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Florida Blogger & Social Media Conference Keynote Presentation Pam Moore 2013


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You are the media" is the theme of Pam Moore's keynote presentation for the Florida Blogger & Social Media Conference held in Orlando, Florida, September 21 2013.

You are the media" is the theme of Pam Moore's keynote presentation for the Florida Blogger & Social Media Conference held in Orlando, Florida, September 21 2013.

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  • 1. Pam  Moore   CEO  /  Founder   Marke2ng  Nutz   YOU  are   the     media!     Keynote  Presenta2on     Florida  Blogger  &  Social  Media  Conference  2013   Orlando,  FL   Full  Sail  University
  • 2. blogger box You  are  NOT  a   “BLOGGER!”   Blogger Definition: -To write entries in, add material or maintain a weblog. - A person who keeps & updates a blog.
  • 3. think  bigger  than  this   •  14% bloggers earn a salary through blogging •  $24k = average annual income •  $33k = average annual income corporate bloggers •  50% paid per post earn less than $25 on average & less than $1,000 /yr
  • 4. quit  whining!  
  • 5. run  it  like  a  BUSINESS!    
  • 6. don’t  fake  un2l  you  make  it     Source: Creative Commons
  • 7. how  will  you…     •  Build community •  Prioritize audiences •  Identify influencers •  Activate audiences •  Syndicate •  Content architecture •  Generate REVENUE?
  • 8. know  who  YOU  Are!    
  • 9. YOU     are  the     media  
  • 10. your                ul2mate                            plaYorm  
  • 11. Social Business Success
  • 12. Embrace     the   JOURNEY!  
  • 13. Social Business “Becoming a social business transforms the organization from the inside out, connecting the internal with the external in a way that enhances relationships and creates shared value for the people, the business and ecosystem as a whole.”
  • 14. Social Media “Refers to the means of interactions among people in which they create, share, and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks.”
  • 15. Brand “A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another. If the consumer (whether it’s a business, a buyer, a voter or a donor) doesn’t pay a premium, make a selection or spread the word, then no brand value exists for that consumer.” ~Seth Godin
  • 16. Relevance  is  not  an   op2on!    
  • 17. COMMUNITIES CREATE MARKETS Opportunity Harvest Free     member   Paid     member   Loyal     evangelist   Community Zone Customer Zone $$
  • 18. Source: Altimeter Group use appropriate metrics LOB/Geo Stakeholders Social Strategist/ Community Manager •  Business metrics: revenue, CSAT, reputation. •  Social media analytics: Insights, share of voice, resonance, WOM. •  Engagement metrics: fans, followers, clicks. Corporate
  • 19. We use POST strategy to frame the Social Media Strategy
  • 20. ID & acknowledge RAMs! ü Not funded ü Not in the plan ü Not integrated ü No metrics for success
  • 21. get in their head!
  • 22. listen  more  than  you  talk!    
  • 23. quit  telling   me  what   words  I  can’t   say!    
  • 24. Get to know your customer - or someone else will! ! MESSAGE: 
 mes•sage: Noun
 a communication containing some information, news, advice, request, or the like, sent by messenger, radio, telephone, or other means. 
 UNDERSTAND: un•der•stand: Verb 
 to perceive the meaning of; to accept as true-believe, to grasp the significance, implications, or importance of 
 to understand or comprehend, esp. to infer the correct meaning from circumstances, hints 
be•lieve: Verb 
to have confidence in the truth, the existence, or reliability of something, faith. relevance    
  • 25. Human  Brands:     •  Think like humans •  Care about humans •  Value relationships •  Listen to other humans •  Talk like humans •  Have a personality •  Show their “human” •  Make & own their mistakes •  Are available •  Know themselves •  Know their audience •  Invest in people
  • 26. My  Brand  is…   •  What I say •  What I do •  What I think •  What I tweet •  What I post on Facebook •  What I Instagram •  What I write in email •  What I share •  How I respond •  How I interact on & offline! •  How I drive! • ME!
  • 27. Community  Rocks!    
  • 28. people don’t buy things, they join things
  • 29. OPC’s  Rock  Too!  
  • 30. Image Source: invest  your  2me  wisely  
  • 31. ac2vate   influencers  
  • 32. Don’t  ignore  the  trends  
  • 33. quit chasing shiny objects
  • 34. IDC  predicts  1.3B  mobile   workers  by  2015  
  • 35. 90%  mobile  users  have  device   within  arms  reach  100%  of  2me    
  • 36. Social  Media  2013   •  Major factors driving social media in 2013 –  Mobile - # of ppl accessing internet via mobile phone increasing by 60.3% to 818.4 million in last 2 yrs –  Older user adoption: 55-64 fastest growing on Twitter with 79% growth rate since 2012 –  G+ & Facebook ages 45-54 are fastest growing, with 46% & 56% growth
  • 37. think  service  
  • 38. audio  bridging  the  divide  
  • 39. got  it?  
  • 40. Questions? Pam Moore CEO / Founder Marketing Nutz @pammktgnut