Technology marketing for customer engagement


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  • Stay focused on customers.
  • Connected technologies are both what we have to sell, and part of the tools marketers use today to do their jobs. Difficult for customers to focus on balance between today’s bottom line and operational efficiencies. Cloud computing revolutionizes software with reduced costs and subscription models. Mobile devices penetrated business computing environment. Millenials demand genuine messaging; have high antennae for being “sold to”. They are most “connected” generation ever, and have short attention spans. Social communications (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc) have revolutionized personal and business communications.
  • What objectives should marketing set to be able to deliver on the promise of connected technologies? Customer dialogue throughout organization, not just in marketing.
  • Classic marketing says “define message and expected outcomes”. Not always possible to see the expected outcomes.
  • Story includes product info, but most importantly an understanding of their problem and why your solution is best *for the customer*. Customer case studies, white papers, application notes, data sheets, brochures, blogs, newsletters, press releases
  • Take their use of digital tools such as social media seriously. Facebook is no longer cool among high school kids.
  • Demand Generation strategies assume that you have good content.
  • Product marketing carefully planned the beta customer strategy: test out new hardware and software on product’s most critical accounts.
  • Add vertical industries??
  • Technology marketing for customer engagement

    1. 1. TECHNOLOGYMARKETING IN ACONNECTED WORLDPlanning and Executing High-ValueMarketingPam MortonMarketing CommunicationsManagerDigital MarketerTechnology Geek
    2. 2. Challenge of ConnectedTechnologiesMobile DevicesSocial Communications
    3. 3. Challenge: Understand andEngage With Customers Tell cohesive, customer-focused stories tocreate genuine customer dialogue Craft demand-generation strategies that useCRM to enable sales, improve leadgeneration, and solicit customer feedback Engage customers in solutions that find themin the connected world
    4. 4. Challenge: Find Customers WhereThey Live Consider stage of sales cycle, audience, rolein sales process (influencer? Decisionmaker?), problems in their job function orvertical industry Create a clear message, in customer’slanguage Use various media and methods to reachcustomers
    5. 5. Challenge: Create GenuineContent Tell authentic stories about your product orservice that customers respond to on rationaland emotional levels Use all of the digital tools at yourdisposal, create content, and repurposecontent for different audiences
    6. 6. Challenge: Marketing toMillenials Now business influencers and decisionmakers; view connected technologies ascommon work tools Accustomed to very rapid changes intechnology; challenge to engage them inongoing basis Requires market research, customerprofiling, use of social media and mobile
    7. 7. Challenge: Generate Demand andEnable Sales Design multi-touch campaigns for the rightprospects at the right time Align CRM and automated marketing systems Use analytics to test and improve campaigns Collaborate with sales in campaign planningand evaluation
    8. 8. How Can I Add Value? Demonstrated creativity in solving themarketing problems of technology companiesin “the connected world” Excellent “soft” skills: communication, teambuilding, collaboration
    9. 9. Customer Engagement Problem: Tektronix sampling oscilloscopecustomers impatient for an upgrade after 6years Solution: “deep dive” into beta customer needfor technical information: detailed applicationnotes, constantly updated datasheets, technical webinars, materials for techstandards organizations
    10. 10. Content Strategy Problem: TheWebMechanic needed acompelling website to attract beta customersto stealth start-up Solution: beta customer surveys, GoogleAnalytics to identify site navigation issues, A/Btesting of content
    11. 11. Demand Generation, SalesEnablementMarketResearchIdentify MillsSelectProspectsEmailsWebLandingPageLeadsto CRMSystem Problem: Tieto wanted to penetrate a newmarket segment: packaging paper mills Solution: The Tieto Packaging Campaign
    12. 12. Marketing to Millenials Problem: Gaco Westernneeded to educate influencers:young spray foam applicatorsusing a new product Solution: on-sitetraining, YouTube instructionalvideos, Facebook, GacoUniversity website and CuryeaSpray FoamApplicatorTillotson Enterprises
    13. 13. Professional Expertise 15+ years of experience in B2B technologymarketing Traditional marketing communications: contentstrategy and creation, demandgeneration, advertising, PR Digital marketing:web, SEO, analytics, mobile, social media MBA in Technology Management, University ofWashington, 2009 Passionate about use of technology inbusiness
    14. 14. Employers and ClientsTheWebMechanicAsbury ParkCommunications Technologies: social websites, IT solutions, onlinemeetings, mobileapplications, semiconductors, electronic test andmeasurement, building products
    15. 15. Professional Accomplishments Consulted with Microsoft executives on branding andrecruitment of female software engineers At TheWebMechanic built a beta community of 1,100users for complex social networking product in oneyear Created first marketing communications function inthe Americas for Finnish IT solutions company Tieto Executed Tieto Packaging campaign resulting in $2million initial revenue and ongoing support fees Planned and executed Gaco Western demand-generation campaigns with 3% response rate, positiveROI Conducted research of new mobile app markets
    16. 16. Contact