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Global databases on the example of Betfair company

Global databases on the example of Betfair company






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    Global databases on the example of Betfair company Global databases on the example of Betfair company Presentation Transcript

    • “ Global databases”
    • Content
      • About “Betfair” company
      • Problems of global databases
      • Database system organization
      • Is it centralized or decentralized ?
      • Technologies used
      • The homogenous and heterogeneous database approach. What kind of type Is in BetFair ?
      • Data integration problem. Solutions
      • Short conceptual structure of the system
      • Extra…
    • Betfair company
      • The world’s first and largest betting exchange
      • processes up to 20 million transactions each day and places more than 1,000 bets a second during peak periods.
      • The company has a 90% global market share with 1 million registered customers in more than 90 countries.
    • Problems of global databases
      • single instance of a database:
      • It requires that users from disparate locations have equal access .
      • There must be some fields that have to be in a common language .
      • The servers that deliver the database would have to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
      • The network needs to be robust and fast.
    • Problems of global databases
      • Decentralised:
      • has problems when reporting is needed at the top . Requires very technical skills and a lot of time to do properly .
      • unsharable data.
    • Database system organization
      • At the beginning, in 2000 – just one database, in UK .
      • Due to company’s rapid expansion new exchanges in Australia and Malta , later in Italy were opened.
      • “ Oracle’s scalability allows customers to jump from race to race at peak periods, with no loss in performance”
    • Database system organization
      • A logistics system tracks all services in every country.
      • A CRM application in turn provides complete reports for services.
      • “ Our Oracle Database ranks among the five busiest databases in the world, and we are the only bookmaker with sporting exchanges linked in real time,” says Rorie Devine, Betfair CTO.
    • Centralized & decentralized db
      • A centralized approach to data management promotes the development and use of integrated, sharable data , preserve the quality of that data and serve the needs of the business more effectively. A Global Information System (GIS) allows a company to have a single source for data. This enforces a unified process across the entire company and provides measurements and reports that are valid for every department.
      • In decentralized database management application developers, programmers, integrators perform the functions of a database analyst. Decentralizing data gives advantage in speed, but leads to poorly structured databases .
    • Technologies used
      • Oracle’s real-time technology, to meet the speed, performance, and scalability.
      • Oracle Products & Services used:
      • Oracle Database
      • Oracle Real Application Clusters
      • Oracle Coherence
      • Linux operating platform:
      • By switching to Red Hat Linux operating platform, Betfair has generated a 75% improvement.
    • Oracle Real Application Clusters
      • With Oracle Real Application Clusters , the system extracts data from the front- and back-office applications, feeds it into the warehouse, and analyzes it to create management reports for decision makers.
    • Oracle Coherence
      • Coherence provides distributed data management and caching services on top of a reliable, peer-to-peer clustering protocol.
      • A cache platform that : facilitates transactions -> increases performance -> improves bet-matching speed.
    • Some facts…
      • 99.998% of bets within one second, even during peak periods.
      • Transaction time - 23 milliseconds.
      • Market share - a 90% of the betting exchange industry.
      • Queen’s Award for Enterprise and a National Business Award for the Best Use of Technology.
    • Homogenous databases
      • all nodes use the same hardware and software for the db system.
      • The OS , data structures , db application must be the same or compatible.
    • Heterogeneous Databases
      • nodes may have different hardware and software .
      • Different computers and OS , db applications or data models may be used at each of the locations.
    • In our case…
      • Betfair company uses homogeneous db approach :
      • Red Hat Linux OP
      • Oracle technologies
    • Data integration problem
      • Enterprises run different but coexisting IS.
      • The integration of IS is becoming more and more indispensable.
      • Aim: to form a unified new whole.
    • Data integration problem
      • DI means providing:
        • Uniform
        • Access to
        • Multiple
        • Autonomous
        • Homo/Heterogeneous
        • Structured
        • Data Sources
    • Solutions
      • Out-of-the-box encryption functionality
      • Merge/purge technology
      • Custom-designed software
      • Sequential file processing for large volumes of data.
      • Ex. of Data integration
      • More information about Betfair Company…
      • The BetFair Poker bonus is worth $600 , yet only requires a deposit of at least $20 .
    • Decision making…
    • Official UK site
    • Special applications