Direct marketing at dell

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  • 1. Direct Marketing at Dell Computers
  • 2. Introduction to DELL Computers  Michael Dell started Dell Computers in 1984 with only $1,000.  Currently, Dell has grown to be a $30+ billion company, with average daily earnings of $40 million.
  • 3. DELL Computers How did Dell Computers progress in the growing Competition ??? Michael Dell started his company with a new concept of “Direct Marketing”
  • 4. DELL Computers What is Direct Marketing?
  • 5. Direct Marketing  It is fast and easy, and is a popular way of promotion  trying to sell straight to the customer  this may be done over the phone post or door to door,or through Internet
  • 6. DELL Computers DELL started with a new concept:  Eliminate the middlemen, and sell directly to the Consumer  By eliminating wholesalers and retailers,  Maintain complete control over inventory levels, as well as distribution costs.
  • 7. Benefits to DELL Computers due to Direct Marketing  Eliminate wholesalers  Eliminate retailers Dell Computers had competitive advantage over the other players in the market.
  • 8. Customer Service  Good Customer Service by solving customer problems.  Customer Can reach to DELL 24*7  Dell reportedly deals with up to 10,000 customers per day, either by phone or through e- mail.
  • 9. Supply Chain Management I2 technology : which gives them the ability to get materials from suppliers over the web in real time, and get those supplies to the factories every two hours to meet customer needs Serves customer orders in couple of days or less
  • 10. Conclusion  Dell computers has established themselves as one of the front-runners in the computer business. Their ability to provide customers with custom-built computers in a matter of days at an affordable price.
  • 11. THANK YOU