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Pamela Kostur's Gilbane 2013 presentation on connecting conference to the customer experience.

Pamela Kostur's Gilbane 2013 presentation on connecting conference to the customer experience.

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  • 1. Parallax Communications Content first. Connecting Content to the Customer Experience Pamela Kostur
  • 2. Content strategy is the new black But you’d never know it.
  • 3. Free, but what to choose? I won’t be Bach for more!
  • 4. How do customers perceive their interactions with your company? Customer experience is about their perception, not your company’s intent. Content first.
  • 5. It’s that time of year when we’re shopping for gifts
  • 6. Who decided what’s appropriate for whom?
  • 7. When’s the last time your company talked to a customer, or watched them use your website, or any of your content for that matter? Content first.
  • 8. Personas are a critical component of every content strategy. Make them matter. Content first.
  • 9. You are not your customer Your employees are not your customers Your organization is not your customer Content first.
  • 10. Inconsistent ways of describing product features make it impossible for me to compare.
  • 11. Consistency is also a critical component of a content strategy. Consistency serves as a guide to customers. Content first.
  • 12. Focus is on who it’s for, what it does, and what it contains
  • 13. Focus is on benefits and directions for use
  • 14. Focus is on product description
  • 15. Content has to be more than just pretty. Content first.
  • 16. Content strategy requires that you anticipate what customers are doing, and guide them through their tasks. Content first.
  • 17. Connecting content to customers means providing them with useful information along their path. Content first.
  • 18. May exist? A little more guidance would be useful!
  • 19. Seems simple. Who is your content for? What are they trying to do? How does your content help them? Is it consistent? Is it useful? Is it driven by need, and not design? Content first.
  • 20. Content Consistency Customer Context Remember, the customer is not you Needs, wants, expectations
  • 21. This presentation is really a plea to… Make content the new black (Meaningful, customer-centric)
  • 22. Pamela Kostur @Pamela_Kostur 647.889.1459 Content first.
  • 23. P.S. It’s not all bad! Check out these sites. I think they’re pretty great: • • • • •