Social media marketing 5 ways your local or regional business can beat the big brands (2)

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  • 1. Social Media Marketing: Small versus Big5 Ways Your Local or Regional Business Can Beat the Big Brands
  • 2. #1- Cultivate a Local or Regional Following Big Small In the movie, Enemy of the State,The Big Brands use a big net when the character "Brill" played by Geneit comes to building a social media Hackman says, "If theyre big andfollowing. While they have the youre little, then youre mobile andbenefit of vast traditional advertising, theyre slow. Youre hidden andmarketing and branding budgets, theyre exposed. You fight only themost Big Brands do little to promote battles you know you can win." Yourmicro-regional social media Local or Regional Business cancommunities. Big Brands and win the battle for being a thoughtLocal Brands inhabit different leader in a local market. Through aeconomic and social ecologies than focused social media strategy youyour Local or Regional Business: can build an army of brandthink elephants walking around mice. advocates with geographically specific interests who will carry your brand to the next level.
  • 3. #2- Be flawesome! Be awesome with your flaws." Wendy Clark, SVP Coca Cola Big SmallThe Big Brands have a Your Local or Regional Business has the liberty address customersbarrier between them and issues quickly and with candor. Bytheir customers. They are so being responsive and open, everybig that it is more difficult for interaction has the potential tocustomers or clients to make increase a customers trust in youra personal connection. The brand.corporate managers of social While we all would like spotlessmedia are also bound by reputations, a negative customerpolicies that make it difficult experience is inevitable. With a managed social media presence afor them to acknowledge error Local or Regional Business canor to laugh at mistakes. turn a negative situation into aBeing candid is not a virtue positive outcome.that is generally encouragedin large companies.
  • 4. #3- Be a Resource to Your Local Community Big Small One of the ways your Local or RegionalThe size of the Big Brands market Business can be a resource to themeans that their dollars and time are community is to produce blogs, videos,focused on larger (national and podcasts or other content that isinternational) market segments. It is a interesting,educational, or entertaining.function of their size that they are not Another way is to promote the content ofable to attend to Local or micro- other local leading bloggers. By doing soregional markets persistently or with you will establish your brand as a localgranular attention. thought influencer. Co-branding with a local philanthropy will promote yourIn the social media department Big business as a resource for the community.Brands look for strategic opportunities Special product promotions is still anotherto cross promote or endorse way to bring value to the community.philanthropic causes but this, again, is By listening and engaging with an everon a scale that leaves opportunity for growing audience your Local or Regionalsmaller regionally focused enterprises. Business will discover new opportunities to build customer loyalty and drive sales.
  • 5. #4-Network with and Promote other Local or Regional Business Big SmallBig Brands have little Your Local or Regional Businessinterest in issues IS a stakeholder in the nicheaffecting the local or economy. As part of the strategyregional economy. of being a resource to theUnless a local business community (see previous slide)is a client or supplier of a you will have the opportunity toBig Brand they will not promote local businesses through your social media channels. If youhave the opportunity for have a positive experience with amutual promotion. In local business, let your socialshort, Big Brands are media followers know about it!!! Itnot usually stakeholders will help your virtual community asin the local economy. well as your business community.
  • 6. #5- Shape the Customer Buying Cycle in Local Markets with Social Media Big Small Your Local or Regional BusinessIts not that Big Brands LIVES in the micro-regional market.dont care about local and Increase awareness of your brandmicro-regional markets. Its by building a virtual community through social media. Become anjust that there is a influencer in your local communitydiminishing return on by empowering others.. Engage withinvestment for them in prospects,clients, and customers in real time with consistency so thatsmaller markets compared your company will be in their mindsto a national and global when it comes time to considerfocus. where they are going to make their next purchase. Convert the trust you have built in your brand into sales and repurchase.
  • 7. PrimalTweet Social Media Management.....because without a plan, social media is just a buzzword.