Doc Marten Advert Evaluationby Paige WardI had to research about different techniques which are used within advertssome of...
audience, who would be in the advert, destination and why, how I was going to include differentcolours and patterns to sho...
because I thought it sounded better than it just coming straight in.The Pretty Reckless - Factory Girl.mp3.I changed certa...
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Doc marten advert evaluation


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Doc marten advert evaluation

  1. 1. Doc Marten Advert Evaluationby Paige WardI had to research about different techniques which are used within advertssome of these are Emotion, Benefit, Dramatic Conflict, Sex and etc… I found 5different adverts which were examples of 5 different techniques thetechniques I chosen were exaggeration, emotion, sex, dramatic conflict anddemographic positioning. I had to watch the adverts and research about theNarrative, so what the story of the ad was, the characters, settings andconflicts. I also had to look at the different camera shots which they use in theadvert, think about who the target audience would be and why. Once I finishedresearching about the different techniques I started researching about advertisingstructures, I researched about the forms in which the advert takes for examplerealist narrative, Anti- realist narrative, Animation, Documentary, Talking headsand etc… I also researched the styles of adverts for example humorous, Surreal,Dramatic and etc…Once I finished my research on different adverts and theirtechniques I started researching about the audiences and about Quantitative andQualitative research. I also researched about audience classificationwhich includes Audience profiling, for example higher management,Middle Management and etc…These show who would most likely buywhat for depending on where they are on the table. I also had toresearch about psychographics and the groups, these groups aremainstreamers, aspirers, succeeders, resigned, explorers, reformer andstruggler.Once I finished all the research I had to start thinking about whatproduct I wanted to advertise, I started with the idea of advertisingshoes and I emailed Harry what I wanted to advertise. Once he knewwhat sort of product I wanted to advertise we spoke about what sort ofshoes I could advertise and what sort of things I could include within myadvert and what sort of things I need to think about for example theaudience would want to see the shoes so make it obvious what the adverts actually about and tryto show the benefits Once I started looking at different shoe adverts I decided I was going toadvertise Doc Martens because I own a variety of pairs and it would be fairly easier since I had theproduct which I was going to advertise. I had to do some research on Doc Marten boots and lookat previous adverts but their wasn’t many I found around 3 previous adverts. I looked at how theywere edited and how they shown the Doc Martens with certain camera angles and listened towhat sorts of sounds that get play in the background, the sounds were mostly songs. I used twocompletely different Doc Marten adverts which were made in around the 80’s and shown how theywere different and what ideas I got from each of them.When I finished looking at previous adverts I made a mind map of ideas which I had on mindgenius, I included how I would brand the shoes in my advert, previous adverts, how I was going tomention places where the audience can buy Doc Marten boots from, target
  2. 2. audience, who would be in the advert, destination and why, how I was going to include differentcolours and patterns to show how they’ve changed over the years and etc… Once I finished mymind map I pitched it to Harry and he videoed it with my mind map behind me even though I didn’tspeak off it it shown the ideas which I had and how detailed they were.In the pitch I spoke aboutwhat I was promoting in my advert and a brief explanation on how I’m going to advertisethem.Once I knew exactly what I was going to do I had to write my advert synopsisand I had to relate it to my pitch and keep it around the same, after this I had abrief idea of what I was actually doing so I put my storyboard into Adobe Illustratorand typed in what was going to happen because this would be easier to understandand it would fit better. Once I wrote down exactly what was happening in mystoryboard I printed them out and drawn what was happening to make it easier tounderstand.When I finished my storyboard I had an idea of what and who I was filming,where my destination is where I’m filming and etc… So I booked the equipmentwhich I needed with Chris and started to fill in the tables which Harry gave usfor example the production plan, which included the production equipmentrequired, crewing requirements, Actors, Transport, Props/scenery and Post-Production requirements. I also had to produce my shooting schedule thishelped me during filming with knowing what I had to film. I used this as a checklist when filming so I knew where I was while I was filming. Then Ihad to fill in my risk assessment on everywhere I’m filming, this alsoincluded certain contacts in case of emergencies. Once I finished allmy pre-production and production I printed the documents off whichI needed during filming for example my storyboard so I knew what Ihad to film and go off. I booked a camera for over the weekend.I went into town and spent majority of the day filming I wasn’t 100% sure on what exactly I wasgoing to do even though I had planned it out I had a few other ideas and didn’t use my storyboardto film. I used two different Doc Martens and three different models in town which I was filming.When I finished filming in town I filmed four different Doc Martens in Eccles on a field I kept thebackground for each exactly the same because I wanted to switch a second from each at the startand end of my advert to show the product. I like certain parts of my advert for example whenStacey and Beth are skipping down the street, I like how it starts of a close-up of the doc martensthen zooms out to them skipping. I also like the start when the doc martens switch for a secondfrom each it works well with how fast they switch. Even though I like majority parts of my advert Ihad some parts where I filmed indoors and when I added them into my advert after the footagewhich was shot in Manchester I didn’t think it looked right or went well going straight fromoutdoors to indoors. I tried the footage at different parts of my advert but I still didn’t like it so Ijust deleted it and didn’t use the footage which was shot indoors. Overall I like my edit especiallythe footage where they’re skipping and I think it goes well with the song which I have chosen touse.Instead of talking in my advert I just used 30 seconds of a song throughout of it, I used Factory girlby The Pretty Reckless I used this song because I think the beat to the song goes well with myadvert. Instead of the song just coming straight in and out of my advert I faded it in and out
  3. 3. because I thought it sounded better than it just coming straight in.The Pretty Reckless - Factory Girl.mp3.I changed certain parts of my storyboard because I was planning on filming in a shop because Ididn’t have time to ring them and I didn’t think about email I couldn’t ask their permission to filmin their store so I changed the footage from being inside a store to three friends wearing the docmartens inside a house messing around. In the past when I have filmed I’ve always had someoneto do it with and filming the advert was the first time which I’ve filmed on my own and plannedeverything out by myself. Even though I found this easier because there were no disagreements onwhich ideas were getting used and etc… I think it would have been easier doing it with someoneelse to get some extra ideas, I found filming the footage to the advert easy because I had an ideaon what I wanted to do and I had a variety of different Doc Martens which helped. When it cameto putting all the footage together I didn’t find it as easier as actually filming the footage because Ididn’t know how to start it and I didn’t like how certain parts looked with how I planned to do it onmy storyboard so I changed my ideas and I kept my advert simple. It’s mainly people walkingaround and the camera focuses on the shoes more than anything else, I think it works well becauseit was a wet day it shows how the Doc Martens are water proof and who I used as models don’tseem to care about the weather during filming.If I were to do my advert again I think I would plan it a little better and be more organised when itcame to the planning. I’d also shoot more footage than I did because by the end I was running outof footage and had to make part of my advert a little longer and add the logo for a little longertowards the end to make up the 30 seconds. I also think I could have shown different day-to-daylife happening for example instead of just walking down the road but also shown them withdifferent people for example friends, family or work colleagues. Even though I wanted to shootwhen it was rainy I think I should have thought about the wind because in some of the footage itwas obvious how windy it was with the camera and it isn’t the best quality.Overall I think my advert promotes Doc Martens well because it shows a variety of advantages ofhaving them for example they’re water proof, comfy and come in a variety of different colours andpatterns. I also think I’ve shown they can go with a variety of different clothes for exampledresses, shorts, all in ones and etc…