology and BIOS credit hours. program, but ioinformatics/bicourses.ht http://www.bios. specializatio 308, Genetics Certificate: 16-17 you do have to ml niu.edu/bioinfor n& CSCI 240, credit hours. apply for either matics/ certification Computer certification or http://biolinx.bios.niu.edu at a master’s Programming in specialization /functions.htm level. You C; and CSCI 241, Administered by can get a Intermediate the Dept. of biology PhD Programming in C Biological w/a and C++ Sciences bioinformati cs focus Renneselear Offers BS, Apply to the RPI Although courses Administered http://www.bioinfo.rpi.ed IBM is a partner bioinformatics master’s and Biology are listed, no out of u/education/ in this program and molecular PhD department graduation Rensselaer- biology requirements are Wadsworth http://www.bioin available. Center for fo.rpi.edu/ Bioinformatics (CB), but students must apply to the RPI biology department
    • Program Degrees Entrance Degree Host Department Courses & Research Funding: exernal Other info Requirements Requirements & student University of Offer MS College-level MS requires 60 The Biomedical http://www.informatics.w Funded by a Washington and hope to mathematics, credits, Final and Health ashington.edu/dw/courseli grant from the bioinformatics begin to computer Examination, and Informatics st.html University program offer the programming, and Thesis/Project. Graduate initiatives fund http://www.infor PhD soon biology courses; Program is an http://www.informatics.w matics.washingto undergraduate interdisciplinary ashington.edu/dw/projects n.edu/ GPA of 3.0 or program across .html above. seven schools and colleges of the University of Washington: School of Dentistry, College of Engineering, Information School, School of Medicine, School of Nursing, School of Pharmacy and the School of Public Health and Community Medicine. The academic home of the BHI Graduate Program is in the Department of Medical Education and Biomedical Informatics (MEBI) in the School of Medicine.
    • Program Degrees Entrance Degree Host Department Courses & Research Funding: exernal Other info Requirements Requirements & student Pittsburgh Offers MS, Summarize MS requires 44 Interdisciplinary http://www.cbmi.upmc.ed University PhD, and background in credits and degree program u/training_program/descri http://www.cbmi postdoctoral medicine and Research Project/ that draws on ption.htm (click on .upmc.edu/traini fellowships computer science; Thesis. PhD several courses link for pdf) ng_program/desc admissions requires 71 departments, but ription.htm committee will credits, especially the http://www.cbmi.upmc.ed determine if comprehensive Center for u/training_program/resear prerequisites are exam, and Biomedical ch_training_areas.htm required. dissertation. Informatics (CBMI) and School of Information Studies (SIS) Stanford Certificate Aimed towards Three graduate Offered through - Computational Topics range bioinformatics program working courses on the Stanford Molecular Biology from sequence, certificate only professionals. computing in Center for (BIOC218), 3 units structure and program biology, with an Professional - Protein and Nucleic function http://scpd.stanfo emphasis on Development, a Acid Structure, analysis to the rd.edu/scpd/prog molecular biology. distance- Dynamics, and context of rams/certs/bioinf learning Engineering(Structural algorithms, ormatics.htm initiative for Biology 228), 3 units databases and industry - Representations and visualization. professionals Algorithms for Computational Molecular Biology (BMI214), Spring, 4 units University of PhD and Requirements for Three core Specialization in Courses: California, Irvine MS in entering the courses, plus at the Information http://www.ics.uci.edu/~b http://www.ics.u Information Information & last 6 additional and Computer iomed/#courses ci.edu/~biomed/ & Computer Computer Science courses, and Science Science, program. courses to satisfy a department research areas: with breadth (http://www.ics. http://www.ics.uci.edu/~b bioinformati requirement. uci.edu) iomed/#research cs Paper required for concentratio phd but not ms. n
    • Program Degrees Entrance Degree Host Department Courses & Research Funding: exernal Other info Requirements Requirements & student UCLA Undergradu Students should Get PhD or MS in Math / Statistics; Courses core: NSF-IGERT http://www.bioin ate, MS, have an major field, Computer http://www.bioinformatic fellowships formatics.ucla.ed PhD interdisciplinary complete Science; s.ucla.edu/program/progra available to PhD u/ undergraduate bioinformatics Biological m_core.htm and background, e.g. core plus Sciences undergraduate Computer Science additional “minor optional courses: students major + math subject” courses. http://www.bioinformatic minor; Biology s.ucla.edu/program/progra major + Computer m_comp_bio.htm#graduat Science minor; e etc. UCSD PhD Bioengineering, Courses: All graduate Fields of Interdisciplinary specializatio biology, http://bioinformatics.ucsd. students funded emphasis: Bioinformatics n biomedical edu/students/courses.cfm by department, Biological program sciences, university, Data & http://bioinforma chemistry, research: outside grants, Analysis tics.ucsd.edu/ biochemistry, http://bioinformatics.ucsd. and/or Tools, computer edu/students/research.htm assistantships Sequence science & Analysis, engineering, Genomic math, physics Analysis, Statistical Methods for Bioinformatics UCSF Biological PhD, MS Students must take Undergraduate Formally Courses: PhD students & medical bio & medical degree majoring in associated with http://www.mis.ucsf.edu/c funded, MS informatics informatics core any of the program in ourse-descrip.html students not http://www.mis.u courses, plus do at disciplines in quantitative funded csf.edu/ least one biological science, biology, also informatics physical science, affiliated with rotation computer science, the mathematics, or Bioengineering engineering with a Graduate Group strong background in quantitative sciences and biology.
