Dear	  Parents/Guardian,	             We	  are	  addressing	  this	  letter	  to	  inform	  you	  of	  post	  HSC	  plans	...
Trip DetailsWhat             A	  5	  day,	  4	  night	  trip	  to	  Waymount	  Farm,	  Cambewarra.	  When             Mond...
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 Other Information           Considering	  the	  strict	  Neighbour	  Policy,	  we	  are	  all	  aware	  that	  the	  gro...
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Post HSC Plans


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Post HSC Plans

  1. 1. Dear  Parents/Guardian,   We  are  addressing  this  letter  to  inform  you  of  post  HSC  plans  that  will  take  place  from  the  28th  of  November  to  the  1st  of  December.     As   our   school   life   is   coming   to   an   end   and   being   in   our   Senior   Year   of   high  school,   we   have   organized   a   small   5   day   trip   within   our   group   before   we   set   forth  our   separate   ways.   We   feel   that   we   should   have   the   opportunity   to   enjoy   each  other’s  company  and  celebrate  our  achievements  and  our  hard  work  that  we  have  executed  during  the  long  13  years  of  school.  Fittingly,  it  is  appropriate  to  ask  for  your  approval  and  to  notify  you  of  all  details  and  information.   We  will  all  be  open  for  you  to  discuss  this  with  us  in  an  intent  manner  as  we  are  taking  this  event  seriously  and  trying  to  organize  this  in  a  certain  approach  that  will  suit  everyone  (including  you)  best.   As   organizing   takes   a   lengthy   process,   and   bookings   are   due   in   order   to  confirm  our  reservations  particularly  during  that  busy  time  of  the  year,  we  are  asking  you  to  please  consider  this  invitation  with  an  open  mind.   Bear   in   mind   that   this   event   will   only   include   those   invited,   and   as   young  adults   we   have   excluded   the   need   of   parental   supervision.   As   a   group,   we   have  discussed   the   seriousness   of   this   event   and   have   all   come   to   mutually   understand  the  roles  that  we  must  all  play  in  order  to  maintain  your  trust  and  to  make  this  event  successful.  Additionally,  for  your  composure,  many  of  us  will  have  turned  18  by  this  time.   This   means   that   those   who   are   18   will   be   clearly   aware   of   the   possible   legal  charges  and  consequences  if  anything  bad  were  to  happen.   Attached  along  with  this  letter  are  the  proposed  details.  Please  be  aware  that  other  arrangements  can  be  made.  Please  do  not  hesitate  to  propose  other  ideas  and  if   you   have   any   enquiries   whatsoever,   feel   free   to   discuss   it   with   your   son   or  daughter.    
  2. 2. Trip DetailsWhat A  5  day,  4  night  trip  to  Waymount  Farm,  Cambewarra.  When Monday  28th  November  –  Friday  2nd  December  Where Waymount  Farm  a  luxurious  self-­‐contained  country  retreat  at  Cambewarra,  2  hours  drive  south  of  Sydney.   “Situated  in  the  heart  of  the  Shoalhaven,  Waymount  Farm  is  a  self  contained  beautifully  appointed  luxury  country  retreat  nestled  in  the  foothills  of  Cambewarra  Mountain…  Architect   designed,  Waymount  Farm  features  oregon  cathedral  ceilings  throughout  with  every  room   %&()*(+,-./0+(+123*-4555678)895559:6;:975<" possessing  views  of  the  surrounding  property  and  majestic  Cambewarra  Mountain.”   ! Imagine your perfect day... " # !" "# !# !"# $  Conditions (Neighbour Privacy):During  our  guests  visits  to  the  property  we  wish  to  respect  and  honour  our  neighbours  by  ensuring   their   peace   is   not   disturbed   by   loud   party   noises   and   outdoor   entertainment.  Waymount   Farm   therefore   has   a   10pm   noise   curfew.  