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Curriculum broch.version 3

  1. 1. Biotechnology Agricultural and Biology Forestry Biosystems Engineering Biomedical Sciences Genetics Agricultural Business and Chemical and Biological Engineering Health and Human Performance Economics Chemistry Horticulture Agricultural Education and Studies Civil, Construction, and Mathematics Agronomy Environmental Engineering Microbiology Animal Ecology Computer Science Philosophy and Religious Studies Animal Science Electrical and Computer Engineering Physics and Astronomy Biochemistry, Biophysics, Entomology Political Science and Molecular Biology Food Science and Human Nutrition Statistics D o you love adventure and discovery? Would you like to explore the unknown—map the uncharted inner space of chromosomes and genes? Do you want to help society define the legal, ethical, and moral boundaries of genetic research? If you have a pioneering spirit, then consider studying biotechnology, one of the world’s most exciting frontiers. Preparing for a select a major within an academic members of their interdisciplinary Biotechnology discoveries are: biotechnology career department, and then structure research teams. Paid positions are • improving human, animal, and An Iowa State undergraduate your degree program to emphasize available year-round. plant health; degree with a biotechnology biotechnology. Your major is the Working in the best facilities • increasing the availability of nutritious emphasis is a solid foundation specialized area in which you will Iowa State’s 235 general class- food products; on which to build a career. If you apply your biotechnology training. rooms and 500 teaching laborato- decide to enter the workplace • reducing our reliance on chemical Working with the best faculty ries are among the best in the after earning your Iowa State pesticides; More than 300 faculty members at world. The university’s informa- degree, you’ll find that an empha- • expanding the variety of products Iowa State University are involved tion technology services have sis in biotechnology attracts in some aspect of biotechnology permanently equipped more than produced by living organisms; and employers in industry, govern- teaching and research. Their aca- 130 general classrooms to display • impacting our economy, legal system, ment, and public health. You demic homes are in the colleges of output from computers, videos, might be part of a team research- and ethical standards. Agriculture, Engineering, Human laser discs, and document cam- ing and developing new and bene- Sciences, Liberal Arts and eras, as well as traditional media. ficial industrial products. You may Many kinds of careers Sciences, or Veterinary Medicine. Computer labs and wireless net- help find a cure for a devastating In the classroom, Iowa State’s working are available to students involve biotechnology. disease. You could work to modify biotechnology faculty provide throughout the campus. A distrib- Biotechnologists work in agriculture, the genetic code of plants or ani- quality teaching supported by the uted computing environment will mals to improve crop varieties human health sciences, industrial latest in instructional technology. provide you with electronic mail and livestock breeds. You might bioprocessing, criminal justice, and You will learn from internationally and other Internet services. work in a forensics laboratory to many other career areas. For this recognized experts who are skilled In addition to hands-on expe- help solve crimes. Or you might in helping students like you rience in well-equipped teaching reason, Iowa State University does provide the scientific or ethical achieve their academic goals. laboratories, you can learn how not have a major called biotechnology. expertise that government agen- Many academic departments to operate state-of-the-art scien- cies and legislative bodies need Instead, you can select a major from sponsor student clubs where you tific instruments in more than a to help them guide the direction more than 25 academic departments can enjoy academic, career, and dozen instrumentation facilities. of biotechnology research. or programs and structure your social opportunities with other You’ll access the latest equipment Selecting the best academic students and faculty who share available for research in cells, degree program to prepare you for the department for you your interests. proteins, nucleic acids, fermenta- biotechnology career of your choice. When you choose to prepare for In the laboratory, you can tion, microscopy, image analysis, a biotechnology-related career obtain practical, hands-on experi- nuclear magnetic resonance, at Iowa State, you have many ence to build your scientific animal gene transfer, and plant options. Iowa State University expertise, increase your value to transformation. Many of the does not have a major called prospective employers, and help instrumentation facilities that biotechnology because many finance your education. Many support biotechnology research different kinds of careers involve biotechnology faculty welcome offer free instruction to students. biotechnology. Instead, you will undergraduate students as
  2. 2. Majors Related to Biotechnology Making your career choice Iowa State University departments and programs that have undergraduate please contact the department or program, or phone the Iowa State Office of majors relating to biotechnology are listed below. For more information, Admissions at 800 262-3810. Agricultural and One of the options available to agricultural engineering industrial products. Improving the quality of surface and Biosystems Engineering majors is biosystems engineering. Students in biosystems groundwater by chemical and biological treatment has engineering learn how to integrate the biological and created new challenges. Agricultural engineers trained in Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering physical sciences with engineering science and design. biosystems are needed for biological product research and 102 Davidson Hall Graduates may work for companies involved with development, processing and production operations, Ames, IA 50011-3080 biotechnology, bioprocessing, bioenvironmental engineer- plant management, and systems design. The expanding Phone: 515 294-1434 ing, food engineering, and related areas. bioeconomy is creating opportunities for agricultural and Fax: 515 294-6633 Biotechnology developments have created opportuni- biosystems engineers in biofuels and biorenewables. ties for agricultural and biosystems engineers who design Students who choose the biosystems option take systems for biological and chemical processing and pro- courses in organic chemistry, biochemistry, and microbi- duction of biomaterials. There are career opportunities in ology. They also are trained in engineering design and the areas of enzyme processing, bioreactor design, prod- analysis focusing on living systems. uct separation, and bacterial treatment of agricultural and Agricultural Business Students who major in either agricultural business or The Department of Economics offers a B.S. degree and Economics economics learn how to evaluate the business and eco- program in agricultural business through the College of Department of Economics nomic aspects of biotechnology alternatives and issues Agriculture and a B.S. degree program in economics Undergraduate Programs Office from the perspectives of consumers, business firms, and through the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The 174 Heady Hall governmental agencies. Students also learn how to assess mission of the department is to provide high-quality Ames, IA 50011-1070 market impacts of biotechnology alternatives and related research, educational, extension, and international Phone: 515 294-5436 policies, including such things as prices, costs, and bene- programs in economics and agricultural economics. Fax: 515 294-0221 fits. This knowledge is useful in developing business Graduates pursue a wide variety of careers in private E-mail: strategies and in formulating governmental policies industry, business, government, research organizations, involving biotechnology. or self-employment. Agricultural Education Technology, agriculture, and a desire to help others learn pared for a variety of careers in teaching, agribusiness, and Studies combine to make agricultural education a great career extension, and other government agencies. Department of Agricultural Education path. The agricultural education profession rates Iowa and Studies Students in agricultural education learn how to teach State's agricultural education and studies department as 201 Curtiss Hall and enhance learning about the latest technologies in one of the top departments of its kind in the nation. Ames, IA 50011-1050 agriculture, including biotechnology, bioethics, global Usually, more than 90 percent of the department’s stu- Phone: 515 294-5872 positioning, environmental science, food technology, hor- dents are employed by the time of graduation, and 98 Fax: 515 294-0530 ticulture, and production agriculture. Graduates are pre- percent are employed by six weeks after graduation. Agronomy Agronomy is the synthesis of the plant, soil, and climate and biotechnology gain science-intensive state-of-the-art sciences in order to successfully grow economically and education in this dynamic discipline. Agroecologists study environmentally beneficial crops. Agronomists use applied ecosystem science and are prepared for careers in Department of Agronomy Student Services biotechnology extensively in plant breeding, value-added sustainable agriculture. The management and business 1126 Agronomy Hall crops, bioremediation, and phytoremediation. option prepares agronomic generalists who are ideally Ames, IA 50011-1010 Students in agronomy at Iowa State choose one of five suited for careers in sales, technical services, seed produc- Phone: 515 294-3846 options: plant breeding and biotechnology, agroecology, tion, and farming. The soil and environmental science Fax: 515 294-8146 management and business, soil and environmental sci- option educates students for science careers pertaining to E-mail: ence, or research and development. Graduates in each conservation and environmental quality. The research and undergraduate option have opportunities for either graduate studies or development option is for students who want their B.S. to immediate career placement. Students in plant breeding be a strong general plant science program.
  3. 3. Animal Ecology Animal ecology is one of two curricula in the Department cialize in wildlife, fisheries and aquatic science, or pre- of Natural Resource Ecology and Management that offer veterinary and wildlife care studies. Graduates from these unique career opportunities for students interested in programs develop careers in management of fish or Department of Natural Resource biotechnology (also see forestry). Animal ecology focuses wildlife, law enforcement, veterinary medicine, and con- Ecology and Management 339 Science II on the relationships of animals with their environment, servation biology, among others. Developing both the Ames, IA 50011-3221 both living and non-living components, in settings ranging knowledge base in animal ecology and the biotechnology Phone: 515 294-6148 from little human impact to human-dominated landscapes. skills used to solve some important problems facing wild Fax: 515 294-7874 Biotechnology plays a central role in many aspects of ani- species today is an attractive combination to potential mal ecology, such as fish/wildlife forensics at the domestic employers. Qualified students are encouraged to partici- and international level, identifying and controlling emer- pate in the Honors Program, which provides one of the gent diseases in fish and wildlife, managing for genetic best ways to individualize their program of course work diversity in species of conservation concern, and determin- to achieve the particular emphasis on biotechnology ing taxonomic status as a basis for conservation policy. aspects of animal ecology that they desire. Animal ecology provides options for students to spe- Animal Science Animal scientists provide services related to animal ogy, meat science, and animal nutrition have laboratory- production and animal products. Students in the animal based programs that offer undergraduates biotechnology science department learn how to provide services that are research experience. Specific areas of research include, but Department of Animal Science economical and consistent with consumer needs, animal are not limited to, the molecular analysis of genes and gene 119 Kildee Hall Ames, IA 50011-3150 well-being, resource conservation, and environmental products of biological and economic importance in live- Phone: 515 294-3161 protection. A degree in animal science or dairy science stock, such as gene expression, gene function, gene map- Fax: 515 294-0018 also can prepare students for admission to professional ping, protein expression and function; the development of E-mail: schools, such as veterinary medicine. biological and physiological methods to analyze muscle; For the animal science major interested in biotechnolo- the study of nutritional modification to improve nutrient gy, faculty members in animal breeding and genetics, phys- utilization; and the development and use of gene transfer iology of reproduction, muscle biology, nutritional physiol- methods to improve livestock characteristics. Biochemistry, Biophysics The Department of Biochemistry, Biophysics and the majors, including opportunities for individual under- and Molecular Biology Molecular Biology offers B.S. majors in biochemistry, agri- graduate research projects integrated into the professional cultural biochemistry, and biophysics, all of which are research programs of our faculty members. Training in Department of Biochemistry, Biophysics, appropriate to careers in biotechnological sciences. The these majors provides fundamental knowledge and experi- and Molecular Biology 1210 Molecular Biology Building three programs focus on the explanations of life processes ence that allow our graduates to function as scientific staff Ames, IA 50011-3260 in terms of fundamental chemical and physical principles. in the biotechnology industry and to advance to graduate- Phone: 515 294-6116 The curricula include in-depth quantitative study in level training leading to research director positions in Fax: 515 294-0453 mathematics, chemistry, and physics, in addition to bio- biotechnology. Some of the relevant biotechnology areas E-mail: logical sciences with special emphasis on the molecular are pharmaceuticals, plant genetic engineering, animal level. Advanced, state-of-the-art laboratory training in health, and human medical research. biochemistry and molecular biology is a featured aspect of Biology Biology is the study of all aspects of life on this planet. Undergraduate biology majors are encouraged to Biologists will learn about plants and animals, ecology work in some of the more than 200 biological sciences and molecular biology, genetics and physiology, and laboratories on campus, to study at a marine research sta- Biology Program 103 Bessey Hall biotechnology and evolution. tion, to take courses at the Iowa Lakeside Laboratory, or Ames, IA 50011-1020 The biology program at Iowa State University provides to study the ecology of a foreign land. Biology majors are Phone: 515 294-1064 a broad education in all aspects of modern biology. It also ideally suited for further graduate and professional train- Fax: 515 294-0803 can serve as a basis for students interested in more specif- ing; employment in health, agricultural, biotechnology, or E-mail: ic areas like animal ecology, biochemistry, botany, ento- environmental professions; and work in education. mology, genetics, microbiology, or zoology.
  4. 4. Biomedical Sciences The Department of Biomedical Sciences at Iowa State of focus on four specialties. These specialties are cell University studies anatomy, histology, molecular biology, biology, physiology, physiology and pharmacology, and cell biology, physiology, and pharmacology. It is a founda- anatomy. DVM and graduate students conduct research Department of Biomedical Sciences tion subject that includes the study of normal functions in the areas of faculty specialties that include neuro- 2008 Veterinary Medicine Ames, IA 50011-1250 of mammalian animals. The department teaches under- science, neurotoxicology, parasite biology, and pharma- Phone: 515 294-2440 graduate students who use the subject for furthering pre- cology. Graduate students of the DVM program go into Fax: 515 294-2315 professional and paraprofessional studies. The depart- a wide range of careers, including veterinary practice. E-mail: ment also teaches doctor of veterinary medicine (DVM) Graduate students frequently enter careers in research students in the first three years of their program. The and teaching at other universities. graduate students study biomedical sciences with option Chemical and Chemical engineering is the study of the use of chemical biotechnology. Chemical engineering students often take Biological Engineering methods to make new materials, including bulk chemi- courses in biochemistry, microbiology, genetics, and food cals and fuels, pharmaceuticals, construction materials, science, and nearly half ultimately work in the biotech- Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering foodstuffs, synthetic textiles, plastics, and advanced mate- nology industry. Many graduate students and undergrad- 2114 Sweeney Hall rials. Chemical engineers are skilled in chemistry, mathe- uates also conduct research within the department on Ames, IA 50011-2230 matics, and physics, as well as in engineering subjects biological topics such as plant metabolic engineering, Phone: 515 294-7643 such as fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer, separa- protein separations, secondary metabolite production, Fax: 515 294-2689 tions of chemical components, thermodynamics, reactor enzyme mutagenesis, modeling of enzyme structure and E-mail: engineering, process control, and plant design. function, biorenewables, phytoremediation, drug delivery, Because chemical engineers have a thorough knowl- and biocompatible polymers. edge of chemistry, it is common for them to move into Chemistry Chemistry is the study of the composition, structure, for a career as an environmental chemist, pharmaceutical properties, and interactions of chemicals. Because chemi- chemist, forensic scientist, science writer, technical sales- Department of Chemistry cals are the basis of life, chemists study a wide range of person, product development chemist, or research work- 1608 Gilman Hall topics. Some are intrigued by environmental problems er. Many Iowa State chemistry graduates are professors at Ames, IA 50011-3111 such as global warming, ozone depletion, or acid rain. noted universities and colleges, researchers in well- Phone: 515 294-6352 Some chemists work with other researchers to seek cures known industrial laboratories, or leaders in world busi- Fax: 515 294-0105 for diseases. Other chemists enjoy synthesizing new ness and commerce. Undergraduate chemistry majors E-mail: materials. Emerging areas include nanotechnology and may continue in graduate school or professional studies microanalytical instrumentation. related to biotechnology. A chemistry degree from Iowa State can qualify you Civil, Construction, and One of the options available to civil engineering majors is ronmental engineering find work in state and federal gov- Environmental Engineering environmental engineering. In the field of environmental ernment, such as the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Civil, Construction, engineering, students can be involved in environmental consulting companies, and national laboratories. Some of and Environmental Engineering biotechnology, which is the multidisciplinary integration the work in which students are involved includes study- 394 Town Engineering Building of sciences and engineering in utilizing the biochemical ing the fate and transport of pollutants, bioremediation, Ames, IA 50011-3232 potential of microorganisms, plants, and parts thereof for and the use of molecular tools to probe and understand Phone: 515 294-3532 the restoration and preservation of the environment and the behavior of microorganisms in utilizing and biode- Fax: 515 294-8216 for the sustainable use of resources. Graduates of envi- grading pollutants in the environment. Computer Science Computer scientists engage in fundamental and applied structure-function relationships, in discovery of quantita- research; design, analysis, and development of algorithms; tive structure-activity relationships (QSAR) for rational Department of Computer Science software; databases; and information systems and their drug design, and in precision farming. Several computer 226 Atanasoff Hall applications across virtually every area of human endeavor. science faculty members have expertise in computational Ames, IA 50011-1041 The Department of Computer Science actively partici- modeling of complex systems. Phone: 515 294-4377 pates in biotechnology education and research at Iowa Undergraduate students interested in biotechnology Fax: 515 294-0258 State in a variety of ways. Several computer science facul- can take courses in programming, data bases, information E-mail: ty members conduct research in bioinformatics and com- systems, machine learning (data mining), bioinformatics, putational biology, a discipline that is critical to the and related areas as part of an undergraduate minor in advances in animal and plant agriculture, drugs, biomate- computer science. Research projects led by computer sci- rials, and foods. Computer science faculty work on the ence faculty, often in collaboration with colleagues with development of information systems and data mining expertise in biological, biomedical, and agricultural sci- software that can aid in the discovery of predictive mod- ences, offer a broad range of research and research-based els and relationships from complex data sets, for exam- advanced training opportunities to qualified undergradu- ple, in the discovery of macromolecular sequence- ate students.
  5. 5. Electrical and Electrical and computer engineering plays a central role variety of ways, such as designing biomedical instrumen- Computer Engineering in the design and development of electrical devices and tation, biomedical image processing, and bioinformatics. in applying computers to a variety of problems. Electrical Department faculty are active in the Plant Sciences Department of Electrical and engineering students apply the theories and technologies Institute and the bioinformatics and computational biolo- Computer Engineering in system modeling and control, signal analysis and filter- gy interdisciplinary program. Many graduate and under- 2215 Coover Hall Ames, IA 50011-3060 ing, and electrical device design toward modeling and graduate students work with faculty performing research Phone: 515 294-2664 sensing biological systems. Computer engineers apply in areas such as algorithm design for more efficient Fax: 515 294-3637 their background in algorithm development, network assembly of large genomes, systems biology modeling of E-mail: analysis, and software engineering to improving biomed- complex biological systems, surgical simulation using ical software and sensor networks. biomedical images in virtual reality, and instrumentation The Department of Electrical and Computer related to medical and biological applications. Engineering supports biotechnology development in a Entomology Entomology is the scientific study of insects. Entomology Department of Entomology offers research opportunities students are trained in the evolutionary and ecological for undergraduates interested in biotechnology, which has relationships of insects with other life forms; the princi- revolutionized strategies used for management of insect Department of Entomology ples of insect structure and function; the impact of insects pests and insect vectored diseases of humans, plants, and 110 Insectary Building relative to human and animal health; and the relation- animals. Entomology majors are prepared for further Ames, IA 50011-3140 Phone: 515 294-7400 ships between insects and humanity's food, fiber, struc- graduate and professional training or for a wide range of Fax: 515 294-7406 tural and aesthetic needs and expectations. Graduates positions within industry, business, government, educa- E-mail: understand the principles and methods available to tion, and public health. manage beneficial and pest insect populations. The Food Science and Students who select the food science major in the lar mechanisms of carcinogenesis, developing means to Human Nutrition Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition apply recover cloned proteins from plants, improving microor- the basic principles of biology, chemistry, and physics in ganisms to carry out valuable fermentation processes, or Department of Food Science and studying the quality, preservation, preparation, and safety investigating the cellular reactions in lipid metabolism. A Human Nutrition of foods. Students who choose the nutritional science course in food biotechnology follows the production of 2312 Food Sciences Building Ames, IA 50011-1061 major investigate the interactions and effects of food food enzymes from gene cloning through fermentation Phone: 515 294-3011 components, for good or ill, in the human body. and protein recovery. Fax: 515 294-8181 Students can work with faculty studying the molecu- E-mail: Forestry Forestry is one of two curricula in the Department of approaches will be developed in the future to optimize Natural Resource Ecology and Management that offer the production of consumer goods from wood, one of unique career opportunities for students interested in earth’s most abundant and renewable resources. Department of Natural Resource biotechnology (also see animal ecology). Forestry focuses The forestry curriculum provides options for students Ecology and Management 339 Science II on conservation, renewal, and utilization of trees and to specialize in forest ecosystem management, conserva- Ames, IA 50011-3221 their associated plant and animal communities across the tion and restoration, or materials science and technology. Phone: 515 294-6148 spectrum from wilderness areas to urban tree populations Graduates from these programs pursue rewarding careers Fax: 515 294-7874 and industrial plantations. Because trees and forests with a variety of government agencies, forest industries, develop over longer time spans than most organisms, and public conservation organizations. Qualified students biotechnology is playing a particularly important role in are encouraged to participate in the Honors Program, understanding how genetics and environment interact to which provides one of the best ways to individualize their determine the health and utilization qualities of trees, the program of course work to achieve the particular empha- level of population diversity in natural stands, and the sis on biotechnology aspects of forestry that they desire. impacts of management on diversity. Many biotechnology Genetics Genetics is the study of how characteristics of living Genetics students pursue a rigorous program of chem- organisms are passed from generation to generation. istry, physics, math, biology, and genetics that prepares Students with the B.S. degree may find employment in the them for graduate programs in any area of genetics or Undergraduate Genetics Major biotechnology, health, or food industries. Recent graduates other biological sciences. With more than 60 faculty 103 Bessey Hall have developed careers in conservation biology, technical campuswide conducting research in genetics, exceptional Ames, IA 50011-1020 Phone: 515 294-1606 writing, science journalism, technical sales, biological opportunities exist for genetics majors to do undergradu- Fax: 515 294-0803 illustration, and genetic counseling. Many students are ate internships. E-mail: finding that the genetics major is very good preparation for professional studies in human or animal medicine. continued on back
  6. 6. Majors/continued Health and Health and human performance involves the study example, students may participate in faculty laboratories Human Performance of physical activity and its influence on health and on human performance research, particularly involving well-being. One of the options in the B.S. in health and the molecular, biochemical, biomechanical, and neuro- Department of Health and human performance is exercise science. Exercise science logical aspects. Course work in the exercise science Human Performance allows students to develop a program of study around the option may be tailored to a student’s individual interest Head of Undergraduate Advising Ames, IA 50011-1160 biotechnological aspects of human performance. In par- and focus, particularly a student seeking further profes- Phone: 515 294-8009 ticular, our students acquire knowledge and skills involv- sional education in health-related fields such as medicine, Fax: 515 294-8740 ing the interaction of biological, mechanical, and control physical therapy, occupational therapy, or graduate study E-mail: aspects of human movement and physical activity. For in physical activity and health. Horticulture Horticulture promotes the creative utilization of plants to propagation of ornamental plants, and woody plant phys- improve society. Biotechnology is an important tool used iology. Several undergraduate courses offer some training to study and improve horticultural crops. in the principles and techniques of biotechnology. Department of Horticulture 106 Horticulture Hall The Department of Horticulture offers numerous Graduates of the horticulture program become fruit Ames, IA 50011-1100 research opportunities for undergraduates through hon- and vegetable producers, turfgrass managers at golf Phone: 515 294-3718 ors programs, independent study, and the science option courses and sports fields, lawn care professionals, nursery Fax: 515 294-0730 within the horticulture major. Students may choose to crop producers and garden center managers, landscape work with faculty and experienced graduate students on design and installation professionals, public garden and a broad array of research projects, including molecular arboreta horticulturists and educators, plant biologists, biology of fruit ripening and development, physiology of garden writers and communication specialists, and green- disease resistance, molecular controls of vegetative house managers. growth, transgenic plant production and analysis, micro- Mathematics With increased availability of DNA and other data, quan- Mathematics majors normally spend the first two titative methods have become central to many fields in years obtaining a grounding in calculus and differential biotechnology. Diverse fields of mathematics are now equations. At the junior and senior levels, the department Department of Mathematics used, for example, to uncover phylogenetic relationships offers undergraduate courses relevant to different topics 396 Carver Hall among species using DNA, to model population growth in biotechnology. Mathematics provides tools for deeper Ames, IA 50011-2064 Phone: 515 294-1752 and epidemics, to predict the shapes of proteins, and to analysis of many subjects taught in other departments. Fax: 515 294-5454 model the growth of cancers. All these topics require E-mail: advanced mathematics. Microbiology Microbiology is the study of living organisms that gener- communities, and research internships in on-campus or ally are seen only with a microscope. Some microbes are local company laboratories. Microbiology students inter- devastating pathogens of humans, animals, or plants or ested in biotechnology often take advanced course work Undergraduate Interdepartmental cause serious problems in food production systems. in immunology, virology, cell biology, and plant patholo- Microbiology Program Microbiologists study the interaction of microbes with gy. In the past, students graduating with a B.S. in microbi- 207 Science I Ames, IA 50011-3211 other organisms or with the environment in order to ology from Iowa State University quickly have found jobs Phone: 515 294-6831 solve problems caused by microbes or to use microbes for working in genetics-based biotechnology companies, in Fax: 515 294-6019 their advantageous properties. For example, microbiolo- pharmaceutical companies developing new drugs and E-mail: gists study how microbes cause diseases, or they study vaccines, and in state or federal research laboratories like and devise ways to manipulate microorganisms to pro- the United States Department of Agriculture’s animal duce products of interest, such as antibiotics, insulin, or research laboratories in Ames. Microbiology graduates vaccines. Industrial microbiologists are responsible for also are well prepared to enter graduate and professional generating and maintaining the bacterial cultures that programs or clinical laboratory scientist programs produce compounds needed in human and animal medi- designed to train personnel to work in hospitals. In short, cine each day. a degree in microbiology prepares students for careers in A microbiology major will study genetics, chemistry, food, industrial or environmental microbiology, or animal biochemistry, physics, and cell biology, in addition to health and plant pathology, or it provides the preparation medical microbiology and microbial physiology and needed to succeed in graduate school or professional pro- genetics. Microbiology majors often participate in grams, such as veterinary or medical school. the microbiology club, first- and second-year learning
  7. 7. Philosophy and Philosophy studies the most general features of our world, losophy of biology. Through studying social and political Religious Studies the fundamental principles of value, and the nature and philosophy and the philosophy of technology, students methods of knowledge. The Department of Philosophy can learn about the political ideas that may affect the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies and Religious Studies at Iowa State offers undergraduate adoption or regulation of biotechnology discoveries. 402 Carrie Chapman Catt Hall majors that can prepare students for graduate work in phi- Offerings in religious studies enable students to exam- Ames, IA 50011-1306 losophy or in religious studies, or for further study in law, ine the practices and ideas of the world’s religions and Phone: 515 294-7276 history, political science, or literature. their effects on ways of living. Students can explore reli- Fax: 515 294-0780 Offerings in philosophy include theoretical and gious ethical beliefs that have important consequences for applied ethics, the philosophy of biotechnology, environ- the adoption of particular biotechnologies. mental ethics, general philosophy of science, and the phi- Physics and Astronomy Physics and astronomy are basic natural sciences that Department of Physics and Astronomy is a highly inter- attempt to describe and provide an understanding of our disciplinary research program that involves the develop- world. They serve as the underpinning of many different ment and application of experimental and theoretical Department of Physics and Astronomy 12B Physics Hall disciplines, including the other natural sciences and tech- methods to understand biology from a physical perspec- Ames, IA 50011-3160 nological areas. Students may choose physics for their tive. This program is designed to provide the quantitative Phone: 515 294-5440 major subject as preparation for diverse areas, such as skills and the biological background for students who Fax: 515 294-6027 engineering, medicine, law, or business administration, or would like to pursue careers in fundamental research in E-mail: simply as a challenging approach to personal develop- biophysics, quantitative biology, and biotechnology. ment with an emphasis on rigorous scientific thinking. Current research areas include macromolecular structural Other students choose physics as preparation toward a determination, structure and function of biological mem- career as a professional physicist or a science educator. branes, bioinformatics, and computational biology. The physics of biological systems program in the Political Science The Department of Political Science prepares students for These political participants and issues are often an impor- careers in law and public service. Students interested in tant component of our curricular offerings. public policy, public administration, American politics, In particular, the Department of Political Science Department of Political Science 509 Ross Hall comparative politics, international relations, or political addresses aspects of biotechnology in its courses on envi- Ames, IA 50011-1204 theory will find issues related to biotechnology to be an ronmental politics, constitutional law, ethics and political Phone: 515 294-8682 important part of their studies in a wide array of depart- theory, and international political economy. The depart- Fax: 515 294-1003 mental courses. Legislatures, executives, courts, political ment also offers courses on public administration and E-mail: parties, and interest groups in the United States and administrative laws that assess the political and legal many other countries deal with the economic, environ- requirements for the implementation of laws related to mental, and political consequences of biotechnology. biotechnology issues. Statistics Statistics is the science of collection, organization, survey sampling, students learn how to efficiently collect analysis, and interpretation of data. The principles of data. Courses in applied probability modeling include statistics apply to a wide variety of professional and applications in bioinformatics and genomics. Courses in Department of Statistics 325 Snedecor Hall scientific fields. time series analysis and spatial data analysis examine pat- Ames, IA 50011-1210 There are many opportunities for students to apply terns in data related to time and space. Students may Phone: 515 294-3440 methodology learned in statistics courses to biotechnolo- wish to combine a major in a biotechnology field with a Fax: 515 294-4040 gy research. In courses about design of experiments and second major, or minor, in statistics. E-mail:
  8. 8. Biotechnology YOUR Broaden your horizons Family and Consumer Sciences Education Become Honors The Honors Program provides opportuni- and Studies Club Fisheries and Wildlife Biology Club BEST ties for high-achieving students to do their Food Science Club best early in their years at Iowa State. An Forestry Club individualized academic program, priority Mathematics Club scheduling for courses, smaller class sizes, Pre-Medical Club independent research projects, and a men- Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Preparing to do your best toring relationship with renowned faculty Medical Association while you’re in high school members are benefits for students who Undergraduate Microbiology Club To prepare for a career in biotechnology at qualify. Iowa State University, you should focus on Honor societies include: science, mathematics, and English while Internships Alpha Kappa Delta – Sociology Internships and other cooperative educa- Alpha Zeta – Agriculture you are in high school. Taking three years tion experiences are available to students Beta Beta Beta – Biological Sciences of one foreign language in high school, in many academic departments. In addi- Omega Chi Epsilon – Chemical Engineering earning advanced placement credits, or tion to giving you a head start in building Phi Beta Kappa – Liberal Arts and Sciences taking community college classes can give on-the-job experience for your future Phi Upsilon Omicron – Family and you a head start on your university stud- career, these paid positions can help you Consumer Sciences ies. Entrance requirements are not the finance your education. Pi Mu Epsilon – Mathematics same for all academic departments at Iowa Upsilon Pi Epsilon – Computer Science State, so contact the department of your Learning Communities Xi Sigma Pi – Forestry choice for specifics. Try to follow these A course-based learning community is a general recommendations for courses you small group of students with similar aca- should take in high school: For more information demic goals who work and learn together If you have questions or want more Sciences in study groups. Students may take their detailed information about Iowa State's biology, chemistry, physics courses together and have a ready-made Biotechnology Program, please contact: set of potential friends. Many undergradu- Mathematics ate departments at Iowa State offer stu- Iowa State University algebra, calculus, geometry, trigonometry dents the opportunity to be part of a learn- Office of Biotechnology Language arts ing community family. 1210 Molecular Biology Building English grammar and writing courses, Ames, Iowa 50011-3260 Study Abroad foreign language Phone: 515 294-9818 Students who want to study life sciences in E-mail: the international arena can choose their Getting to know biotechnology at Iowa State special spot in the world. Earn academic Iowa State University is a public land-grant credits while you study in Mexico, the institution that has earned a world-class Preparing to study at Iowa State University Philippines, China, the Ukraine, Australia, reputation for leadership in the life sci- The best preparation continues to be a Spain, France, Greece, or many other ences. Biotechnology has added to that strong college preparatory program of countries. You'll find many exciting reputation. study, which includes courses in English, options for both the academic semesters Since our biotechnology program was mathematics, laboratory science, social and the summer. established in 1984, Iowa has invested mil- studies, and foreign languages. If you lions of dollars to keep Iowa State among Student Organizations intend to transfer credits from another the leaders in biotechnology education, Iowa State has a wide variety of clubs and institution, you may contact our Office of research, and outreach. That investment is special interest groups for students. The Admissions for assistance in selecting the paying off in many research firsts and following activities may be of interest to best courses for your program of study. unique programs. If you want to be among students in the life sciences: the best in 21st century biotechnology, Questions about admission Agronomy Club Iowa State is the place to be. You can read In addition to writing us at the address American Institute of Chemical Engineers about all of the biotechnology opportuni- below, we encourage you to visit our Web Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Molecular ties offered by Iowa State University at site, which features a course catalog, on- Biology Club line application, and campus information. Biological Sciences Club Iowa State University Office of Admissions 100 Alumni Hall Ames, Iowa 50011-2011 Phone: 800 262-3810 Iowa State University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, E-mail: religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, sex, marital status, disability, or status as a U.S. veteran. Inquiries can be directed to the Director of Equal Opportunity and Diversity, 3680 Beardshear Hall, 515 294-7612. Helping you become your best. 04/06