Molecular Targets Development Program, CCR, NCI
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Molecular Targets Development Program, CCR, NCI






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Molecular Targets Development Program, CCR, NCI Molecular Targets Development Program, CCR, NCI Presentation Transcript

  • Molecular Targets Development Program, CCR, NCI
  • Advanced Biomedical Technologies CCR Clinical Program Molecular Targets & Molecular Oncology Genetics & Genomics Imaging & Biomarkers Integrated Systems Biology Immunology, Immunotherapy & Immunoprophylaxis HIV/AIDS Intramural/Extramural Translational Research at the CCR
  • Center for Cancer Research
    • 15 clinical branches
    • 38 basic sciences laboratories
    • > 330 principal investigators
  • A549 SNB19 MTDP HTS Data MTDP Mission Lab Bench Data
  • MTDP Mission MTDP
    • Collaborate with CCR investigators to develop and apply molecular target-specific assays
    • Screen the NCI natural products repository and other sources of chemical diversity
    • Identify and characterize target-specific compounds
    • Provide active compounds to collaborating labs for use as bioprobes
  • Target Consortium Molecular Target/Pathway Staff Scientists Lab Chiefs Postdoctoral Fellows PIs Proposal
  • Initial Feasibility
    • Quality control of reagents and cell lines
      • Reagent stability
      • Reagent specificity and binding characteristics
      • Cellular growth characteristics
    • Time frame of assay
      • Stable end point
    • Signal to noise ratio
    • Availability of appropriate controls
    • Availability of required equipment
    • Availability of sufficient reagents
  • Priority Areas
    • Screening Platforms
    • Natural Products
    • Protein Chemistry and Molecular Biology
    • Libraries
    • Imaging
    • Information Technology
  • Screening Platforms Enzymatic - FRET Protein-Protein Interactions - Time-Resolved Fluorrescence - Electrochemiluminescence Cell-based - Colorimetric - Fluorometric - Luminescent Cell-Imaging - GFP Translocation - GFP Expression
  • MTDP Ongoing Projects apoptotic synergy chemo-prevention breast cancer hypoxia response epigenetic control signal transduction multi-drug transport HIV inhibition p53 induced apoptosis Rationale cell adhesion Cripto 1 cKIT TRAIL cytoskeletal reorganization Ezrin AP1 signal transduction cMet ER signal transduction Smad 3 HIF-2  cell cycle control Polo-like kinase 1 HDAC/DNMT resistance to apoptosis RNAi/IGFR ABCG2 aberrant gene expression E2A/SCL RNaseH ER stress response gp78 MDM2/ ubiquitination Rationale Project Project
  • Current Libraries for Screening
  • NCI’s Natural Products Collections and Extract Repository Terrestrial Plants -Tropical and Subtropical Marine Invertebrates and Algae -Indopacific -Caribbean Selected Microbial Isolates -Cyanobacteria -Fungi > 65,000 Organisms > 170,000 Individual Extracts -Organic Solvent Extracts -Aqueous Extracts Collections Extract Repository