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  1. 1. It is always exciting when a great newSprint promo code
  2. 2. laminator becomes available and one such machine is GBCs brandnew HeatSeal Spring H925 Laminator This is truly a revolutionarymachine because it is fully automatic and is capable of laminating adocument up to 200 feet long It is always exciting when a greatnew laminator becomes available and one such machine is GBCsbrand new HeatSeal Spring H925 Laminator This is truly arevolutionary machine because its fully automatic and is capable oflaminating a document up to 200 feet long It is also one of thefastest machines on the market, both in terms of warm-up andlaminating time, so there is no doubt this product can really increaseyour productivity Plus, its made by the great GBC, a true pioneer inthe laminating and binding world So here are the top eight reasonswhy you should consider this fabulous new product for your officeThis is a fully automatic machine You can easily control it with thesimple touch of a button
  3. 3. There is an LCD screen on the front of the unit to help you see whatis going on The H925 warms up in a jiffy It will be ready for use injust two minutes, so say goodbye to lengthy warm-up times! Whenyou are done laminating, the machine will turn itself off after notbeing used for 15 minutes This will help you save some money onyour electric bill and it means the H925s motor wont overheat Youdo not need to use pouches with this product because this is a rolllaminator This means you wont have to fuss around with carriersand you can save some time The H925 uses EZload laminating filmwhich is extremely easy to load into the machine You can useEZLoad film that has thicknesses of 3
  4. 4. 0 and 5 0 with the H925 This is a great machine if you need tolaminate signs, posters, marketing materials, booklet covers, andmore You can even laminate banners with it Documents can be upto 11 inches wide and just about as long as you want them to beThe maximum length of a document depends on the roll oflaminating film you use For example, if you use 3 0 laminating film,you could laminate an item thats up to 200 feet long, because thatshow much film is on a new, fresh roll
  5. 5. Likewise, if you use a 5 0 film roll - which has a length of 100 feetSprint promo code - your banner could be that long Imagine thepossibilities! This is simply one of the fastest laminators you can buy The H925 can laminate up to 25 documents in about 6 minutes Allyou need to do is place your documents in the machines feed trayand press a button In a very short period of time, you will have astack of beautifully laminated and trimmed documents You shouldnote that this product can laminate up to 36 inches per minute,making this one of the fastest laminators around This product hasa built-in cutter which will automatically trim the excess laminate fromyour documents
  6. 6. This means you wont need to use a rotary trimmer when youredone laminating (Another time-saver!) The H925 also has a pull-outtray that can hold on to your laminated items after they exit themachine You can let your documents cool off there so you dontaccidentally burn yourself The H925 comes with a one-year,on-site service agreement just in case you run into problems with thisproduct This means a service technician will come to your office torepair your machine (This is especially helpful because this is arather large, heavy unit Its not something you want to have to haularound or send back to the manufacturer ) The service techniciansare part of a national network, so no matter where you are in theUnited States, someone will be there to help you! Isnt it obvious thatthe GBC HeatSeal Sprint H925 is fantastic? It truly is, so get up andget this product for your office now!
  7. 7. Sprint promo code