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The slides from a lecture at the School of Business, Economics and Law in Gothenburg held by Leo and Johan at Paff Performance.

The subject was about branding and investor relations.

Much was done on the whiteboard and during an excercise but we hope that the slides might give you something.

Paff Performance

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Paff Performance på Handels 20100518

  1. 2. Key points Use communication to make hidden assets visible There is no big difference between IR and branding IR is about selling stocks Branding is about selling products
  2. 3. Who are we? Johan Olofsson, strategy Leo Heijbel, strategy
  3. 4. In theory IPOs are about getting an optimal capital structure In practice IPOs are also about status, vanity and power
  4. 5. Part 1 Numbers and context
  5. 8. In theory IR is used to solve the problem with information assymetry In practice A good story might be just as valuable
  6. 10. Part 2 Black box communication
  7. 11. The black box The problem:
  8. 12. Building IR Stock expectations Black box explanations
  9. 13. Building a brand Product/service expectations Black box explanations
  10. 14. Immanuel Kant "Act only according to that maxim whereby you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law without contradiction." 
  11. 15. Categorical brand imperative Only communicate a message that is a result of the operations that your brand represents
  12. 16. What is a brand? Cash flow
  13. 17. Dos and don’ts of communication Don’t Try to communicate something that is not in the back box
  14. 18. Dos and don’ts of communication Vattenfall Environmentally responsible energy
  15. 19. Dos and don’ts of communication Vattenfall
  16. 20. Dos and don’ts of communication Vattenfall 50% COAL AND 25% NUCLEAR ENERGY Environmentally responsible energy
  17. 21. Dos and don’ts of communication Vattenfall Media outrage Considerably higher transaction cost Forcefully changed strategy and financial goals CEO fired
  18. 22. Dos and don’ts of communication Tiger Woods BAD BOY Good guy – family values
  19. 23. Dos and don’ts of communication Media outrage Loss of control over cash flows No immediate loss of value Tiger Woods
  20. 24. Dos and don’ts of communication Do Look inside the black box and tell it like it is
  21. 25. Paff performance in practice 1. Will 2. Reality 3. Strategy 4. Idea 5. Means 6. Measure
  22. 26. Strong brand Communicate a promise Keep the promise Strengthen the promise
  23. 27. In theory The CEO letter is written by the CEO In practice You can never be sure
  24. 28. Closing words Don’t just analyze the numbers, analyze the communication Look at what is being communicated and what is not being communicated Is there a gap?