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  • 2. Meet Meg Internet Marketing Consultant● B.S. in Marketing from the University of Colorado● M.B.A. from the University of Colorado● Marketing, Publicity, and Promotions for various clients (New Line Cinema, Hersheys, and others 2005 - 2010)● Internet Marketing Consultant at Page 1 Solutions 2011 - Present● Avid skier and lover of Colorado sunshine!
  • 3. Meet Mike SEO Specialist● B.S. Degree in Human Factors (UI design) Univ. of Nebraska● Computer Graphics/Graphic Design Cert., UCLA● Webmaster for Phoenix Software International 1999-2006● SEO Page 1 Solutions 2009 - present
  • 4. The Case for Mobile● “Mobile web use will be bigger than desktop Internet use by 2015” - Mashable Tech● Currently 5 mobile devices for every PC - MobiThinking● Mobile Searches have quadrupled over the last year. - MobiThinking● US consumers prefer mobile web sites to mobile apps for finding local information - MobiThinking
  • 5. Are people really searching?● 82% of mobile users use the Internet to research and read the news● 89% use their smartphones for Internet searches throughout the day● In one week, 81% of smartphone users browsed the Internet, 77% used a search engine Source: The Mobile Movement - Google
  • 6. Top 3 Reasons Users Search on a SmartphoneTo get information on the goSearch for information when not infront of a computerNeed to search something asquickly as possible Source: The Mobile Movement - Google
  • 7. "40% of users would visit acompetitors site because of a disappointing mobile experience" Source: The Mobile Movement - Google
  • 8. What happens after they find you? ● 61% of users called the business● 88% of users will take action within the same day Source: The Mobile Movement - Google
  • 9. App or Site?● Should have your Mobile Site first● App only if there is a need for it to engage your customers● U.S. consumers prefer local search● Apps need to be downloaded and installed
  • 10. Mobile Traffic to Dental Sites 7.8%
  • 11. Mobile Traffic to Legal Sites 5.1%
  • 12. Mobile Traffic to Plastic Surgery Sites 11.81%Percentage of total traffic from mobiledevices on a random sample of 10 plasticswebsites.
  • 13. Mobile Traffic to Ophthalmology Sites 7.82%
  • 14. How Has Mobile Traffic Changed? 25.14% 10.9% 11.74% 8.55% 13.53% 9.49% 9.01% 5.65% 3.5% 3.31% 5.39% 1.82%
  • 15. What About Conversion Rates?
  • 16. Percentage of Total Email Conversions 3.91% 19.41% 10.9% 6.67%
  • 17. Mobile Search:What You Need To Know
  • 18. Mobile vs. Desktop Web Sites vs. "Just because you can see your desktop site on a mobile phone doesn’t mean it’s mobile-friendly." - HowToGoMo.comWhen a user visits a mobile web site, they need tofind what they are looking for quickly, as well ascontact or locate your office as efficiently aspossible.
  • 19. Mobile vs. Desktop Web Sites Its About Designing for user intentSimplicity rules● Mobile site needs to be "thumb friendly"● Design for Visibility ○ Avoid scrolling and pinch to zoom ○ Fast loading graphics● Lighter content/graphics ○ Focus on conversion ○ Prioritize content ○ Use bullet points
  • 20. Mobile vs. Desktop Web Sites Its About Designing for user intentSimplicity rules (Continued)● Condensed Navigation ○ Rule of 7 - Seven links or fewer per page of navigation● Make it Local ○ Include maps & directions● Take advantage of smartphone features ○ Click to call ○ Click to map
  • 21. Mobile vs. Desktop
  • 22. Mobile SEO● Similar to desktop web site optimization ○ Same file types ○ On & off page SEO best practices apply ■ Mobile specific directories● Mobile browser detection & redirects ○ Serve the best possible version of your web site to the client● Consider video ○ Boosts conversion, easy for user to view● Simplified keywords ○ Using predictive search as a guide
  • 23. Mobile OptimizationPredictive search in action
  • 24. Want more information on Mobile Websites?Feel free to contact our Sales and Marketing Specialist Andrew Vojslavek at: or 303-396-1211