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  • 1. Ethics and Genetics
  • 2. Ethics and Genetics
    • Some issues:
    • Who should be tested/screened?
    • Should there be mandatory screening?
    • What should be done with the information gained from the screening?
    • Who should have access to the information?
      • Other family members? Do geneticists have a duty to warn other family members of family genetic issues?
      • Should genetic findings be part of a person's medical record?
  • 3. Ethics and Genetics
    • Who should have access to the information? (cont.)
      • Should results of genetic testing be made available to spouses/partners, etc.?
      • Should results be made available to employers? insurance companies? the government?
  • 4. Ethics and Genetics
    • Genetics raises the issue of self-knowledge: do I have an obligation to myself? My character traits and tendencies, moral strengths and weaknesses?
    • Self know-ledge has been considered to be one of mankind's highest obligations
    • Do I have an obligation to know myself genetically? the traits I might express or the diseases that I might have?
  • 5. Ethics and Genetics
    • Genetics raises the issue of what counts as responsible parenthood:
    • Should someone who has a substantial chance of passing on a serious problem refrain from having children?
    • What counts as substantial and serious? Huntington's?
    • Is there a moral obligation to have children who are as healthy as possible?
    • Are there some conditions which should not be passed on at all? e.g. Lesch-Nyhan's?
    • Are there any genetic issues which are grounds for abortion if detected in utero?
  • 6. Ethics and Genetics
    • Genetics "tests":
      • The doctor/patient relationship
      • Privacy/confidentiality
      • Quality of life issues
      • Abortion issues
      • Parenthood/reproductive issues