Mother dairy ( strategies to promote sales in South and West)
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Mother dairy ( strategies to promote sales in South and West)






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Mother dairy ( strategies to promote sales in South and West) Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Set up in 1974 in Delhi under the Operation Flood Programme. Mother dairy products:  Milk  Dairy Products  Ice-Creams  Edible Oils  Fresh fruits and vegetables  Frozen  Processed Food  Grocery  Recipes  Juice and fruit beverages
  • 2.  Mother Dairy - Delhi was set up in 1974 under the Operation Flood Programme.  It is now a subsidiary company of National Dairy Development Board (NDDB).  Mother Dairy markets approximatley 3.2 million liters of milk daily in the markets of Delhi, Mumbai, Saurashtra and Hyderabad.  Marketing operations through around 14000 retail outlets and over 875 exclusive outlets of Mother Dairy.  Safal, the Fruit & Vegetable business initiative of Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt. Ltd has its origin in the Fruit & Vegetable Project established by National Dairy Development Board in 1986.
  • 3.  Vision – “Provide quality food and beverages to consumers at affordable prices while ensuring fair returns to the producers.”  Mission – “Mother Dairy’s heritage is intrinsically linked to the cooperative movement in India. With determination & pride we will continue to serve our farmers, rural India & our consumers. Our values reflect who we are & what we firmly believe in.”
  • 4. Strength 1.Awell-recognized brand name 2. Popular subsidiary brands like Dhara, Safal, b-Activ, etc. 3.A wide variety of products like milk, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, groceries, edible oil, beverages, frozen food, etc. 4. It is an IS/ ISO-9002, IS-15000 HACCP and IS-14001 EMS certified company 5. An employee strength of 3000 people 6.Strong and efficient supply chain network 7.Procurement of milk from co-operative dairies and vegetables from farmers, providing them with fair prices 8.Technological advancement 9.Popular for its quality and affordable price Weakness 1.Limited number of Mother Dairy and Safal outlets 2.Difficult to maintain competitive pricing 3.Vegetables and milk products are perishable
  • 5. Opportunity 1.Continuous demand of dairy products and other products by Mother Dairy 2.Open more number of Mother Dairy outlets 3.Market and advertise the products 4.Increase its market share by expansion in untapped markets Threats 1.Strong marketing muscle by competitors 2.Unstable economic condition in India 3.Other competitor brands
  • 6. Market Penetration Strategy Achieving growth through existing product in existing markets. mother dairy is doing it by-opening motherdairy outlets across the country These stores will sell the entire product range of motherdairy products, in addition to the existing retail network for ice cream, milk and other products more customers through a more intensive distribution. It is opening more stores at Highways, Railway stations, Airports, Bus stations, Schools, Colleges, and Industrial Canteens etc. Market Development Strategy This strategy is concerned with creating business through developing new markets with existing products in hand. Mother dairy is using this strategy to capture new and unexplored sectors without creating new products. What mother dairy is doing in this sense is as follows – Mother dairy is now shifting its focus from urban to rural markets and smaller towns Product Development Product development deals with producing new products for the existing customer base. new and fresh tastes in milk and ice creams safal products is another major initiative by mother dairy wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables Diversification When a new product is launched into the new market diversification holds good and provides more growth opportunities in the future. Mother Dairy has identified the need to increase its presence in newer markets and thus have come up with many new such strategies for increasing its presence in the entire market.
  • 7.  Focused Approach: For the first 22 years of its existence, liquid milk was the only dairy product that Mother Dairy offered.  Wider Spread: eg: In ice creams, it was only a bit more than two years ago that Mother Dairy entered its first market outside Delhi - UP and Punjab. Today, it's extended its operation to Haryana, Jaipur, Mumbai and Kolkata as well, it plans to go south to Hyderabad and Bangalore and west.
  • 8.  Product differentiation: bringing in mass Indian flavors which are building up in terms of absolute percentage of contribution. Their attempt is to make the taste experience in ice creams as familiar as possible so as to increase consumption.  Smart Marketing: Mother Dairy says it's trying to take its product campaigns and communications to a higher platform.  Product enhancement and assured quality: Identify and address quality related problems at every stage from the producer at the village cooperative, to the dairy plant and the process of final delivery to the consumer.
  • 9. Mother Dairy has a market share of 66 % in the branded sector in Delhi, where it sells about 2.5 million Liters of milk daily and undertakes its marketing operations through around 14000 retail outlets and over 875 exclusive outlets of Mother Dairy. Plans to set up a factory in Mumbai and with efforts to increase the company’s footprint in Chennai and Bangalore.
  • 10.  Introducing first time coconut flavored milk and ice-creams in south India.
  • 11.  Adding a traditional touch to the packaging like pictures of south’s culture or folk dance.
  • 12.  Introducing Banana Milk shake
  • 13.  Offering safal’s frozen peas, corn and mix veg in south india.  Offering basmati rice in different variants like gold basmati rice, silver basmati rice, classic rice, parmal rice in south India.
  • 14. West India  Offering Sweets like shrikhand, modak, shira, moong dal kheer, dhoodhi halwa are quite famous in these areas,using mother dairy’s milk and other dairy products.  Frozen yogurt in different flavours
  • 15.  Sweet kesar curd for western people Outlets can be opened at railway stations or bus stands for tourists.  Also in cities (jo dikhta hai wohi bikta hai)
  • 16.  Due to the growing need of nutritious diet, the need of milk and its products have increased among the youth.
  • 17.  Tie-ups with local vendors  Advertisement and promotion strategies by mother dairy.  Tie-ups with industries to open mother dairy outlets for workers.
  • 18.  Mother dairy can venture out on new products like Tonedmilk, Condensed milk that can be used for sweets, Baby food products  There are certain product like mother dairy fresh fruit and vegetables etc which are not as popular as mother dairy ice cream and milk. mother dairy must try to understand the cause of this through thorough market research and work on improving these products  Though mother dairy's hoardings are a huge success, it can penetrate even better in the rural areas by advertising through the media viz cable channels and newspapers. Sponsoring shows in TV, sports events can be of great help.