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  1. 1. Introduction - Tablet PC can be described as amobile computer. This is larger than the normal mobile phone. It is flat and is touch screenoperated. It is computer tool that is portable and it also does not require a keyboard. A digital pen or a stylus is used to write information on this gadget. All tablets have a feature to handwrite in any application using the tablet input panel even if the application is nothandwriting aware. The pen technology used in many tablets was developed by Wacom which is famous in the worlds of digitiser tablets.Asus tablet
  2. 2. There are two types of tablet PCS One is a slate tablet that has no keyboardattached to it The other is a convertible tablet that is a laptop with a screenthat can rotate and fold onto the keyboard to create a tablet
  3. 3. These are motorised by a special version of the Microsoft Windows operatingsystem which is called as Windows XP Professional - Tablet PC edition thatcontains the features of a standard desktop operating system and thosespecific to tablets A tablet usually includes built in wireless capacity, the pen,and the tablet operating system and in few cases additional software orhardware will also be included The various uses of a tablet are it is portable,has a wireless capacity, handwriting and speech recognition capacity andsecurity options
  4. 4. There are many companies who manufacture tablets Few among them areKarbonn, Samsung, Lenovo, Acer, Motorola, Apple, Zync and a lot more ZyncTablet PC The Zync Tablet Z - 900 is a brand new tablet after the version ofZync Z - 990
  5. 5. The design is very elegant and has been liked by most of the tablet users Thefeatures of this gadget are, the display is 7 inches 800*480 pixel, internalmemory is 1GB RAM, it has a storage capacity of 4 GB Built in, the memory isexpandable up to 32 GB, it also has a microSD Card slot, the connectivitycontains of Wi - Fi 802 11 a/b/g/n, 3G via USB dongle, MicroUSB, HDMI and a3
  6. 6. 5mm jack It is also having a feature of Android 4
  7. 7. 0 Ice Cream sandwich The special feature is that it is also available with a BigFix subscription that will offer access to 1000 movies
  8. 8. Zync Tablet Z - 900 price The cost of Zync Tablet Z - 900 in India is Rs 6450which is really affordable to all
  9. 9. Conclusion - This gadget has always been loved by people who are gadgetfreaks The good thing is that it can be carried anywhere
  10. 10. The Zync Tablet Z Asus tablet - 900 is available in leading electronicshowrooms all over India and it can be easily bought online without takingmuch effort
  11. 11. Asus tablet