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  1. 1. i have a headache. voldemort must be close… 30th June 2012 Issue: 1 Miss Lovegood, Lily, Ginny, Luna, Bellamort, Marauders, Butterbeer, Pigwidgeon, Quibbler, harry & moony… Are proud to present the daily prophet (To view this Prophet, please click on ‗Open in PowerPoint‘, then click ‗Download My File‘. This will not harm your computer. Then press F5 on your keyboard to view the PowerPoint.)
  2. 2. A note from the chief editorHello Fellow Potterheads and welcome to the FIRST EVER edition of ‗I have a headache. Voldemortmust be close‘ Daily Prophet!This Prophet will be published for everyone on this amazing page to read every fortnight (it would be anightmare to make it Daily!!). This will happen every fortnight with the exception of the 25th of August.This is because I shall be visiting Hogwarts and Hogsmead at the time in America. Instead, I would stilllike the admins to email me their articles for the paper for the same set time (to be confirmed nearer thedate), but it will be published a couple of days after I get back (I get back on the 26th but I won‘t be homebecause we‘re staying somewhere else for the night before returning home on the 27th).ANYWAY!!! Before I bore you all stiff with my life stories – I shall pass you onto our amazing adminswho have put in lots of time and effort doing this.Take it away admins!!~Miss Lovegood x(Please note the next paper will be published on the 14th of July and admins must get their articles to meby the 9th of July. Thank you!)A NOTE FROM THE EDITORHiya Potterheads! I’m Admin Lily and I am also the Editor of the Daily Prophet! Woo hoo! *crowdcheers*Hahaha so anyways, this is the First Edition of a very unique newspaper which will be publishedevery fortnight. We cover all your needs- be it beauty, recipes, advice, or just a good old laugh!Since this is the very first edition, I would like to give you guys a little introduction about all oursections We have: 1. Editors Note: By Miss Lovegood x & LilyThis section will have notes from both, me- Lily the Editor and Miss Lovegood x the Chief Editor2. Good News: By LunaThis section will have news of all the good things that have happened on the page3. Bad News: By BellamortThis section will have news of all the bad things that have happened on the page
  3. 3. 13. Divination: By Ginny4. Forecast: By Marauders This section will have Horoscopes 20. Muggle news (whatThis is a section in which you will for all you Trelawneys out there the HP actors have beentell Marauders which area‘sforecast you want. She will ONLYdo the first 10 contents 14. Tragedies: By Pidwidgeon This section will have tragedies- the sad events that have occurred up to): By James This section will help you keep an eye on your5. Potions: By Miss Lovegood x on the page Harry Potter crush- whatThis section will have girly stuff- are the Hp actors up to?like facials, face masks, beauty 15. Kids Corner: By Luna 21. DA Insights: Bytreatments, etc This is for the kiddies! Games, Butterbeer6. Handy Spells: By Lily cartoons and much much more! Last but most certainly notThis section is an advice column 16. Ask the Admin: By Butterbeer the least! We have the DA7. Trolley Treats: By Ah, the section fans will love, and insights! What isLily admins will dread! Do you have Dumbledore’s Army up to? This section will have delicious, any questions you‘d like to ask What challenges are comingmouth-watering recipes- ALL one of us Admins? Well, here‘s up? Butterbeer- do us theTRIED AND TESTED your chance! Comment below honours!8. Politics: By Butterbeer with the Admin‘s name and theThis section is to keep you question! So yeah, I know most of youupdated with Admin 17. Time For A Good Laugh: By just skimmed over all thatCompetitions, or tournaments James ^^ and the ones who didn’t,9. Ministry Of Magic Affairs: By Feeling down in the dumps? HATS OFF TO YOU!Harry Well not anymore! Sit back and Hahahahhahh but yeah soThis section will inform you of the LYAO! :D just a notice for those of yougoings-on on the Admin Group 18. Advertisements: By Fleur who would like to join the10. Sports: By Moony All the promos will be in this section, DA, I have put up a pictureThis is a boyish section which will so all the pages please comment of the signup sheet so youtell you about sports below just have to comment on it11. The Muggle World: By Harry 19. Pages Note: By Ginny and tell me your name JThis section will tell you about the What‘s happening on the page? Okay boring lecture over!muggle world Ginny‘s going to tell you everything! Have fun reading!12. Puzzles : By Miss Lovegood xThis section is the mind bogglingone ~Lily
