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Emirates national development programme
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Emirates national development programme


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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  • 1. Mutual Respect:A relationships approach to Emiratisation Essa AlMulla March 2012
  • 2. From the outset, the private sector has neglected the community
  • 3. This has led to:• Low nationalisation in priority growth sectors• Unclear future prospects for Nationals• Disengagement from the private sector• Exclusion from the workforce• The emergence of ‘long term’ unemployed
  • 4. The Challenges for employers• National population growth• Existing jobs market• Socio- cultural barriers
  • 5. National population growth
  • 6. Existing Jobs Market
  • 7. Distribution of UAE National across Economic Sectors Agriculture and Fishing 0.0% 0.4% 0.6% Mining and quarrying 1.7% 2.0% 1.9% Manufacturing 3.3% 2.5% 3.4% 0.2% Construction Wholesale and Retail 8.3% Hotels and Restaurants Transportation and storage 4.8% Financial Services Real estate and Business Services 6.3% Public Administration Education Health and socialwork Other Social Services 64.6% Organization and non-sectoral bodies
  • 8. Socio- economic barriers
  • 9. EMPLOYMENT STATUS OF NATIONALS ( age 15+) Not in Workforce In workforce (61,953) (45,751) 57.5% 42.5%Source: the 2009 Dubai Labour Force Survey
  • 10. • How can we change mindsets of:• the government ….?• the community ….?• The media……?
  • 11. What we need is :A review of the relationship Between Employers and Employees
  • 12. Private sector has a ‘duty of care’ to the Nation BB Go Beyond your Balance sheet !
  • 13. The ‘Social Contract’ between employerand Employee - based on : MUTUAL RESPECT• How well do you engage with your Emirati employees….?• How well do you think you understand their needs?
  • 14. Nationals Reasons for Resignation – All Sectors 2008 7% 4% 8% Line Manager 35% Working Conditions Work Environment 9% Work Location Personal Reasons Remuneration 6% Studying Career Development 13% 18%
  • 15. Nationals Reasons for Resignation – Banking & FinanceSector 2008 1. Work Environment: 33% resigned due to DisturbancesReasons for Resignation - Banking & Finance Sector with supervisors and unhelpful colleagues. 75% 2009 commented they have felt neglected and not provided with any work. 2. Career Development: 17% resigned due to the lack of a Work Environment, 0% and was not given any career growth plan within the job. work 3. Working Conditions: 17% resigned because of working 8% Career Development hours and work load of which 16.6 percent commented 8% on low compensation as one of the reasons. 33% 4. 17 % resigned due to an Opposition to working in a Working Conditions Non-Islamic Bank, 50% is a familial force while the rest is on the individual’s perception.17% Opposition to working 5. 8% resigned directly because of the line manager’s for Non-Islamic Bank disrespectful behavior. 6. 8% resigned because of Personal Reasons such as Line Manager Marriage 17% 17% Personal Reasons
  • 16. Relationship based upon MUTUAL RESPECT Requests data, input, information, IPA, etcEMPLOYER EMPLOYEE Feedback, recognition, encouragement, constructive criticism
  • 17. The employers need to:• Make a real effort to understand Emirati needs• View Emirati employees as an asset not a liability• Support Emiratisation in a pro-active way - PPP