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Knowledge management

  1. 1. MLISC2012 -2013
  2. 2. Swanand Milk United Limited
  3. 3. History Mission Vision Knowledge Management
  4. 4.  It was founded in 1946. Brand name managed by an Indian cooperative organization, the Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. SMUL spurred the White Revolution in India Contd….
  5. 5.  It is also the worlds largest vegetarian cheese brand. SMUL has entered overseas markets such as Mauritius, UAE, USA, Oman, Bangladesh, Australia, China, Singapore, Hong Kong and a few South African countries. Its bid to enter Japanese market in 1994 did not succeed, but it plans to venture again.
  6. 6.  Deliver profitable and equitable returns to a large number of farmers for a long period of time. Expansion of distribution network, creative marketing, consumer education and product innovation.
  7. 7. Raw Milk Condensed - Packaged Milk Dried Milk>Ghee, butter, ->Ice cream ->Skimmed cream and beverages milk powder
  8. 8.  The test of India is to be a part of everyones life. Smul is one of the oldest brands in the marketplace and consumers get attracted to it. It is also the one to bring the co-operative movement in the milk segment; like in rural villages of Gujarat and Rajasthan. It also enhanced the financial position of rural women. Its vision is quality and unity.
  9. 9. Content TechnologyArchitecture Architecture Components Process PeopleArchitecture Architecture
  10. 10. Content Architecture Techniques and Procedures for making new products. Competitors and Market Information. Research and Developments Activities. Contd….
  11. 11. Content Architecture Repositories. - Patents. - Grey Literature - Articles - Legal Papers - Conference Proceedings - Meeting Discussion - Policy Paper Queries Comments and Suggestions Contd….
  12. 12. Internal ExternalKnowledge Knowledge Maintenance Content Content Publish Edit S - Database User
  13. 13. Technology Architecture Portal was developed named as MILKWAY. It is for External and Internal users. The URL of the portal is It is consist of News, Groups, Product Advertisement, Seminar Papers, etc. Contd….
  14. 14. Technology Architecture Firewall is used for security.S - Database was also developed by using Active Server Page. ATG dynamo was used to develop portal. Contd….
  15. 15. Firewall Security Intranet UserFactory Intranet Users MILKWAY Extranet Central Portal UsersRepository Technical Customers Users
  16. 16. People Architecture The committee of 30 people was appointed named as MILKWAY Team. Two people for each Factory. - Research and Content Manager (2) and, - Technical Manager (2) Committee looked after collection of information within three Factories. Contd….
  17. 17. People Architecture Information collected is forwarded to the Central Unit of the factories Central Unit Analyses and Processes the information received for the purpose of co- ordination Contd….
  18. 18. Research and Production Content Manager Finance KM Technical Chief Manager R&DManager HRD Editors Marketing
  19. 19. Process Architecture People can share the knowledge by submitting documents through portal. To encourage people and employees to submit documents to portal cash rewards as an incentives were thought of. It is followed by review process where experts assign rating to the review documents. The content is uploaded through factories by Research and content manager and technical manager through intranet to central repository. Contd….
  20. 20. Process ArchitectureThe users who read the document and gain benefits out of it should rate the document . Special events are to held to promote MILKWAY portal among employees. Periodic ‘Knowledge summits’ are held at various factories.