  4. 4. creator’s noteHello there. I’m admin Ginny and I am very honoured to be writing this on behalf of the page. First Iwould like to say that I tried to make this as short as possible and I hope I succeeded. I really hate itwhen our fans get bored and I hope the hard work that the admins have put into this will not goamiss. I really adore our page and I love the idea that Miss Lovegood and Lily had to make thisnewsletter which I hope will not only keep you up to date with everything happening on our page butenlighten you with our own views of everything ‘Potterish’. It’s a great honour for me to be able to saythat I successfully created a page with such amazing fans and of course admins who without none of,we wouldn’t be at the stage we are. So, speech over and I hope you enjoy reading this newsletter asmuch as we admins enjoyed making it (and of course, running the page). There is one more thing Iwould like to add however. As a chance to get to know each admin, I will be nominating one admin toreceive my ‘award’ for the best and most active admin that week. Active to me does not necessarilymean posting 24/7 but if you keep the fans and the other admins happy, then you are going to beconsidered. I hope no admin will get upset if they are not chosen as you will get your chance as longas you stay loyal to our page. So without further ado, it gives me great pleasure to give my ‘award’ toour new admins Moony and Bellamort who have made me laugh on countless occasions during theirfirst week and have, I hope, made you fans happy. I certainly seem to have got that impression. I amproud to say they have both joined ‘Team Ginny’ for the Dumbledore’s Army! They are the first ofmany to get to receive this ‘award’ and I hope that every admin will try their hardest to try and win itnext week!~Ginny
  5. 5. Good newsSo, hello you lovely readers of the Daily Prophet! Here is Luna and Im gonna tell youthe good news! Im really happy now! Haha.So, lets start!~1.The Triwizard Tournament waits for ideas for the second task. If you give us an ideawe can use you will get a secret award! :D REMEMBER, it should be dangerous... Butnot too dangerous!~2.Our page is becoming more and more active! Thank you all beautiful fans andadmins <3 ~LunaBad newsOn the page – Fortunately there is none, so go, be happy, and uhm, go eat a pickle With our lovely actors/actresses of HP-Someone tried to hack into Tom Felton‘s (alongwith Tom‘s girlfriend‘s) email.Throughout the World- If Planet X (or Nibiru) happens, it will be happening soon! So bepreparedRandom Bad News- Harry Potter is being put into the vault! (It means HP won‘t be forsale)By: Admin BellamortDaily Prophet: ‗I have a headache. Voldemort must be close‘.
  6. 6. Ministry of magic affairsHEADLINES:MINISTRY OF MAGICA LOT OF NEW IDEAS INTRODUCED BY THE MINISTRY....[ADVERTISEMENT:Like this awesome page: Harry Potter (Lets re-live the magic) : ]NEWS:Recently theres been recruit of new members to the Ministry, one of them includes Admin~Harry. The page has got much support and has perfected its efficiency..> Newspaper *DAILY PROPHET* has been started by the Ministry to keep the fans updatedwith all the recent happenings in the Harry Potter World and its ongoing era.. The newspaperhas been divided into quite many segments and is on due publish soon.. (this article itselfincluded).> Dumbledores Army group is been made by the Ministry and recently, its members Avatarsare being decided.... Its believed that this participation in DA will bring a whole lot of newway of experiencing The Harry Potter World.> Ministry has assured to take care of some matters that have been worth pondering andtaking care of. Rumours circulate the page that some of the pages Admins and responsibleMinistry officials arent taking proper care of the page and its administration. Some are evenrumoured to have been bribed by other pages Admins. The Ministry promises to do a fairjudgement upon the case....Thats all from Ministry for now. Stay tuned for more updates as we bring them the fastest..REPORTER:~Harry