Waymount   Farm   is   aware   that   you  have   booked   the   facility   to   celebrate   with   family   and   friends   and   hope   you   have   a  memorable   experience   however   we   must   ask   you   to   do   so   whilst   abiding   by   these  restrictions:  • No   Music   is   played   outside   at   all   unless   for   a   special   occasion   such   as   a   Wedding   or   outdoor  organised  game  to  a  maximum  time  of  1  hour  before  10pm  (this  includes  loud   music  carrying  from  cars  and  stereos)  • Outdoor   entertaining   –   dining   and   party   chatter   outside   and   around   the   BBQ   area   must   cease  at  10pm.  • Any  outdoor  party  noise  and  chatter  must  be  of  a  respectful  noise  level  and  must  never   involved  shouting  or  swearing  in  an  offensive  tone.  • Outdoor  swimming  and  spa  use  must  cease  at  10pm.  • No  driving  cars  in  a  loud  or  fast  manner  any  where  on  the  property.  • No  outdoor  games  or  activities  played  after  10pm.  • All  guests  must  be  aware  of  this  contract  and  conduct  themselves  accordingly.  When   you   book   Waymount   Farm   you   are   required   to   agree   with   the   Noise   Disturbance  Contract,  sign  it  and  return  with  a  bond  of  $500  paid  separately  from  your  booking  fee.  If  these  above  restrictions  are  not  adhered  to  and  a  noise  compliant  is  received  the  bond  will  be  withheld.  
  3. 3. Map  CostCurrently,  we  are  looking  at  around  $140  -­‐  $150  per  person,  which  is  accommodation  for  5  days   and   4   nights.   However,   considering   numbers,   this   figure   may   vary.   This   cost   does   not  include  meals  and  travelling  costs,  as  this  is  yet  to  be  determined,  however  we  can  be  that  this   will   not   be   costly.   Considering   the   quality   of   the   house,   we   are   fairly   confident   that  these   prices   are   not   over   expensive.   Also   be   aware   that   miscellaneous   expenses   are   not  included  in  this  overall  cost.    Through  enquiring  at  Waymount  Farm,   we  have  been  informed  that  a  50%  deposit  must  be  made   to   secure   our   booking.   The   remaining   payments   can   be   made   2   weeks   prior   to   our  stay.   Therefore   at   this   time,  it   is   only   required   that   each   person   pitches   in  to   pay   the   50%  deposit.   Deposit:  $60  deposit  per  person  must  be  paid  by  Friday  the  25th  of  March   (This  is  before  half  yearly  examinations,  as  it  will  be  hard  follow  people  up  during   the  examination  period.)   Once  all  deposits  have  been  made,  we  are  then  able  to  settle  our  booking.   The  sooner,  the  better.  Travel Arrangements:We  will  be  travelling  by  car.  At  the  moment,  we  will  have  volunteer  designated  drivers.  We  trust  that  these  people  will  drive  safely  and  will  take  responsibility  to  give  everyone  a  safe  and  happy  drive.    
  4. 4.  Other Information  Considering  the  strict  Neighbour  Policy,  we  are  all  aware  that  the  group  will   behave   accordingly   in   order   to   assure   that   we   will   receive   back   our   $500   bond.    Petrol   money   will   be   provided   from   the   group   and   will   not   come   straight   out   of  a  designated  driver’s  money.    Extra   money   will   be   required   for   any   miscellaneous   items   that   individuals   may  wish  to  purchase.      Food  and  meals  will  be  organized  closer  to  the  date  of  the  trip.    A  list  of  ‘things  to  bring’  will  be  handed  out  later  towards  the  year.      The  house  is  to  be  left  spotless  when  we  depart.       Thank  you  very  much  for  taking  the  time  to  read  through  this.  We  trust  that  you   have  taken  a  sincere  and  considerate  approach  towards  this  event.  Deep  apologies   for  the  lengthy  amount  of  information,  as  we  only  want  to  inform  you  of  every  detail   possible  for  your  peace  of  mind  and  to  know  that  we  are  very  hopeful  for  this  event   to  occur.  We  are  all  open  to  openly  discuss  this  information  thoroughly  as  we  all   hope  for  the  event  to  be  a  success.