#Manship4002 Instagram & Spreadability - Lecture 7


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#Manship4002 Instagram & Spreadability - Lecture 7

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#Manship4002 Instagram & Spreadability - Lecture 7

  2. 2. “More than ever we are living in a participatory culture where most everyone has the capability to shoot, share and create media. Jenkins warns that if you want your content to spread you must allow others to share it and participate in it. Traditional ideas about copyright, ownership and creating cultural value are being completely transformed in the process.” – Q Media Solutions
  4. 4. SPREADABLE MEDIA:  Leaving behind the idea of “influencers”… “brand developers […] are still trying to future out any angle of public relations that doesn’t require much in the way of relating to the public.” – Spreadable Media There is no shortcut for relationship building and public engagement.
  5. 5. GETTING STARTED:  Fill out your Instagram profile completely, completing all fields  Tag your pictures with relevant hashtags in the comments section, much like you do with Tweets  Tag other users who are relevant to the post by typing their user name in the comments section (community)  The point of a social network is to engage with others, so always like and comment on other pictures you find interesting, answer questions, etc.  Share your Instagram activity on Facebook and Twitter
  6. 6. WAYS TO USE INSTAGRAM FOR YOUR BUSINESS  Show your products – collections, new products, etc.; equipment & supplies  Show us how it’s made!  Go behind the scenes - Doing a photo shoot, filming a commercial, or getting made-up for an interview are all moments few people get to experience. It is like giving your followers an exclusive backstage pass!  Show what your products can do.  Give a sneak peek.  Show your office.  Take us with you.  Introduce your employees.  Share the cuteness – cute animals always popular.
  7. 7. HOW TO USE INSTAGRAM FOR YOUR COMPANY…  A new product. Post a cool picture of the new product, screenshot, or someone using the product. Be sure to make the photo simple. It should give off a vibe, not jam in technical details.  An upcoming event. Consider posting an image of the venue or city it will be held in. Take advantage of Instagram’s brand-new feature – a photomap that lets members plot their pictures on an interactive world map.  A recent award. Instead of a picture of the team accepting the award, a hand gripping the trophy, or nailing a certificate to the wall could be more compelling. http://www.inkhouse.net/how-we-can-use-instagram-in-public-relations/
  8. 8. HOW TO USE INSTAGRAM FOR YOUR COMPANY…  But most of all:  Beautiful images that stand out  A personal touch
  9. 9. BRANDS USING INSTAGRAM  Instagram is fast becoming one of the hottest networks around for major brands to engage with customers, according to SimplyMeasured.  “As of now, 71% of the top 100 brands are using Instagram. By comparison, 98% are on Facebook and Twitter, 73% and 74% are on Google+ and Pinterest.” - WebProNews
  10. 10. BRANDS USING INSTAGRAM: Whole Foods Market: Known for a focus on natural groceries and a beautiful aesthetic, Whole Foods posts attractive images of ingredients:
  11. 11. BRANDS USING INSTAGRAM: “Automotive brands enjoy the best fan engagement on the network, with Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Audi controlling the 1st, 3rd, and 5th spots, respectively.” - WebProNews
  13. 13. Louboutin does a great job with their images. This Instagram has lots of fun color and intriguing staging ideas. - SEJ
  14. 14. “Converse is great at using their fan base in their photos. There are so many Converse moments showing the fans doing the things they love with the shoes they love.” - SEJ
  15. 15. “They are so dramatic that I almost feel like I’m in alternate reality. […] These photographers have taken quality, timing, and excitement to the next level.” - SEJ
  16. 16. “They are surely the most striking example of taking a common everyday item and making the idea literally worth its weight in gold. […] Their Instagram is fresh, lighthearted, cheery, thought provoking, and FUN. It is striking and distinctive.” - SEJ
  17. 17. TAKING GOOD PICTURES…  Shoot during golden hour (sunrise, sunset     hours): A low-lying sun also means you avoid harsh midday shadows that can make for difficult exposures with typical smartphone sensors. Get closer & create depth: take detailed shots, and getting close to your subject allows background to blur out of focus (shallow depth of field) Try unique perspectives (shoot from down low or straight above…) Bold shapes, strong highlights and shadows often make great black and white photos. Match “filters” to the mood in your photo
  18. 18. Composition, Detail & Unique perspectives (Starbucks)
  19. 19. Color & Contrast (Starbucks)
  20. 20. Composition & Symmetry (Starbucks)
  21. 21. Leading edges (Nike)
  22. 22. Light & Golden hour (Nike)
  23. 23. Action, Lines & Rule of Thirds (Nike)
  24. 24. Reflections & Challenging the Viewer’s perspective (Nike)
  25. 25. Fun & Unusual
  26. 26. MEASURING  Sign up for Statigram – a great tool for viewing your images in a web browser, monitoring your stats and promoting
  28. 28. ASSIGNMENT…  Set up Instagram and send me a link to your web account: (like http://instagram.com/fromthelabbench)  We will have a in-class Instagram assignment soon!