  7. 7. PoliticsPolitics: Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls; Welcome to the horrendously, horribly,disgustingly, amazing *read BORING* section of the Daily Prophet. *cue applause, cheering,hooting etc.*Okay because this section will only be filled during an Admin contest *next one at 5000 likes*I just have 2 words to say after the 63 words I have already said, including this and theprevious statement……. Accio Likes!Yours till the Politics,~butterbeerForecastHello Potterheads, this is your meteorologist Marauders coming to you with your 5 dayforecast! Perfect to plan your daily activities for the week!June 30th: In Mississauga, Ontario, Its going to be Sunny with a few clouds, and a high of 30-31 degrees Celsius and a low of 20 degrees Celsius. Best time to wear those shirts and beoutside, enjoying the weather!July 1st: Its going to be Sunny and clear skies, with a high of 30 degrees Celsius and a low of20 againJuly 2nd: Sunny and clear skies, with a high of 26 degrees and a low of 15! Perfect weather tohit the beach or just hang outside with friends :)July 3rd: Prepare for some rain and thunderstorms, with a high of 26 and a low of 14 degrees!Best take an umbrella with you if you decide to step outside!July 4th: After the rain, comes the clear skies and sun with a high of 28 degrees, and a low of14!~Marauders
  8. 8. TragediesWe have still no news from J.K Rowling about a new Harry Potter bookbut let us keep hoping. There are still some nasty rumours about DanielRadcliffe but Tom Felton has been sending out support on Twitter andtheres nothing us Potterheads love more than the actors supporting eachother.•Hundreds of owls used in the Harry Potter filming have been releasedillegally into Britain. Hedwig is still safe!!•THERE ARE NO MORE HARRY POTTER BOOKS OR FILMS!!!!!! ~Pigwidgeon & Miss Lovegood x
  9. 9. DA InsightsWelcome to the most exciting part of Daily Prophet, ―DA Insights‖, where we feedon the juicy gossip form the goings-on of Dumbledore‘s Army (© 2012 by Adminsfrom I have a headache. Voldemort must be close. All rights reserved)Now Admin Ginny (aka. Jenny) has been driving me and my fellow admins to theEXTREME *read in deep announcer‘s voice, like the guy on X-Factor*. Role-plays,head-cannons and ESSAYS?!? (isn‘t it SUMMER BREAK?!?!) Yes Role-play was alot of fun especially with my humour and Admin Lily confused about ―WHATTHE UNICORN IS GOING ON?!?!‖ And yes, my admin application does say thatI love writing Head-cannons but Essays?! Really Ginny?!?But in the end, DA is A LOT of fun and……*note: I speak of the current situationONLY, who knows what Ginny‘s diabolical, future plans are??* I‘m enjoying itsoooo YAY! :D*Note: We are short of members at DA so if anyone is interested please commentbelow and Admin Ginny and Admin Lily will speak to you*Later;),~butterbeer
  10. 10. PotionsHello everyone! I decided to fill in the part of ‗Potions‘ for the Prophet but it wouldn‘treally have been much use to do real potions as Dobby has stolen all of our letters forHogwarts.In the meantime, while we track Dobby down, I have decided that I will turn thissection into potions for Muggles – aka: facials, creams etc (sorry boys!! I‘ll try and findsomething for you for next time!).This week, I have found a scrummy recipe for a homemade chocolate face mask. (Ihave not tried this, but it has good reviews on the Mugglenet) Please feel free to try itat home, but please don‘t eat it and tell me how it goes!!Cocoa powder (half cup)Honey (half cup)Oatmeal (2 tbsp) for dry skin OR Besan (2 tbsp) for oily skinCream (3 tbsp) for dry skin OR Curd (3tbsp) for oily skinMix all the ingredients in the blender till it forms a thick, brown homogeneous batter.Wait or about 5 minutes to let it settle a bit.Put on a hair band so that no hair falls on the face while the mask is on, then apply evenly allover the face (except the eyes, lips and nostrils) and let dry for 15 to 20 minutes.Wash off with lukewarm water and pat the skin with a soft towel to dry it.Please tell me how this goes and I hope you look forward to trying the next potion intwo weeks time!Love,~Miss Lovegood x
