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Magazine cover presntation1

  1. 1. Paige Ward
  2. 2. The target audience of Q magazine is mature music lovers but is purchased by any music enthusiasts of all ages. The genre of this music magazine is indie. In each Q magazine theirs always a compiling list, on this month it’s a 16-page gig blow out.
  3. 3. The indie music magazine uses many bright and bold features to encourage readers to purchase the magazine. The text is in capital letters, making it easy to read and gives a clear message about who is the main story in the magazine. The logo is always found on the left top side of Q magazine and is always white and red. The magazine is telling reader that Florence is a ‘woman on edge’ to pull the audience in, they chose one quote from the singer ‘I feel so alone’.
  4. 4. The large close-up cover image of Florence (Florence and the machine) takes up the whole cover. The colour blue is used to tie in with the eye shadow on Florence and is shown on the bullet points and cover line separators. The red hair colour also coordinated with the magazine’s iconic logo on the top left corner of the cover. The pale white complexion of Florence also coincide with the white text.
  5. 5. The image is large and covers the whole of the magazine cover, some of the writing is quite big, theirs a range of sizes. The language used is quite catchy with the audience and there is some slang used for example ‘Noisy git’. The magazine has quite simple colors such as white, red and blue. The magazine cover has made the photograph of Florence go with the font and the magazine logo. This magazine uses many bright and fold fonts to encourage the reader to purchase the magazine. Also all the text shown is in capital letters, making it easy to read and it gives a clear message of what is inside the magazine.
  6. 6. This music magazine is aimed at young teens interested in the latest music and young celebrities. The cover is filled with images and cover lines, showing a range of features shown inside. The colour scheme consists of several different colors creating a fun and youth theme. The white background makes the magazine stand out more. There is a lot more colors, texts and images on this cover magazine. Also Q magazine is more sophisticated than Top of the pops.
  7. 7. For my music magazine I want darkish and warm colors for example black, red, orange, brown and etc… I also want my font the same but the writing sizes different depending on their importance on the magazine for example main stories/ headlines I want large. I’m also planning on using some quotes out of my magazine on the cover because I think this works well and can make the audience want to read it. I’m also planning on using some slang which indie teenagers and young adults of both genres use.