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  • 1. Content delivery networks are evolving from conventional data storage and distribution stores into content delivery clouds that setperfect distribution mechanisms for delivery networks (CDNs). Cloud storage works more aggressively to extend the traditional CDN model. Utilizing the highly updated and most advance "cloud computing" technology, content delivery clouds move computing and data away from local desktop or portable PCs to highly automated computational resources like huge data centers that make data or information packets highly accessible& convertible for on-demand servicecs over the networks.VPS hosting
  • 2. The key technical backbone of cloud computing infrastructures& services comprise virtualization technologies,service-orientation software, flexibility, multi-tenancy, powercompetence, and economics to scale The perceived additionalbenefits of cloud service comprise the ability and flexibility toincrease capacity to meet high demands, reduced costs, ability toexperiment with new services, and to remove undesired or unutilizedcapacity A huge number of companies are entering the domain ofcloud computing including Microsoft, Google, Amazon, AT&T,Cisco, HP, IBM, Novell, Oracle, Penguin Computing, Rackspace,Nirvanix and many other multi national technology firms
  • 3. Apart from IT and technology consultancy firms, managementconsultancies are also now part of cloud based content delivery VPShosting model They offer a wide range of offerings aimed at allaspects of the phenomenon
  • 4. The other things going on to CDN world include Peer to Peer (P2P)technologies This is one of the most disruptive technologiesespecially for non-consumer practices and its common example isbusiness continuity
  • 5. They are utilizing cloud networks for safe, efficient, commerciallyviable and rich media delivery services Object storage is alsoemerging marginally as a universal standard of cloud storage,especially in cases that involve data storage and distribution ofunstructured content such as images, audio and video files
  • 6. Leveraging metadata through cloud delivery networks withapplications allow a much more sophisticated and mature searchingand sorting based on actual content This works as basic filesystems attributes such as name, size, type, data modified
  • 7. don't support searching or retrieving a specific file or image fiveyears down the line
  • 8. Applying cloud computations methodologies, object storage isdirectly connected to metadata approach, hence enabling simple tostore an object along with the metadata As a result when you haveto search for a document or an image, you can conveniently do soeven if the data has been shifted between servers, as the object IDidentifies it
  • 9. Hence, cloud computing is here to deliver the content to end usersfaster by caching it at that edge of the network
  • 10. VPS hosting