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Cinema research

  1. 1. Cinema Research Empire Cinema (S Cineworld Cinemas (Bolden) Tyneside Cinema
  2. 2. Empire Cinema Showings Need for Speed: 6 showings (Between 11:15 and 21:15) 300: Rise of an Empire: 3 showings (Between 15:10 and 19:50) The Grand Budapest Hotel: 3 showings (Between 15:30 and 20:15) Non-Stop: 5 showings (Between 11:15 and 20:40) The Lego Movie: 4 showings (Between 10:20 and 17:40) Escape from Planet Earth: 2 showings (10:15 and 15:15) The Book Thief: 1 showing (21:20) Walking with Dinosaurs: 1 showing (10:30) Frozen: 1 showing (10:30) A Long Way Down: 4 showings (12:35 and 20:10) Elton John - The Million Dollar Piano: 1 showing (20:00) Labor Day: 4 showings (Between 12:45 and 20:25) Mr. Peabody & Sherman: 2 showings (10:40 and 13:00) Muppets Most Wanted: 12 showings (Between 10:00 and 20:00) Ride Along: 3 showings (Between 12:50 and 20:30) Starred Up: 4 showings (Between 13:20 and 20:35) Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy: 2 showings (11:15 and 13:10)
  3. 3. lMuppets Most Wanted was the most popula lNeed for Speed was second popular with 6 Empire Cinemas are a chain cinema with 16 different places all around Adult ticket is £7.50 Senior ticket is £5.50 Child ticket is £5.50 Family ticket (2 adults/2 children or 1 adult/3 children) £22.00 Student ticket is £5.50 These two films have times from early morning to late at night because with the kids movie, they're usually up at early times and they can all go as a family and it isn't on as late as Need for Speed because you wouldn't expect kids to be out at 8/9 o clock at night. Need for Speed is on later because it's on for older people and people such as couples usually go to the cinema on a night time when there's less people and obviously less kids would be there at later times. Empire Sunderland is popular because it's the big main cinema in the centre of Sunderland. It has easy access with a car park practically right next to it along with restaurants like Frankie and Benny's and Nandos. The cinema has a mini arcade inside with shooting and car simulated games. It has a big snack counter where you can get the conventional popcorn, huge pick and mix area, Costa Coffee, Ben and Jerry's ice cream, hot dogs, nachos etc. It also has a bar and lounge for over 18's to go up and have a drink before or after the film.They also have a 'Cheap Tuesday' every Tuesday where every ticket is half price for everyone. Orange have 'Orange Wednesdays' where Orange customers get 2 for 1 on cinema tickets
  4. 4. Coming Soon The website has a slideshow of different movie posters with forthcom It also has a list of movies that are about to be released and some info on the movie and where to book tickets for a screening.
  5. 5. Cineworld Cinema Showings Need for Speed: 6 showings (Between 10:15 and 21:10) 300: Rise of an Empire: 4 showings (Between 12:30 and 20:45) The Grand Budapest Hotel: 2 showings (17:45 and 20:15) The Lego Movie: 3 showings (Between 13:45 and 16:00) Non-Stop: 1 showing (18:45) Escape from Planet Earth: 2 showings (10:40 and 12:45)
 Mr. Peabody and Sherman: 2 showings
 (12:40 and 13:45) Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy: 1 showing
 (11:00) Ride Along: 1 showing (21:15) Muppets Most Wanted: 10 showings
  6. 6. Muppets Most Wanted was the most popular film on Saturday with 10 showings th The reason for this could have been because it's a new film that's just been released so there may be a high demand c The location of the cinema is just off the outskirts of Bolden, next to Bolden industrial park and next to some hou It's in a square of different things like Frankie and Benny's, McDonalds, a pub The Story Book, Pizza Hut and Bo The cinema would be popular to the locals because it has practically everything there. Some entertainment and Cineworld is part of a nationwide chain with 79 different locations around the UK. The cinema in Bolden has a snack bar where you can purchase snacks such as slushes, sweets, popcorn etc a
  7. 7. Prices
  8. 8. Tyneside Cinema The Muppets: 1 showing (10:30) Starred Up: 4 showings (Between 11:00 and 20:35) The Grand Budapest Hotel: 10 showings (Between 11:55 and 20:45) Dallas Buyers Club: 1 showing (12:45) The Rocket: 1 showing (13:15) Under the Skin: 2 showings (15:30 and 20:10) AV Festival 2014 - Tim Robinson Connemara: 1 showing (18:00)
  9. 9. The Grand Budapest Hotel was the most popular film with 10 showings. The reason for this might be this is the type of people who go to this cinema because this isn't a fair Tyneside cinema is just off the centre of Newcastle on Pilgrim Street. This would make you think it's It doesn't have anything really next to it, only around the corner is a Greggs but it's about a 3/5 minu Tyneside cinema isn't part of a chain, it's an independent cinema. Inside the cinemas is three different coffee shops where you can get variety of different hot and cold In Summer 2014 they're planning on making a bar cafe with its cabaret style 'secret cinema' inside.
  10. 10. Prices