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  • Strategic and structural positions are protected
  • 1.Linked to Profitability /Goals2.Cascade the Objectives3.Provide Relevant Skills4.Encourage Employee Engagement5.Facilitate increased Productivity
  • 1.Linked to Profitability /Goals2.Cascade the Objectives3.Provide Relevant Skills4.Encourage Employee Engagement5.Facilitate increased Productivity
  • 1.Linked to Profitability /Goals2.Cascade the Objectives3.Provide Relevant Skills4.Encourage Employee Engagement5.Facilitate increased Productivity
  • 1.Linked to Profitability /Goals2.Cascade the Objectives3.Provide Relevant Skills4.Encourage Employee Engagement5.Facilitate increased Productivity
  • Red tag

    1. 1. Intelligent Rightsizing Shaping businesses into better competitors: The strategic HR Management challenge Imran Ahmad Head – HRStrategic HR REDTAG Group 1 challenges
    2. 2. Session Objective: Provide balanced practices for work force rightsizing which limits Business risks and optimize strengthsStrategic HR 2 challenges
    3. 3. MR. BOSSStrategic HR 3 Challenges
    4. 4. Shareholder Expectation Show me the Money ! MM P&L Elements Currency % Sales Turnover 100 100% Cost of Sales 65 65% Gross Profit 35 35% People Cost 15 15% Other Expenses 5 5% Net Profit 15 15% Strategic HR 4 Challenges
    5. 5. Let’s see how to help: •Facing the Market Realities •What is Rightsizing •The available options •Balancing rightsizing •Right Leadership •Practices & Behaviour •Critical success Factors •Wrap UpStrategic HR 5 challenges
    6. 6. Survival Strategy : Competitive repositioningMR.BOSSStrategic HR 6 Challenges
    7. 7. Creating Business Value Mr. Boss & the Market realities Strategic People Capability Survival Efficient Organisation Kit for Structures Business Operational Effectiveness Organisational Culture Focus on Core Competence Strategic HR 7 challenges
    8. 8. Rationale for rightsizing Mr. Boss’s Strategy: Rightsizing ‘Too large shoes rub blisters , too small shoes cause corns ‘ -Unknown Strategic HR 8 challenges
    9. 9. Rightsizing options What is Rightsizing ? Business Evaluation of Focus on Core Portfolio operational Competence Analysis Effectiveness Internal Headcount & Internal Process Structure Role Re-Examination revamp Rationalisation Strategic HR 9 challenges
    10. 10. Choosing the change The usual options Internal Structure Headcount & Role revamp Rationalisation MR. Strategic HR challenges BOSS 10
    11. 11. Balancing rightsizing Don’t yank the wheels off ! Revenue Support Structural Functions Services Functions Re-Align workforce Re-engineer Reduce dispensable . Competence inefficient processes Retain valuable Adopt considered Consolidate Services Freeze Hiring Hiring , Reduce Roles Redesign Consolidate Reduce unnecessary compensation operations/ locations hierarchy Competitive Organisational Structural Outsource / Reduce Capability Agility Implement multi- Competence Right-size the Non-core activities tasking & job sharing Expense structure Leverage Technology Reduce Non Performers Consider voluntary redundancy/ retirement Strategic HR 11 challenges
    12. 12. Managing Change The Right Leadership Company Leadership ( Led & facilitated by HR ) Identify Vision , Plan and expected Goals Identify the suitable rightsizing choices Determine scope of the implementation Communicate to and Align people Evaluate potential costs Prepare communication plans Prepare survivor plans Strategic HR 12 Challenges
    13. 13. Practices & Behaviours Respectful Departure Communicate facts Complete detailed Plan well & provide honestly Documentation notification period Provide reasonable Treat people with Choose Right timing severance package dignity during the year Strategic HR 13 Challenges
    14. 14. Practices & Behaviours Ensure Retention Training Reemphasize the Introduce efforts to Make leaders visible company vision & enhance competence and supportive goals & skills during rightsizing Monitor and track Develop a culture of Create engagement the deployment of Accountability & Events and ensure a future plans rewards culture of Zeal Strategic HR 14 Challenges
    15. 15. Critical Success FactorsAvoiding pitfalls Action Strong HR Honest Planning Leadership Communication Proper Cost-benefit investments Analysis Strategic HR 15 challenges
    16. 16. A live ExampleStrategic HR 16 Challenges
    17. 17. Rightsizing example KSA :2010-2011 Automotive industry Background Rightsizing driven by Sustained losses Better balance sheet mngmt, Build capability , Create Strategy accountability , strengthen market leadership Drive Sales Volume Focus on Rightsizing Renegotiated Key drivers : new Credit & Initiatives Loans & interest Skills , incentives Collections Introduced New Talent Made Roles Optmised Org. New Comp & Redundant structure Ben structure Unit CSI Service Functional Trackers Inventory Volume scores KPIs KPIs A new Higher unit Satisfied Outcomes Profits business Volume customers Strategic HR unit 17 Challenges
    18. 18. Limiting Risks Optimising Strengths A Quick SummaryStrategic HR 18 Challenges
    19. 19. Wrap Up Winning LikelyQuick Summary Potential Risk StrategiesStrengths There are several areas for rightsizing- Emotional Process choose most appropriate Efficiencies costs Ensure proper due diligence for short-& Process Optimised long term associated costs . disruption Structures Strong Leadership is key to achieving Re-tooling Capability desired rightsizing benefits Costs bandwidth Best practice behaviour will ensure Organisational Higher Cash talent retention and performance Culture Stress flows Strategic HR 19 challenges
    20. 20. Strategic HR 20 Challenges
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