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Music video diary

  1. 1. Extended Diploma in Creative Media ProductionPaige Ward IG3 Assignment Production DiaryPROGRESS UPDATE PLAN FOR NEXT MONTH / WEEK(Including PossibleContingency Plans If Problems Anticipated)Mon W/B 25/02/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)On 26/02/13 I and Megan Robinson went to Megan’s house tostart filming. We spent the afternoon filming a variety of differentshots. The cameraman was Megan when she wasn’t in the shotand I was the director, but when she was in the shot we swappedroles. One of the main people in the music video dropped out lastminute so we had to find someone to use it took us about 30/40minutes to find someone else to be in it.On 27/02/13 I and Megan Robinson went to Salford Quays. Wefilmed majority of our music video on this day, we spend the wholeday filming. Megan was the cameraman and I was the directorduring the morning/ mid-day. Then we swapped roles around halfway through the day.On 28/02/13 me and Megan Robinson spent the morning filming ina classroom at Eccles Sixth Form, I was the cameraman and I shotthem pulling faces and Megan Robinson shot the ‘5 hours earlier’on the whiteboard. Once we have finished filming in the classroomwe went back to Salford Quays with Megan’s dad and Jess. Wespent a few hours filming the last scenes we had to do, I was thecameraman and Megan was the director.We are planning to upload all the footage next weekand delete the footage which we didn’t need. Thefootage which was blurry etc… We’re also going torename all the footage so we know which is which whenwe’re editing it all, this will make it easier for us. If wedo this in time we’re planning to start editing thefootage.Mon W/B 04/03/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)On 05/03/13 Megan Robinson uploaded the footage to hercomputer and saved them to the ‘Q’ and ‘E’ drive, and then wewatched all the footage we had and renamed them to make iteasier when we were editing. We also renamed all the images andput them in their own folder. Once we had renamed them wesaved the folder to our ‘E’ drive.On 08/03/13 We set up a new file on Adobe Premiere pro to editWe are planning to start editing the footage. We’regoing to crop parts out where we don’t need it. Wehave some footage which is too dark so we’re eithergoing to try edit it to make it a bit lighter to go with ourother footage or just reshoot it which will most likely beeasier.
  2. 2. Extended Diploma in Creative Media ProductionPaige Ward IG3 Assignment Production Diaryour footage and sound. Ian shown us how to use it and then weadded our footage to Adobe Premiere pro.Mon W/B 11/03/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)12/03/13 We printed off a script and started editing the footage.Majority of it needed to be cut at certain points. Once the footagewas added we have to lock the video and delete the sound off theshort footages.15/03/13 We both carried on editing the footage and looked atwhich parts could get reshot because we videoed it when it wastoo dark. We wrote down which parts we want to reshoot andorganised what day we were going to reshoot.Finish off out rough edit of the music video. Reshootsome scenes which are too dark and scenes which wethink may look better if we used different camera anglesetc… Upload all the footage and images taken whileshooting and rename them so it’s easier to understandthem when editing the music video. Using the newfootage finish off the rough edit by changing the darkbits with the actual new footage we are going to use.Mon W/B 18/03/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)19/03/13 We carried on editing the video in the morning to get itfinished. In the afternoon we went back to Salford Quays andreshot the prom scene and some other scenes. Megan Robinsonwas the director and Paige Ward was the camera man. We alsotook images of the scenes we were videoing.21/03/13 We reshot some other scenes which we needed to, whenthe white board says ‘5 hours earlier’ and part of the scene bit. Wealso took images when we were shooting this part. I was thedirector and Megan Robinson was the Cameraman.22/03/13 Added all of the footage which we have taken the pasttwo days and renamed them so it’s easier to understand whenediting them into our music video. Carrying on editing the musicvideo until it’s finished.Find different music videos which I like the effect on andtry them on my rough edit and see which I think worksbest with mine. Then get Ian to look at the rough edit ofthe Music video while I write an evaluation on what Ithink of my edit and how I could improve it.Mon W/B 01/04/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)Mon W/B 08/04/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)09/04/13 I finished my rough edit of my music video then renderedit out and watched it over to see how I could improve it and what Ineed to change on it. While looking at it I wrote about what IIf I decide to reshoot the ‘5 hours earlier’ whiteboard, ifI don’t speed it up a little in the music video. Whiledoing this think about how I’m going to edit it when it’s
  3. 3. Extended Diploma in Creative Media ProductionPaige Ward IG3 Assignment Production Diaryneeded/wanted to change and how. I also thought about how Iwanted to edit it when it came to it.12/14/13 Started thinking about how I’m going to edit my finalmusic video, added all my images of when my group was filmingto Microsoft word and wrote about what they are, when they wastaken and what scene they was in. On some I have also mentionedthe angles of which they are.complete. Also going to upload my images and writeabout them.I didn’t reshoot the whiteboard scene so going to decidewhether I want to next week. Also going to start myfinal music video and as I’m making it I’m going tochange a few things which I said needed changing in theevaluation of my rough edit and I’m going to think abouthow I want to edit it once I have finished it.Mon W/B 15/04/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)16/04/13 Organised when me and Megan are going to reshootcertain shots for example the Whiteboard and some of thesneaking out shots. I read through my evaluation and started toedit my final edit. I went off my rough edit, evaluation and thescript.19/04/13 I carried on editing my final edit but left a certain amountof gaps for the video footage which we need to reshoot and makeit clear what’s going where by writing it down.Re filming certain footage for example when Megan andTara are sneaking out, the ‘5 hours earlier’ on thewhiteboard and the window. Then we’re going to putthe footage on the computer and replace the oldfootage with the new footage. Then I’m going to renderthe edit out and try different colours and edits on it forexample Black and white. Upload the final edit toYouTube and put it on my blog and then write anevaluation on it.Mon W/B 22/04/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)22/04/13 Me and Megan went back to her house and filmedcertain scenes which we didn’t think was in the best quality. Thescenes which we refilmed were the girls getting ready for prom,them sneaking out of the house, running to their boyfriends andsome of the buildings down the street which they’re running pastto get to prom.23/04/13 I’m going to upload all of the new footage and renamethem so we know which is which when putting them into ourmusic video. Once I’ve done that in the morning I am going to putthem into my final music video edit and once I think it looks right Iam going to render it out and save it.26/04/13 I have watched my music video now it is finished andFinish off my final evaluation and make sure everythingelse which needs to be done is finished.
  4. 4. Extended Diploma in Creative Media ProductionPaige Ward IG3 Assignment Production Diarystarted my evaluation on it. I uploaded my final music video to YouTube and uploaded it onto my blog to evidence it.PROGRESS UPDATE PLAN FOR NEXT MONTH / WEEK (Including PossibleContingency Plans)