How does your product represent particular social groups?


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How does your product represent particular social groups?

  1. 1. How does your product represent particular social groups
  2. 2. What Does Representation Mean? It is the description or portrayal of someone orsomething in a particular way or as being of a certain nature.
  3. 3. My Social GroupThe social group for my magazine is aimed at people who are fans of rock, there are many stereotypes of the social group being black and white edgy clothes, leathers or denim, tattoos, piercings, messy hair and tend to like concerts. Its mainly for people who are very interested in the music industry such as what artists are out there and how they got there also if they want to know more about alternative rock. My magazine also helps to aspire young music artists and can give tips for people who wish to enter the world of music. My magazine is aimed to appeal to a large audience and because my target audience are the people who are most likely to buy music magazines i believe that i would achieve this. Even though my magazine is mainly alternative rock it does contain some aspects of other sub-genres as a lot of them link together, this is an advantage as this then increases the target audience even more. I believe that i have used a lot of factors that would appeal and represent my social group such as colour schemes, text and pictures. the pictures i have used are of teenagers and so this majority represents my social group as they are able to relate to them and aspire.
  4. 4. Male and FemaleMy magazine appeal to both genders as it covers a wide range of the genre rock, however the typical stereotype is that rock music is more appealing to males, this is probably because many well known rock artists are male. Despite this I wanted my magazine to appeal to both genders, that is why I used both male and female models. This way each gender can aspire to be like the models shown (male or female)
  5. 5. EthnicityEven though most rock artists are Caucasian/British this does not mean that my magazine is intentionally aimed at this ethnic group. Even though all of the images are of Caucasian, it does then exclude people of different ethnicity to buy this magazine. And so any ethnic group can read this magazine.
  6. 6. The Age RangeMy age range is 16-20 year olds which is considered a more mature age group, as I am in this range myself I am able to speak for some of my target audience and I know that at this age people are mostly invested in music and is a very common interest amongst the age range, and you begin to make decisions about what you want to do later in life, a part of my magazine as seen on the contents page addresses this as it shows my magazine aims to help people to become what they want and gives them the message that if you work hard enough you will succeed this impression is also shown in my double page spread article.
  7. 7. Socio-economic factorsMany economic factors can affect a magazine as it can affect the social group (target audience) I wanted my magazine to be available to a lot of the people in my age range so it is mainly aimed at lower class, this is why i made the magazine cheap (£1.50) this way it is easy for teens to afford. Teenagers are well known not to have a lot of money mainly because they may have no or only small part time jobs that do not pay much and so i needed to make it easier for them to buy, when I did my research on music magazines i noticed that a lot of them were highly priced at around £4 even though some of them were aimed at teens, this then affected sale as not many people could afford to spend that much on a magazine when they are in full time education. Also on the front I have included a badge which reads Win tickets this aspect I think would appeal to the middle class as musical events is what most of them are likely to go to.
  8. 8. ConclusionOverall I believe I have been able to completely represent my social group correctly as I have shown teens, them being the band, that have put in a lot of effort and achieved there ambition. The article contains information that can help my social group to relate to them and aspire to achieve there own goals.