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Genetics Genetics Presentation Transcript

  • Vocabulary Review GENETICS
  • Study of how characteristics are transmitted from parent to offspring GENETICS
  • The father of genetics GREGOR MENDEL
  • Physical feature determined by the genotype PHENOTYPE
  • Plant used by Mendel for his hereditary studies GARDEN PEAS
  • Transmission of characteristics from parent to offspring HEREDITY
  • A genetically determined characteristic TRAIT
  • Stronger of two alleles that shows up most often DOMINANT
  • Transferring pollen grains from anthers to the stigma of flowers POLLINATION
  • How garden peas are pollinated SELF POLLINATION
  • Female part of a flower STIGMA
  • Having identical alleles (AA or aa) HOMOZYGOUS
  • Another term for a heterozygous genotype HYBRID
  • Law stating that a pair of alleles will separate whenever gametes are formed LAW OF SEGREGATION
  • F 1 Dihybrid phenotypic ratio 9:3:3:1
  • A genotype having one dominant and one recessive allele HETEROZYGOUS
  • Law stating that alleles separate independently of each other when sperm and eggs are formed LAW OF INDEPENDENT ASSORTMENT
  • F 1 Monohybrid Genotypic ratio 1:2:1
  • F 1 Monohybrid Phenotypic ratio 3:1
  • How Mendel pollinated garden peas CROSS POLLINATION
  • Male part of a flower ANTHER/STAMEN
  • The generation of true-breeding plants that Mendel used first P 1 GENERATION
  • Two forms of a gene ALLELES
  • Instructions on DNA that code for specific proteins or traits GENES
  • The weaker of two alleles in a pair that is often masked by the dominant allele RECESSIVE
  • Gene combination in the offspring GENOTYPE
  • Dominance that occurs whenever both alleles for a trait are expressed CODOMINANCE
  • Type of genetics that studies the genes and chromosomes of an organism MOLECULAR GENETICS
  • Type of letter used to represent a dominant allele CAPITAL
  • What Mendel called alleles in his experiments with pea plants FACTORS
  • The likelihood that an event will occur like tossing heads or tails on a coin PROBABILITY
  • Cross involving two traits DIHYBRID
  • Dominance that occurs whenever the hybrid genotype produces a new, intermediate phenotype INCOMPLETE DOMINANCE
  • Used to solve genetics problems PUNNETT SQUARE
  • Generation of all hybrids produced by crossing two pure organisms F 1 GENERATION
  • Crossing a hybrid with a pure organism is this type of cross (1:1) TESTCROSS
  • Genetic cross involving a single trait MONOHYBRID
  • Type of dominance in which the dominant allele is always expressed COMPLETE DOMINANCE
  • Generation that shows a 3:1 ratio of phenotypes F 2 GENERATION