runway crossing


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runway crossing

  1. 1.  Construction work taking place a beam the active runaway.20 workers and 7 vehicles involved • Duration 20 days • Bad ground repair • 2x cranes + 5x lorries • Day and nite
  2. 2.  A paper work need to be done by the Workers to declare all the document involving the construction.The Document are including  Construction kind  Total workers  Vehicle in use  Estimate Time  Time This procedure need to be given to SMC(responsible for the airport "movement" areas) or Airport Authority to plan the instruction and schedule for aircraft operation involving the runaway and for workers to crossing runaway and doing the maintenance and putting all the machine in use. Need Approval by Authority • ATC then create a Notams first before proceed with the instruction and schedule to the construction workers.
  3. 3.  ATC then have to Briefing all the workers all the instruction and procedure including route to go IN and go OUT when crossing the runway  All the worker need to be on standby position and always alert because runway in use is in active mode  Workers also have to inspect all the vehicle is in good condition  Being handle by qualified personnel
  4. 4.  Crossing runway traffic is control by radio communication to give directions to guards or vehicles maintenance.  Any aircraft, vehicle, or person walking or working in these areas is required to have clearance from Ground Control. This is normally done via VHF/UHF radio, but there may be special cases where other processes are used. Most aircraft and airside vehicles have radios. Aircraft or vehicles without radios must respond to ATC instructions via aviation light signals or else be led by vehicles with radios. People working on the airport surface normally have a communications link through which they can communicate with Ground Control, commonly either by handheld radio or even cell phone. Ground Control is vital to the smooth operation of the airport, because this position impacts the sequencing of departure aircraft, affecting the safety and efficiency of the airport's operation.
  5. 5.  In this case many big machine and vehicles are in use and many workers also are involve in the aerodrome area  ATC need to create a plan to coordinating all the vehicles to avoid being obstruction to aircraft and provide safety movement.  Coordinating have to be made for construction ,a/c movement on ground, for take off & landing operation and aircraft in circuit holding pattern  Has to be made precisely to avoid collision
  6. 6.  Object should be marked and if the runway is used at night, lighted if such marking and lighting is considered necessary to ensure its avoidance.  object should be coloured  Exceeds 4.5m in both dimensions.  Pattern should consists of rectangles of not less than 1.5m and not more than 3m on a side, the corners being of darker colour.  Orange and white or red and white in colour.
  7. 7.  Marker Cones  Red PERL <1.5m <1.5m > 4.5m < 4.5m
  8. 8.  During runway construction airport should consider visible holding position signage for using or maybe have to close part of the runway. The signage must be visible at day and illuminated at night.
  9. 9.  Satco or Airport Authority has responsibility to declare restriction to any area in surrounding aerodrome that in use .  All action must be refer to Local Instruction
  10. 10.  Automatic Terminal Information System(ATIS) need to be issued to provide info to Pilot and other Personnel that involve in flight operation  Position & direction of the traffic in relation to aircraft concerned  Construction / maintenance work on / near maneuvering area  Rough / broken surfaces on / near maneuvering area, marked or not  In this case construction near runaway for long time period and overnight
  11. 11.  Shall be displayed around, on top of or around highest edge of the object.  Flags shall not increase the hazard presented by the object they mark.  Colour: Orange or combination of two triangular sections, orange and white or red and white.
  12. 12.  Colour: White and red alternately or White and orange alternately > 45m
  13. 13.  After construction has been done controller need to write a report in Log Book and cancel NOTAMs  Continue controlling flight operation normally