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Reference Queries

  1. 1. Reference QueriesPallavi Sakharam Belkar
  2. 2. REFERENCE SECTION :Every well-organized, large or medium library isorganized into a number of sections or departments. Oneof the sections is called Reference Section.In a small library, there may be no separate referencesection.A reference section is that section which providesreference service.
  3. 3. REFERENCE LIBRARIAN :The person who provides reference service is called aReference Librarian.A reference librarian gets an opportunity to meet people fromdifferent strata of society.His/ Her job is to bring the user in contact with the rightinformation / book.
  4. 4. REFERENCE SERVICE :According to Rangnathan right contact means, “ contactbetween the right reader and the right book at the right timeand in the right personal way”.He has named this method as “ Reference Service”.Reference service means, “ process of establishing contactbetween a reader and his documents in a personal way”.
  5. 5. Reference ServicesShort Range Reference Long RangeService / Ready Reference Reference Service Service
  6. 6. 1. Short Range Reference Service / Ready Reference Service -Definition :According to Ranganathan, “ Ready Reference Service is reference service finished in a very short time in a moment if possible”. The concept of ready reference service is based on duration of time. Such queries do not get much time so they are known as “ Short Range Reference Services”.
  7. 7. Examples :i) What is the height of mount Everest ?ii) What is the date of birth of Mahatma Gandhi ? The above questions are such that the answers to thesecan be found readily within a short time. Therefore, thesefall within the scope of ready reference service. Ready reference service is more or less fact findingservice. Normally, sources of information used for factfinding consist of reference books of different types.
  8. 8. Ready Reference Sources :  Encyclopedias  Dictionaries  Yearbooks  Biographical Dictionaries,  Geographical Dictionaries, Etc.It is not always necessary to provide information fromreference sources. In case the reference librarian knowssomething personally.For example : Somebody may be looking for the address ofa college. May be, the reference librarian remembers theaddress.
  9. 9. 2. Long Range Reference Service -Definition :Long Range reference service on the basis of time involved, sources of information used and the nature of information sought. Research levels questions which requires extended searches, several hours in time like day, minutes or months or longer period of continuous basis for search. Due to long period of search time. It is known as “ Long Range Reference Service”.
  10. 10. Long Reference Sources : Ready Reference Sources Periodicals Newspapers Non-book materials Theses and dissertations Reports, Etc.A Reference librarian tries to gather information ondemand or in anticipation on the basis of questionsbrought to the reference desk.A Reference librarian should keep in touch with scholarsand institutions, so that relevant information, which is notavailable in the library can be gathered from them.
  11. 11. It should be clear that ready reference and long rangereference services are essential in a library.Because of these services user will get answers relatedto small query or long query.