  11. 11. Handy SpellsHello people! I‘m admin lily and this is one of my sections for the newspaper. I know thatwhen you read the name of this section you probably thought Id give you spells but thosewont help you and so this section is not about spells, but it is more of an advice column!Since this is the first edition, none of you have sent in any problems. Do not be upset, angryor disheartened if you are not advised, you probably will be in the next section :) Iunderstand that you guys would not want more than a thousand people knowing yourproblems, so you can email me your problems at . Decide a pet namefor yourself so when I give you advice I can use that instead of your real full name :) I willbe creating a separate email for the advice column and will have it up by the next edition, soyeah keep the problems rolling in! Love you all!~Lily <3
  12. 12. Trolley treatsHi there everyone! I am admin Lily and Im the author of the Trolley Treats section :) thissection is basically going to have DELICIOUS recipes that you guys can try at home :) pleasecomment below to give me feedback and tag me (Mina Niazi) so I get a notification :) nowwithout further ado, I present to you-LILYS GOLDEN SNITCH!Muggle Ingredients:1 1/2 tbsp milk3 eggs150g caster sugar125g flour75g melted butterMethod:1. Whisk together the milk and eggs and sugar in a bowl until pale and thick2. Add the flour and butter3. Beat till thick4. Spoon into a cake pan OR a cupcake pan5. Bake in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius for 10-15 minutes till risen and golden brown6. Leave to cool7. Make a pattern with chocolate sauce or nutella8. Serve while warm9. Give me feedback by commenting below and tagging Mina Niazi10. Bon Appétit!~Lily
  13. 13. Puzzles Hello Potterlings again!! As I am doing puzzles for the prophet, every week I am going to give a few logic puzzles for you to work out. It is time to find out if you are more of a Harry or a Hermione  . Riddles1. How can you throw a ball as hard as you can and have it come back toyou, even if it doesnt bounce off anything? There is nothing attached to it,and no one else catches or throws it back to you. 2. What gets wetter and wetter before it dries? 3. I have holes in my top and bottom, left and right and in the middle, yet I still hold water. What am I? 4. I can travel all around the world, while staying in a corner. What am I?How did you do?? I hope none of them were too easy or difficult!I‘ll be back in two weeks with more puzzles for you to solve!Until then!Love,~Miss Lovegood x ANSWERS: 1: Throw it up in the air then catch it. 2: A towel. 3: A sponge. 4: A stamp
  14. 14. Divination Horoscopes for June:Welcome to the Divination section of the magazine. Here you will delve further intothe true magic of your life and discover the secrets hidden in your birth. Aquarius (28th Jan-18th Feb) Youll be eager for excitement when the Moon conjuncts your ruler Uranus on Tuesday. Having a good time will become your main objective. Youll have an unexpected houseguest on Thursday. This person may want to take up residence in a spare room. Harmony will flow on the job on Friday. Youll actually enjoy being at work. A project may hit a snag on Saturday.Pieces (19th Feb-28th Mar)An increased psychological awareness and heightened intuition could have you tuning in to the thoughts and feelings offamily members before they even know what they want, Pisces. You might be able to pick up the thoughts of strangers. This isthe day to trust your inner voice, especially when it comes to making plans with others. While this atmosphere lasts, theymight not be too communicative or inclined to say what they want. Aries (21st Mar-19th Apr) Social events in your neighbourhood could focus on families, with everyone bringing their children. You might spend time telling stories today. Someone with whom youre in contact could be dealing with some powerful emotional issues and not want company. There isnt much you can do, Aries. Let the person know youre there and then leave them alone. In the meantime, others are in a festive mood. Have fun. Taurus (20th Apr-20th May) Others, particularly family members, might be rather quiet today. It could seem as if everyone is running around like crazy but not sharing whats on their minds. Youll have to trust your intuition when you need to know what theyre up to, Taurus. Writing could come from deep within, whether through letters, poetry, or novels, allowing you to express a facet you dont often see. Use this spiritual gift and dig deeper. P.T.O
