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Lorenzo's Oil - Lourido
Lorenzo's Oil - Lourido
Lorenzo's Oil - Lourido
Lorenzo's Oil - Lourido
Lorenzo's Oil - Lourido
Lorenzo's Oil - Lourido
Lorenzo's Oil - Lourido
Lorenzo's Oil - Lourido
Lorenzo's Oil - Lourido
Lorenzo's Oil - Lourido
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Lorenzo's Oil - Lourido


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  • 2. OBJECTIVES The students will be able to learn about this particular rare disease and apply this knowledge to the context they have learned before related to genetic diseases and its causes and consequences. This activity will allow students to observe a real case of illness and the characteristics of an inherited genetic disorder. The students will be observing the critical situation and effort of the family and of the person who tries constantly to be alive and achieve a better health based on its courage and its family support. The students will be able to learn about ethical issues and community behaviors in difficult circumstances. The students will be able to discuss the idea related on gene therapy and gene testing.
  • 3. Lorenzo’s Oil
    • This is an interdisciplinary study that could be used on several levels in Middle and High School and with a variety of classes, for example: Biology, Chemistry, Genetics, Ethics, Health, Nutrition, and Counseling
  • 4. SYNOPSIS OF Lorenzo's Oil MOVIE This is a drama movie that was based on a true story of a family trying to save its child's life. The child was diagnosed with ALD-a disease which portrayed in the movie is called adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD). In simple words, this disease is due to the removal of lipid sheaths (myelin) that surround long thin cells called neurons.  Neurons, of course, allow us to think and to move (e..g, control our muscles). The disease causes dysfunction and eventually death. The story emphasis on the effort the parents of the child make to find out a cure for the child even the doctors community and the community itself doesn’t support them. Both parents get involve in a deep research about the disease and find out a possible solution to let their child live longer and with a nice life. These research allows to the doctors to start thinking on having a Foundation related on the ALD ‘s disease and do research.
  • 5. TIME SPAN The time span for the movie would be for two periods classes to discuss the biological concepts, and the some samples of genetics disorders. Then it would be needed three period classes to watch the movie and make its discussion.
  • 6. THEMES
    • Contradictions about the ethical concepts in Medicine
    • Autonomy in the decisions
    • Perseverance even the situation was against from all point of view.
    • Genetics issues related on human genome project, genetic disorders, gene therapy.
      • Reports: Case studies of other genetic disorders using research and learn about mutations that causes genetic disorders.
      • Worksheet with questions related on the biological concepts.
      • Make a family health portray with a genetic disorder.
      • Survey with emphasis on the different opinion of the school community related on genetic disorders and the better way to deal with it.
      • How does genetic variations differ across populations?
      • Should physicians tell a family about the high risk for developing an illness because of their genetic makeup when there is no effective treatment or cure for that disease now?
    • What is the conflict in this film? Who are the contending characters? How is the conflict resolved?
    • What was the theme of this film? What were the film makers trying to tell us? Were they successful? Justify your answer.
    • What makes the family different form everyone else?
    • Did you learn anything from this movie related on biochemistry? What was it, describe them?
    • Was there something you didn't understand about the movie? What was it?
    • Choose an action performed by one of the characters in the film and explain why the character took that action. Was it ethical, according to the situation?
    • Was the family able to think in gene therapy? Why not?
    • How does our knowledge of the human genome help scientists and doctors make advances in health science and medicine?
    • What does this film show about the difficulties of breaking out of the paths that your family and community expect you to follow?
    • In this instance, what was the role of the community related with the family. Was supportive and reasonable?
  • 9. FOLLOW UP ACTIVITIES Students will analyze the results of the survey and find about the different opinions inside the community, and develop a chart with the information obtained. Students will be allow to connect this discussion with the Next topic in class related with gene testing and gene Therapy and in that way start a new discussion in groups or round tables based on the pro and cons of gene therapy. Students will develop a gene’s location in a chromosome map and develop a pamphlet related on human disorders. Which is the social,cultural and religious implications with the development of gene testing related on the individuality?
    • Web Sites
    • 1. http://carbon. cudenver . edu /~ bstith / loren . htm 2. h ttp :// htm 4. uk /bandolier/booth/ neurol / lorenz .html 6. http:// rarediseases cs / ald /a/041301. htm 7.
    • Ethical , legal , and Social Implications: