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Career Information – Links

  1. 1. TOWSON UNIVERSITY – DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES CAREER OPTIONS AND JOB OPPORTUNITIES FOR THE BIOLOGY MAJOR GENERAL INFORMATION ON CAREERS IN BIOLOGY NOTE: What follows is no doubt a partial list of internet sites that provide general information on careers in Biology. Please forward additional sites you find to the compiler, L. Scott Johnson at SUNY Buffalo's Biology Careers on the Internet site Furman University's Biology Careers Page Emporia State University's Careers in Biology Webpage Texas A&M University: What Can You Do With A Biology Degree Swarthmore College: What Can I Do With A Biology Degree? American Institute of Biological Sciences - Career Info Links American Institute of Biological Sciences: Careers in the Biological Sciences Career in Biology - U.S. Dept. of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook Occupational Outlook for Biological and Medical Scientists Carolina Biological Supply Co. - Biology Jobs for the Future Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology - Careers in Biology Careers in Biology Smithsonian's Sources for Information on Careers in Biology, Conservation, and Oceanography SUNY-Oswego's Succinct Descriptions of Biological Occupations page Science magazine's Science Careers site's Career Guide Nat'l Academic Press - Careers in Science and Engineering Guide National Institutes of Health-Career Exploration Site - Employment Opportunities and Job Resources on the Internet (wide variety of links from Molecular Biology to Ecology)
  2. 2. DESCRIPTIONS OF CAREERS IN BIOLOGY’s Descriptions of Various Careers in Biology Agriculture, General Anatomy Animal Genetics Animal Physiology Applied Mathematics Aquaculture Biochemistry Bioethics Biology and Biological Sciences Biometrics and Biostatistics Biophysics Biopsychology Biotechnology Botany Cancer and Oncology Biology Cell Biology Conservation Biology Developmental Biology Ecology Entomology Environmental Biology Environmental Health Environmental Science Environmental Studies Epidemiology Evolutionary Biology Fisheries Sciences and Management Forensic Science
  3. 3. Genetics Human and Medical Genetics Immunology Marine Biology Medicine Microbiology Molecular Biology Molecular Biophysics Natural Resources Conservation Natural Resources Policy and Management Neurobiology Pathology and Experimental Pathology Pharmacology and Toxicology Physiology Plant Physiology Psychobiology Radiation Biology Range Science and Management Reproductive Biology Structural Biology Virology Water, Wetlands, and Marine Resources Management Wildlife Sciences and Management Zoology and Animal Biology Other Sites Providing Information or Links Regarding Certain Careers/Professions NOTE: What follows is, without question, only a partial list of internet sites providing descriptions, requirements, etc. on specific on careers in Biology. Please forward additional sites you find to the compiler of this list, Dr. L. Scott Johnson at Agriculture - Animal Science (Agriculture/Livestock) - University of Wisconsin River Falls site Animal Behavior (Ethology) - Animal Behavior Society's Career Info
  4. 4. Animal Behavior - Animal Behavior Society's Guide to Graduate Programs Anthropology - American Anthropology Association's Careers Site Aquatic Science - American Society of Limnology and Oceanography Careers site Aquariums – See “Zoological Parks and Aquaria” below Astrobiology - Astrobiology Web BioChemistry - American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Careers Brochure Biodiversity/Systematics - Am. Soc. of Plant Taxonomists' Careers in Biosystematics site Biodiversity/Systematics - from the SICB careers site Bioethics - Penn Center for BioEthics Bioinformatics (Biological Computing) - BioInformatics (Biological Computing) - American Medical Informatics Association Biological Systems Engineering - Virginia Tech site BioPhysics - BioPhysical Society's Careers in BioPhysics site Biomedical engineering – (links needed!) Biotechnology - Saludos Hispanos Guide to Biotech Careers Biotechnology - Biotechnology Industry Organization Botany - Botanical Society of America's Careers in Botany Brochure Botany - Tree Care Industry Association Botany - American Phytopathological Society's Careers site Botany - American Society for Horticulture Science Careers page Botany - American Society of Plant Biologists' Careers Site Conservation Biology - Smithsonian's Career Information Conservation Biology - Society for Conservation Biology website Ecology and Environmental Studies - Ecological Society of America's Careers in Ecology Ecology and Environmental Studies - Career Gude from the University of Louisville Ecology and Environmental Science - Environmental Careers Organization Ecology and Environmental Science - Environmental Protection Agency Careers Ecology and Environmental Science - Princeton's Outdoor Action - Environmental Careers Ecology and Environmental Science - Environmental Jobs and Careers Ecology and Environmental Science - Ecology and Environmental Science - Berkeley's Tang Center Links
  5. 5. Education (Colleges/Universities) - National Science Teachers Association Education (Junior High/High School) - National Association of Biology Teachers Environmental Education - Princeton's Outdoor Action -Outdoor Careers Fisheries - American Fisheries Society (see also Wildlife Management below) Food Science and Technology Forensics - Zeno's Forensics site Forensics - Michigan State University site with multiple links Forensics - American Board of Forensic Entomology site Forensics - American Academy of Forensic Science Forestry - USDA Forest Service "What We Do" site Forestry - Society of American Foresters Genetics - Links to Genetics organizations (many with career info) Genetics - FASEB's Genetics Schooling/Careers site Genetics (Human) - KU Medical Center's Careers in Human Genetics site Genetics (Human) - Am. Soc. of Human Genetics Careers site Genetics (Human) - National Society of Genetic Counselors Careers Site Genetics (Genomics) - Davidson College Site Health - see also Medicine and Health Occupations Horticulture - Am. Soc. for Horticultural Science careers site Immunology - Nature Immunology' s Careers in Immunology article Journalism - Society of Environmental Journalists Careers site Law – Environmental (links needed!) Law – Health Care (links needed!) Landscape Architecture - Am. Soc. of Landscape Architechture's Careers site Marine Biology - UCSD's Careers in Oceanography, Marine Science & Marine Biology site Marine Biology - Aquatic Network Marine Biology - American Society of Limnology and Oceanography careers site Marine Biology - OceanLink's Careers page Marine Biology - Stanford's Hopkin's Marine Station career links Marine Biology - Texas A&M's Oceanography Careers site Marine Biology - Sea Grant's site
  6. 6. Marine Biology - SUNY Stony Brook's Marine Biology webpage Medicine and Health Occupations - Furman University's A-to-Z list of links Medicine and Health Occupations - ThinkQuest's Health Career Information Page Medicine and Health Occupations - Nat'l Institute of Health's Career Exploration Site Medicine and Health Occupations - AccessExcellence's site on Clinical Laboratory Science Microbiology - American Society for Microbiology Careers site I Microbiology - American Society for Microbiology Careers site II Microbiology - Society for Industrial Microbiology's Careers site Molecular Biology - Ame. Soc. for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Careers Brochure Molecular Biology -'s Career Page Molecular Biology - Am. Soc. for Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Career Brochure Microscopy - (links needed!) Museums – Natural History (links needed!) Nutrition (links needed!) Neuroscience - Eric H. Chudler's Career in Neuroscience site Patent Examiner (links needed!) Paleontology - UC Berkeley's FAQs site Paleontology - Paleontological Research Institution's Career Brochure Peace Corps Pharmaceutical Sales (links needed!) Physiology - American Physiology Society's Careers Page Proteonomics (Protein Stucture/Function) (links needed!) Toxicology (links needed!) Veterinary Medicine - American Veterinary Medical Association Career page Veterinary Medicine - Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges Veterinary Medicine--See also Medicine and Health Occupations Virology - "All the Virology on the WWW" page Wildlife Management - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Career Information site Wildlife Management - North Dakota Game and Fish Department's Career site Wildlife Management - Colorado Division of Wildlife's Careers page Wildlife Management - Ohio Division of Wildlife Job Qualifications page
  7. 7. Wildlife Management - Univ Wisconsin Eau Claire's career page Zoology - Micheal's Careers in Zoology sites Zoology - Michigan State University's Careers in Zoology site Zoology - University of Melbourne's Careers in Zoology page Zoology -'s Careers with Animals site Zoology - Ark Animals' Unusual Careers with Animals Zoology - Anatomy/Morphology - SICB's Career Info site Zoology - Invertebrate/Marine - SICB's Career Info site Zoology - Entomology/Insects - Young Entomologists' Society Zoology - Forensic Entomology - American Board of Forensic Entomology's site Zoology - Parasitology - University of Queenslands Careers Site Zoology - Parasitology - American Society of Parasitology Career Site Zoology - Fish - Am. Soc. of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists careers site Zoology - Amphibians/Reptiles - Am. Soc. of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists careers site Zoology - Birds - BIRDNET's Bird Jobs list server Zoology - Mammalogy - Mammal Society's Career Info page Zoology - Mammalogy - Mammal Society's Science of Mammalogy Brochure Zoology - Marine Mammals - The Society for Marine Mammalogy's Career Page Zoology - Marine Mammals - International Marine Animal Trainer's Association Career page Zoological Parks & Aquaria - Association of Zoos and Aquariums' Careers Page Zoological Parks & Aquaria - American Association of Zoo Keepers Careers Page Zoological Parks & Aquaria - Seaworld's Guide to Zoological Park Careers ALSO: Furman University maintains the following website that provides links to websites that deal with specific areas of Biology (everything from Astrobiology to Zoology). Many of these sites have career information. If you don’t find the career/profession that you are looking for in the list above, try the Furman University site: Furman University Careers Website The American Institute of Biological Sciences maintains a page with links to all member societies, covering everything from biochemistry to molecular and cell biology to zoology and ecology and everything in between. The site shows whether one can find career information, internship opportunities, job postings, and fellowships at that site: American Institute of Biological Sciences - Career Info Links
  8. 8. SITES POSTING JOBS IN BIOLOGY PLEASE forward additional sites posting jobs for Biology majors to the compiler of this list, Dr. L. Scott Johnson: General job-posting sites (not just Biology-related jobs) USAJobs - Federal Government Employment Federal Jobs Digest Links to Government Employment Information Management Center of San Francisco's Jobs with Non-profit Organizations Site Good Works Directory of Organizations for Social Change - Employment Opportunities and Job Resources on the Internet Peace Corps Public Interest Research Group Jobs State Job Sites Links to State and Federal Employment Information Florida State Government Jobs Georgia State Government Jobs South Carolina State Government Jobs North Carolina State Government Jobs Sites posting most types of Biology-related jobs (not strongly limited to specific disciplines) Employment Links for the Biomedical Scientist New Scientist's List of Jobs ( Science Career Homepage ( Science Jobs
  9. 9. - Job postings in the life sciences jobs site job postings Univeristy of Illinois's List of Employers for Biology Graduates American Institute of Biological Sciences - Career Info Links Frontiers in Bioscience: Jobs in Biology JOB Resources, Links, Listings for Scientists University of Texas Biology Careers Site Sites posting jobs in Biotechnology, Cellular and Molecular Biology, BioMedicine, Microbiology, Genetics, Bioinformatics, Physiology, and allied fields American Society of Cell Biology's Job Board American Society of Microbiology's job page All the Virology on the WWW's massive list of links to jobs in Biology and Medicine Southwest Biotechnology and Informatics Center's Biotechnology jobs site SciWeb Biotechnology Career Center ( - Job Postings in Biotechnology - Biotech, pharmaceutical, medical devices - jobs FASEB Career Resources Employment Links for the Biomedical Scientist BioTechnology Job Postings Bio View - Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Employment / Online Career Center Jobs in BioInformatics, Biochemistry, and Molecular Biology Pharmaceutical Jobs from Hirehealth Cell and Molecular Biology Online - Career Information and Resources ClonTech - Jobs in Biotech, Molecular and Cellular Biology Jobs in Cell Biology, Immunology, and Neurobiology Medzilla - Jobs in BioTechnology and Pharmaceuticals Jobs in BioPhysics
  10. 10. Jobs/Internships with the National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences Biomedical Positions BioMedNet Jobs Society for Food Science and Techology Jobs Bank Sites posting jobs in Organismal Biology, Ecology, Conservation, Wildlife Management, Marine Sciences, Zoo-Aquaria Management, and allied fields American Society of Plant Biologists' JobBank USDA Forest Service Employment Website Employment Opportunities: Wildlife & Fisheries and Environmental Sciences Society for Conservation Biology - Job Postings Environmental Jobs and Careers EnviroNetwork Job Board National Council for Science and the Environment Internships/Jobs Site Aquatic Network (Marine Science/Biology) Jobs site Public Interest Research Group Jobs Zoological Parks and Aquaria - American Zoo and Aquarium Association Job Listings American Association for Laboratory Animal Science American Fisheries Society - Jobs page U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's job site American Society of Mammalogists' job postings Jobs in Horticulture Jobs in Forestry Jobs in Botany and Plant Sciences Jobs in Fisheries Biology Jobs in Aquatic Biology US Fish and Wildlife Service Positions with the U.S. Dept of Interior (incl. US Fish and Wildlife Service) Environmental/Ecology Jobs Envirolink's Green Dream Jobs Environmental Career Opportunities
  11. 11. Employment Opportunities in Water Resources Environmental The Environmental Employment Pages Jobs in Marine Biology and Oceanography Jobs in Aquaculture and Fisheries Jobs in Wildlife and Fisheries Management Jobs in Ecology and Environmental Sciences Jobs with the Wilderness Society Jobs in Conservation Biology and Ecology Nat'l Association of Environmental Professionals Careers Site Colorado State University's List of Jobs in Conservation Biology Jobs with the Nature Conservancy Jobs with Outward Bound (Environmental/Outdoor Education) Cyber-Sierra's Natural Resources Job Search site Colgate University's Links to Environmental Careers Site Environmental Careers Bulletin Online Job Opportunities with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation Jobs with SeaWorld Dolphin Research Center - Positions Available Internships/Jobs with the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (Edgewater, MD) Jobs in Soil and Water Conservation Jobs in Wetlands Conservation Internships and Jobs with the National Institutes of Health Jobs in Entomology World-Wide Web Virtual Library, Job Listings and Career Services in the Biosciences National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Job Postings The Wildlife Society N.A. Benthological Society (Aquatic Biology) Jobs site Student Conservation Association Delaware Dept of Natural Resources Job Postings
  12. 12. National Audubon Society - Jobs Pennsylvania Land Trust Association Positions - ESA Physiological Ecology Maryland Department of Natural Resources - Current Job Openings Smithsonian Institution Job Openings Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries Wildlife Conservation Society Wildlife Habitat Council - Careers