  15. 15. Gemini (21st May-20th June) Communication, particularly with family members and romantic partners, could take place more subtly than verbally today. Nonetheless, Gemini, youll sense strong love and support from e one. Romance, especially, should be intense and sensual, so this is a great day to schedule an evening alone with a lover. Inspiration for creative projects, particularly in the home, could well up from deep inside. Dont suppress it - let it flow. Cancer (21st June-22nd July)Today you should be feeling especially intuitive, particularly where family members are concerned, Cancer. It certainlywont be easy for anyone to lie to you. You might also think about making some repairs to your home, which you may havebeen putting off. You might spend at least part of the day alone meditating or contemplating your future. Your mind is clearand active, so this is a good time to do it. Leo (23rd July-22nd Aug) A group youre affiliated with could meet today, perhaps in your neighbourhood, Leo. You should focus more on listening to what they have to say than on actively participating in discussions. Youll want to absorb every idea that comes up and seriously mull it over before expressing yourself. When you communicate, you should do it freely and openly. Your mind is both intuitive and logical, so expect to learn a lot. Virgo (23rd Aug-22nd Sept) A small gathering, perhaps in your home, could bring up the subject of the world economy and what its going to mean to individuals. You could be contemplating and maybe even discussing your financial future. This is a good time to make such plans, Virgo, as your mind is logical and intuitive today. Write down any ideas or insights that come your way. Youll want to remember them later. Libra (23rd Sept-22nd Oct) Today you might receive a visit or phone call from a friend you havent seen for a while. An intense and emotional conversation could follow, Libra. Stimulating news could have you preoccupied for a while. Spiritual activities could also take up much of your time. Listening to someone speak might cause you to feel more insightful than usual. This will enable you to apply good common sense to abstract concepts. P.T.O
  16. 16. Scorpio (23rd Oct-22nd Nov)You generally enjoy philosophy, metaphysics, and other forms of higher thought, Scorpio, but today you could findyourself almost obsessive about them. You might decide to sequester yourself and concentrate on these concepts. This is agreat day to do this, because intellect combines with intuition to enable you to understand and make sense of abstractideas. You can apply them to your everyday life. Go to it. Sagittarius (23rd Nov-22nd Dec) Social events, perhaps involving a group youre affiliated with, could involve discussions of some deep subjects, such as philosophy, metaphysics, science - or all three. Your mind should be quick and sharp today, Sagittarius, on both a logical and an intuitive level. Youll probably soak up just about everything you hear. You could give it a lot of thought, and yes, you should be able to make sense of it all. Capricorn (23rd Dec-22nd Jan) Today you might decide to help someone with repairs or decorating in their home or perhaps a church or school. Youll have a lot of good ideas welling up from deep within you, Capricorn, and be astute enough to put them to work in the real world. You might not feel much like talking, however. Therefore dont be surprised if communication is more subtle than overt today. ~Ginny
  17. 17. SportsThis weekend saw the first match in the new Quidditch season for the British and Irish League. The match was between ApplebyArrows and Pride of Portree and took place at the Ellis Moor Quidditch Stadium. Appleby Arrows Chaser - Aiden James Chaser - Georgia McKenzie Chaser - Zack West Beater - Kieran Harris Beater - Mathew Ward Keeper - Abbie Hobbs Seeker - Luke Berry Pride of Portree Chaser - Poppy Armstrong Chaser - Sean Roberts Chaser - Callum Wallace Beater - Elliott Quinn Beater - Bethany Burke Keeper - Alexander Whitehead Seeker - Lara HammondEverything got off to a slow start with neither of the teams‘ Chasers keeping hold of the Quaffle for more than thirty seconds.However things soon picked up when Appleby Arrows‘ Chaser, Aiden James, scored after fourteen minutes by jumping off hisbroom and over the Keeper, Alexander Whitehead. This was an amazing move and got a huge response from the watching fans.Both teams continued in