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LHS Science Classes
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LHS Science Classes


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  • 1. LINKScience: Your path to the world of Science
  • 2. LINKScience Courses
    • The study of science includes three fields:
      • Life Sciences
      • Physical Sciences
      • Earth Sciences
  • 3. Life Science Courses
    • Life Science Classes
      • Basic Life Science
      • Biology (Applied-Regular-Differentiated)
    • Elective Life Science Classes (Require successful completion of Biology)
      • Genetics
      • Zoology
      • Anatomy & Physiology
      • Animal Behavior (biennial even year)
      • Botany (biennial even year)
      • Environmental Studies (biennial odd year)
      • Microbiology (biennial odd year)
  • 4. Physical Science Classes
    • Physical Science Classes
      • Basic Physical Science
      • Physical Science
      • Chemistry (Applied, Regular & Differentiated)
      • Physics (Applied, Regular & Differentiated)
    • Elective Physical Science Classes
      • Advanced Chemistry
      • Advanced Physics
      • Astronomy (biennial odd year)
  • 5. Earth Science Classes
    • Earth Science Classes
      • Basic Earth Science
      • GeoScience
      • Earth Systems
    • Elective Earth Science Classes
    • (Requires successful completion of GeoScience or Physical Science)
      • Astronomy (biennial odd year)
  • 6. Graduation Requirements
    • LPS requires students earn 15 credits (3 semesters) for graduation requirements.
    • Most four year colleges require 3 years of science with at least 2 selected from biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science. Two classes must include laboratory instruction.
    • All LHS science classes except for the basic science classes meet admission requirements for science and laboratory instruction.
  • 7. 9 th Grade Requirements
    • Starting in the fall of 2006-2007, all Freshmen will be required to take Physical Science and GeoScience.
    • Freshmen interested in the advanced science courses will be allowed to take Biology following application and approval from the department chairman. GeoScience is required, in addition to Biology, during 9 th or 10 th grade year.
  • 8. Scopes of Study
    • A Scope of Study is a plan outlining the courses which will prepare each student for their academic goals.
    • The LHS Science department ascribes to 4 different scopes which are defined by either graduation or post-secondary education goals:
    • Basic – meeting only LPS graduation requirements
    • Introductory – for technical & vocational schools or four-year programs not requiring science.
    • Preparatory – for four-year programs requiring some science
    • Advanced – for four-year science-intensive programs
  • 9. Scope and Courses: Basic
    • Students in 11 th or 12 grades that are interested in earning credits for graduation and not planning on any post-secondary education.
    • Careers may include: food service, telemarketing, & labor services
    • Suggested Courses: Basic Life, Physical and Earth Science
  • 10. Scope and Courses: Introductory
    • Students interested in some post-secondary education. Preparation for community college, two-year associate program or possibly a four-year non-science program.
    • Careers may include: electronics, cosmotology, legal-assistant, mechanics, HVAC, secretary, animal science, etc.
    • Suggested Courses: Applied Biology or Biology, Physical Science, GeoScience
  • 11. Scope and Courses: Preparatory
    • Students interested in a four-year post-secondary education with non-science emphasis but requiring science for admissions or as part of a program.
    • Careers may include: education, business, architecture, construction management, arts, communications, etc.
    • Suggested Courses: Applied Chemistry, Applied Physics, Biology, Astronomy, Environmental Studies, Zoology, Botany, Earth Systems, Animal Behavior, Genetics
  • 12. Scope and Courses: Advanced
    • Students interested in a four year post-secondary education with an emphasis in science, engineering, or medicine.
    • Careers may include: medicine, engineering, sciences: chemist, physicist, meterologist, biologist, veterinarian, food scientist, forensic scientist, etc.
    • Suggested Courses: Diff Biology, Chemistry (Reg, Diff & Adv), Physics (Reg, Diff & Advanced), Microbiology, Genetics, Anatomy/Physiology
  • 13. LINKScience Scope
    • Advanced
    • Diff Biology, Chemistry (Reg, Diff & Adv), Physics (Reg, Diff & Advanced), Microbiology, Genetics, Anatomy/Physiology
    • Preparatory
    • Applied Chemistry, Applied Physics, Biology, Astronomy, Zoology, Environmental Studies, Botany, Earth Systems, Animal Behavior, Genetics
    • Introductory
    • Physical Science, GeoScience, Applied Biology or Biology
    • Basic
    • Basic Life Science, Basic Physical Science, Basic Earth Science
  • 14. LINKScience Courses: Progression
    • Physical Science & GeoScience or Biology
    12 th 11 th 10 th 9 th Biology, Earth Systems App Biology or Biology App Chem, App Physics, Env. Studies, Zoology, Botany, Astronomy, & Genetics Biology D, Genetics, Chemistry (or D) Physics (or D), Genetics, Anat/Physio Adv Chem, Adv Physics, Microbiology Introductory Preparatory Advanced (Optional) (Optional) (Optional)
  • 15. Course Sequence: Graduation Requirements
    • Basic Life
    • Science (5 credits)
    • Basic Physical
    • Science (5 credits)
    • Basic Earth
    • Science (5 credits)