    • Program Degrees Entrance Degree Host Department Courses & Research Funding: exernal Other info Requirements Requirements & student Northeastern MS Applicants to the All fundamental & Joint program Courses: No financial aid http://www.bioin MS Program must core courses, at with BU; they http://www.bioinformatic available. formatics.neu.ed have earned a least one elective, seem to have a s.neu.edu/courses.html u/ baccalaureate industrial lot of the same degree in a internship courses and biological science, requirements chemistry, computer science, pharmacy, engineering, nursing, or other related discipline from an accredited college or university. Georgia Tech MS in Sufficient MS: 3 semesters, Apply to Courses: Financial aid for Has GA Tech http://www.biolo bioinformati background in 37 hours program through http://www.biology.gatec phd students Center for gy.gatech.edu/bi cs; PhD in science. School of h.edu/bioinformatics/admi only. Computational oinform.html computation Biology ssion_and_cur.html Biology & al bio & Bioinformatics bioinformati phd courses: :http://www.bi cs http://www.biology.gatec ology.gatech.e h.edu/bioinformatics/bioi du/gt_bioinfo/a nformatics_phd.htm bout.html University of N/A: Need masters or Master’s thesis Apply to Courses: Memphis concentratio PhD in biological required; 30 credit program through http://www.msci.memphis http://www.msci. n with CS sciences hours for those CS department .edu/~giri/bio.html memphis.edu/~gi Master’s with a PhD, 33 ri/bio.html degree credit hours for other applicants University of Graduate Apply to MS: 3 core Biology, Core coursework: Minnesota minor for Department of courses Computer http://www.binf.umn.edu/ http://www.binf. Biology or Biology or PhD: 5 core Science courses.html umn.edu/ Computer Computer Science courses Science students, either PhD or MS
    • Program Degrees Entrance Degree Host Department Courses & Research Funding: exernal Other info Requirements Requirements & student University of the BS and MS BS or BA in a life Required courses, Bioinformatics Courses: Sciences in in science, Computer electives, and a http://www.usip.edu/grad Philadelphia bioinformati Science, or two-semester uate/bioinformatics.html http://www.usip. cs Chemistry independent edu/graduate/bioi project. nformatics.html VA Tech MS, PhD Official approval Official approval This is a degree Courses: Graduate Option of the option is of the option is option for http://graduate.bioinforma in bioinformatics still pending so still pending so people in these tics.vt.edu/programs.html http://graduate.bi this has not yet this has not yet depts.: oinformatics.vt.e been outlined. been outlined. Biochem, du/ biology, CS, crop & soil environmental science, genetics, plant pathology, statistics Rice University MS in Background in 6 computer CS department Courses: None for MS Department http://www.cs.ric Computer computer science, science courses, 2 with http://www.cs.rice.edu/Da students also offers e.edu/Database/b Science chemistry, statistics courses, bioinformatics tabase/bioinfo.shtml PhD, MS ioinfo.shtml -Bioinforma biology, and math 5 biology courses concentration degrees – but tics w/o concentration University of PhD Formal Core curriculum, Twenty-two Courses: North Carolina – certificate of coursework in plus six additional participating http://bioinfo.unc.edu/ Chapel Hill specializatio computer science courses; departments http://bioinfo.unc n including successful including the .edu/ programming, completion of School of algorithms and examinations. Information and data structures; Library Science; biochemistry, hosted by cellular biology, Genome or genetics; and Sciences Center. statistics.
    • Program Degrees Entrance Degree Host Department Courses & Research Funding: exernal Other info Requirements Requirements & student Vanderbilt MS in Computer MS requires 27 Biomedical http://www.mc.vanderbilt. University biomedical Programming, credit hours and a informatics edu/dbmi/bmigradprog/pr http://www.mc.v informatics; Design and thesis. PhD ogram.html anderbilt.edu/db PhD can add Analysis of concentration mi/bmigradprog/ 2 Algorithms and requires core program.html bioinformati Data Structures courses, plus at cs (e.g., CS 250, or least 2 elective concentratio CS201), Networks courses and a n options: (e.g., CS 283) reading list on 3 Bioinformat areas of ics for concentration. Molecular Medicine or Clinical Bioinformat ics