this form and the score was 240-190 to Pride of Portree at the two hour mark.Arrows‘ Chaser, Georgia McKenzie (who is heading into her third year with the club), had to be substituted for ‗newbie‘ TommyPickering after she was injured by a well aimed Bludger (Bethany Burke) while trying to score. Burke actually angled the Bludgerso it would hit both McKenzie and Arrows‘ Keeper, Abbie Hobbs. Fortunately for the Arrows, Hobbs had moved over in order tosave an attempted goal from Portree‘s Chaser Callum Wallace.Lara Hammond, Pride of Portree‘s Seeker, also was injured when she crashed into the ground after seeing the Golden Snitch.Upon spotting the Snitch near to the ground at the bottom of the Appleby Arrows‘ goal posts, Hammond shot off in pursuitclosely followed by the Arrows‘ Seeker, Luke Berry. However, as Hammond reached out to capture the Golden Snitch, her broomcaught on the ground and the young Seeker was thrown into the air, resulting in her spraining her ankle. This meant that thematch ended after three hours and twenty-seven minutes when Appleby Arrows‘ Seeker, Luke Berry caught the Golden Snitch. Itwas very a very close match with the final score being 380-350 to the Appleby Arrows. By Admin Moony
  18. 18. The Muggle world1. Daniel Radcliffe Returns to London StageWell, here is the news you have all been waiting for, for five years.Baz Bamigboye is reporting in todays Daily Mail that Dan is to star in one of the plays of Michael Grandagesfabulous new season at the Noel Coward Theatre, starting this December and each running for just twelveweeks.Well focus on the fourth play in the season, so were talking June 2013 (by which time he will have beenmissing from the West End stage for over six years), but we can pace ourselves through Simon Russell Beale,Sheridan Smith, David Walliams‘ Bottom, Judi Dench and Ben Whishaw and finish up with Jude Law‘sHenry V.And count our blessings, if not our bank balance, although tickets will start from just £10.Dans play will be a production of Martin McDonagh‘s The Cripple Of Inishmaan, with Dan in the title role of"Cripple" Billy Claven, a young man who is keen to escape from his home when he hears that a filmcompany is making a documentary nearby.‗It‘s got pathos, heartbreak — and it‘s very funny,‘ Dan told the Mail, ‗a young boy desperate to be infilm . . . I can relate to that. I‘ve been desperate to find something to come back to London with.‘And his new director says, ‗He has a real hunger not to take the easy option. He‘s keen to push himself in adifferent direction with everything he does.‘2.Daniel Radcliffe in Slow Club VideoRemember us telling you back in January that Dan would be guest editing an edition of Time Out magazine?One of his favourite duties on the day was to interview and photograph Sheffield folk rock duo, Slow Club.Well, we have been waiting all weekend for the bands management to officially upload their new video,because we cannot wait to see who is in it... P.T.O
  19. 19. 3. Emma Watson - Emma Watson In Talks For Darren AronofskysNoahIt looks as though Emma Watson has nabbed the young female role in Darren Aronofskysforthcoming movie Noah. The role was originally thought to be going to Saoirse Ronanbut it looks as though Watson has swiped the opportunity from under her nose, accordingto Deadline. Variety have also reported that Dakota Fanning was the first choice for thepart but her schedule wasnt workable. So it looks as though Emma Watson has got luckythis time around. Shes currently in talks with the Black Swan director to star in the moviealongside Russell Crowe.Based on the story of the biblical ark-builder, the film would include Watson in the role ofIla, a young woman who is involved in a relationship with Noahs son, Shem. JenniferConnelly is thought to be one of the actresses in the running for the role of Noahs wife.Noahs two sons are currently thought to be played by Douglas Booth and Logan Lerman,according to a report from Collider. If Emma secures the role, it will mark a huge step ofprogress for the actress, who needs to choose her roles wisely, following the ending of thehugely successful Harry Potter franchise.She recently filmed Sofia Coppolas latest movie The Bling Ring and is also about tofeature in Guillermo Del Toros Beauty and the Beast reboot. Currently, Noah has beenscheduled for a March 28, 2014 release date.~Harry
  20. 20. Muggle News (HP cast)Tom Felton is, at the moment, in Majorca! His Twitter update also implied that he was golfingand that he liked it, so have fun Tom, but remember, if you don‘t win… My Father will hearabout this! It turns out; Daniel Radcliffe has made a new Twitter account. He has apparentlybeen getting some hate on it, but Tom Felton has been sticking up for him which is good. Butunfortunately, He has spelt his name wrong and it now says Daniel Radcliff instead ofRadcliffe. But this doesn‘t matter! We can look past this minor detail and enjoy our Dan again!Emma Watson has been busy recently. After finishing the Harry Potter series she has gone onto film ‗The Perks of being a Wallflower’ playing one of the leads, Sam, which is due to bereleased on October 5th this year. I know it‘s a long time to wait but it‘s all worth seeing ourEmma on screen again! Rupert Grint has started filming his new film called CBGB where hestars as Cheetah Chrome. It‘s about a look at the New York City punk-rock scene and thevenerable nightclub. Sounds a bit aggressive for someone who is afraid of spiders but oh well,we‘ll love our Rupert no matter what he‘s doing! James and Oliver Phelps have beenabsolutely lovely and have visited the Teenage Cancer dept. at the QE hospital in Birmingham.James tweeted- ‗Amazing place with amazing people. Even signed 1 guys head!‘ Oh James,you are amazing! Matthew Lewis has had his 23rd birthday recently! He had a load ofcomments on his Twitter wishing him a happy birthday which I think is lovely of all his loyalfans! Evanna Lynch has recently been working on a new film called Monster Butler. She willbe playing Fiona Carrick-Smith in the film and it will be coming out next year (we hope). GaryOldman, who played Sirius Black in Harry Potter, will also be starring in the film.Well that‘s everyone I can do before I start wasting your time. I hope you are now up to datewith all of the characters from Harry Potter!~ Quibbler
  21. 21. Kids cornerI think youre a kid, because youre reading the ―Kids Corner‖ article... Lets startwith some jokes!1. Knock, knock!Whos there?You know!You know who?Its okay, hes dead! You can say his name now, silly!2. What‘s Snapes Boggart? What? A cauldron full of Shampoo!3. Q: How many wizards does it take to change a light bulb? A: None — wizards don’tuse electricity!4. How many Weasleys does it take to light up a wand? Seven: Ginny to look upsetand do nothing, Ron to sulk, Fred and George to blow it up, Percy to yell, Charlie tohold it in front of a dragon and Bill to roll his eyes at everyone.What else should be added to the ―Kids Corner‖? I want kids to answer and tell mewhat they want here, by sending a message to Dorry Potterhead. Thank you!~Luna
  22. 22. Ask the admin!In this fun-filled section we will explore the oh-so fascinating question that ourbeloved fans ask. You can address questions to any number of admins or any admins.NO CURSE WORDS or HATE. Your question WILL be IGNORED if it contains theelements banned above. We must request NO pervertedness, however for thosedirty-minded freaks out there, I MIGHT make an exception.I must request fans to please refrain from becoming irritated or annoyed if theirquestion is not answered or published as we cannot publish all questions at once. Youmay get a chance in the next edition published so keep checking!*Note: To submit questions simply comment in the comment box with your name, age,country and question.**Note: No article Feedback to be sent to this section. Article feedback to only besent to “Editor’s Note” section. Likewise No “Ask the Admin” questions should be sentthere*Love you all:*,~butterbeer
  23. 23. AdvertisementsHey potterheadies! Admin Lily here. This is the official section for promos sohere they are!ACCIO LIKES!! *WAVES WAND* :D1. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.
  24. 24. thank you for reading the first ever edition of ‘i have a headache. voldemort must be close’ daily prophet!! Please tell us what you thought by commenting under this paper in the comment area. You thoughts will be considered so tell us what you liked and what you think needs to be improved!!Please try the recipes and get in touch with us about the ‘ask the admin’ and ‘advice’ sections. Thank you!! Love, Miss Lovegood x, Lily, Ginny, Luna, Harry, Bellamort, Marauders, Butterbeer, Moony, Pigwidgeon.